Metaphysical Reflexology

Metaphysical Reflexology

Metaphysical foot reflexology uses a formula that originated in the Buddhist Temples, and is an Ancient therapy working with the feet, lower leg and knees. It has enormous psychological and physiological benefits.

The most powerful aspect of Metaphysical reflexology is that it is a preventative health care method through dispersing and releasing blocked energy and crystals of calcium and uric acid (toxic wastes) that have built up within the body’s many ‘ sens lines’, also called meridian lines, and unblocks the 7200 reflex points on the foot. In a session Metaphysical reasoning as to the cause of the blocked energy is discussed.

This treatment boosts the immune system and thus prevents illnesses and diseases from occurring. As the reflex zones on the feet are treated, the natural healing forces within the body are released and mobilised, restoring the body to harmony, producing a deep and unique feeling of balance, relaxation and well being.

Hippocrates defined health as a balanced state and diseases as an unbalanced state reflexology aims to achieve this balance.

* Stress - * Back and other Chronic Pain - * Allergies - * High Blood Pressure - * Sleep Disorders - * Fibromyalgia - * Gout - * Migraine - *Arthritis - *Diabetes - *Kidney and digestive Problems - * Improves Blood Circulation - * Immune Booster - * Improves Lymphatic Drainage - * Lifts your mood - * Reduces `stffness and improves Flexibility - * Known to improve concentration and clarity of the mind.

1 1/2 Hour Metaphysical Thai Reflexology Session - R650.00
2 1/2 Hour Body Diagnosis Treatment - R800 (for chronic disease working the acupressure and reflexology points in one session)

Metaphysical Soulcology

Metaphysical Soulcology

Metaphysical Soulcology - meaning the Spiritual Psychology of the Soul, or Matters of the Soul, explains your spiritual anatomy over and beyond the reality of the physical body.

Looking deep within the inner aspect of your life, your spiritual anatomy is the blue print to your physical good health, and the relationship of this state to your prosperity. (Prosperity meaning good health, wealth and happiness as this is a state of mind.)

In this treatment we will discuss your energy vibration and how it relates to your every day life; how your soul being in harmony or disharmony creates a vibration that affects every aspect in your life.

The word incurable only means that medical practices are unable to cure a disease or challenge with their medicine, but it does not mean that it cannot be cured by other methods - and for these methods to help one needs to go within to balance the mind-body-soul aspect; thus allowing the natural flow and healing to take place.

We daily go about creating chaos through negative thinking patterns, BUT today is the day to create a new tomorrow, you are the author of your own life script.

Each organ carries with it emotional thinking - learn what your blockages are telling you and how to release them spiritually. Your Biography becomes your biology.

We offer a 4 day personal retreat including a Metaphysical Reflexology sessions, Foot Acupressure Sessions, Magnetic therapy and Soulcology sessions - learning the art of living true to you.

Become your authentic self, and live the life that is your destiny. For chronic disorders we recommend a personal retreat package of either 12 days, 24 days or 40 days. Each retreat package is personalised to suit your unique needs.

Email your details and a metaphysician will be in contact with you.

Super Magnet Therapy

Using super 4G which is a powerful and effective magnet equipment useful for all body disorders and also to protect from any ailment. We use power north and South Pole Magnets, for best results treatments are recommended twice daily for 12 days. First the meridian lines are unblocked using Reflexology, then magnetic therapy for powerful releasing of blocked energy.