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Formed in 2012 Natural Solutions herbal formulas are created to help the body rejuvenate and restore health.
Herbalism is a healing art that sees the person in a holistic manner, the mind, the body, the spirit as one. Lifting one’s frame of mind with a herbal tea is as important as making a poultice for a boil or a rash. Healing is about bringing a balance back in a gentle, nurturing way that limits side-effects.

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Natural Solutions Phyllanthus Niruri

Natural Solutions offer Phyllanthus Niruri as a single herb capsule, no fillers added, pure herb in a veggie capsule. A herb with a wide range of medicinal properties used widely across the world.  Apart from using they herb for Bronchitis, Anaemia, Asthma, Urinary...


History of essay tea:  This is a special mix of herbs reported to be a cure for cancer, and as most ailments are connected to the blood stream and environmental poisons, with this tea holding blood purifying properties will help most disorders. These herbs in this...

How To Make Natural Solutions Kidney Tea

KIDNEY TEA USING HERBS WITH SPECIAL PREPARATION          Ingredients Horsetail, Stinging Nettle, Knot Grass and St Johns Wort.  The package we send to you will last 3 weeks, which is the intended treatment time. How to make, Do this each morning, the amount made will...

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