Adrenal Fatigue / Burnout


Key components of your endocrine system are your adrenal glands, which are small lumps of tissue located directly above your kidneys, often when the body is fighting a virus or has experienced extreme stress Adrenal Fatigue is experienced.

Your adrenal glands produce hormones critical for your health; including adrenaline, cortisol, and hormones that in turn regulate the production of sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone.

The primary trigger for your adrenal glands is stress, which causes them to produce extra amounts of hormones such as adrenaline. This is a survival mechanism built into your body for short term emergencies to helping you through whatever crisis is occurring.

When stress continues for a long period your adrenal glands will eventually become damaged from being on continual ‘hyperdrive’.

Often postpartum fatigue and depression are the results of adrenal glands become exhausted after the process of childbirth, as they fail to produce enough of the right hormones at the right times to keep the mother strong, vibrant, and happy.
When adrenal glands become overextended they have the equivalent of a nervous breakdown and behave erratically, as they stop producing the full amount of hormones needed.


Weakness, lack of energy, trouble concentrating, becoming easily confused, forgetfulness, trouble completing basic tasks you could once handle easily, hoarse voice, poor digestion, constipation, depression, insomnia, not feeling rested after waking from sleep and relying on naps during the day.
Tired adrenals often can have effects on other glands and organs. Your pancreas can become inflamed and or enlarged form working overtime to compensate for adrenal underperformance.
Your heart may need to work harder as it tries to regulate unusual cortisol and blood sugar levels.
If excess cortisol abruptly races through your body and destroys your liver’s reserves of glucose, glycogen, and iron, your liver will have to work extra hard to create more.
Your central nervous system and brain can go off balance from sudden floods of cortisol.
( You can also have these symptoms with healthy adrenal glands but a malfunctioning thyroid)

Here are some additional clues for recognizing Adrenal Fatigue

1. You crash in the early part of the day and/or throughout your day. Even after a good night’s sleep. You may feel the need to lie down and close your eyes before lunchtime if you lack adequate adrenal hormones.

2. You feel tired all day at work, but more energetic at home in the evening. This is when your exhausted adrenal glands hold back their limited reserve of hormones during your stress-filled day in case an emergency arises, then let go of the reserves when you are back home in a relaxed environment where you are unlikely to encounter a crisis

3. You feel unrested even after a full night’s sleep. Again if you lack enough adrenal hormones to fuel REM sleep and dreaming, you won’t have a satisfying night. Low hormones rob one of so much energy that you feel weak no matter how much sleep you get.

4. You experience continual sweating under your armpits after performing even light tasks, due to the entire endocrine system working overtime to compensate for the lack of adequate adrenaline.

5. You are continually thirsty and can’t seem to quench your thirst and/or you continually have a dry mouth, or you are frequently craving salt. Caused by a substantial number of electrolytes in your bloodstream and nervous system getting destroyed by an abrupt flood of cortisol. You need to drink something that has the right balance of sodium, potassium, and glucose e.eg coconut water, fresh-pressed apple juice, celery juice, or celery/apple or celery cucumber juice blend.

6. Blurry vision or difficulty focusing eyesight. Caused by a flood of excess cortisol, dehydrates any area, and eyes need constant hydration. Other symptoms are dark circles around the eyes and /or sunken eyes.
Continual craving for stimulants, such as coffee, caffeine, sugary snacks, and prescription uppers – you need a substitute for your missing adrenal hormones.


1. Each meal should contain a balance of potassium, sodium, and sugar. (natural sugars) E.G eat a date (potassium), two celery sticks (sodium), and an apple (sugar). Or Half an avocado (potassium), spinach (sodium, and an orange(sugar). Or A sweet potatoes (potassium) parsley (sodium) and lemon squeezed on kale (sugar).


These are the top foods to eat to bounce back from adrenal fatigue, Sprouts, asparagus, wild blueberries, bananas, garlic, broccoli, kale, raspberries, blackberries, romaine lettuce, and red-skinned apples.
3. DO NOT EAT – All foods that put a strain on your adrenal glands. Animal protein, fat, even lean animal protein is bad for adrenal fatigue. &. High fat strains your pancreas and liver and eventually creates insulin resistance, making it difficult for your body to maintain a stable level of glucose; this creates a massive strain on your adrenal glands.
If your adrenal fatigue is mild, then you may restore your health in one to three months. If it is moderate it may take 6 – 12 months, and if severe, it might take one to two and a half years. If you are in a state of crisis that continuing to strain your adrenals you will need a lot more time to heal. (State of crisis – a quick fix is taking cortisol replacement medication, which provides your body with extra hormones to take the place of the ones not being generated by your underactive adrenal glands).


NATURAL SOLUTIONS- Adrenal Formula can be purchased from our online shop – We recommend you take 2 capsules at 11 am for 2 months then reduce to 1 capsule at 11 am for 2 months. You can alternate 1 every other day during the last month to see how your body is coping. We recommend you book an appointment with one of our Jain Advanced Reflexology Practitioners to see how this gland is doing and to assist in healing faster.

This supplement contains the following 100% Pure non-radiated herbs –
Schisandra – helps suppress kidney spasms; which in turn reduces adrenal gland stress. Ashwagandha – helps balance the production of testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and cortisol. Siberian Ginseng – enhances the body’s ability to react and adapt, which helps protect the adrenal glands from overreacting to stress. Rose Hips – lowers inflammation, soothing adrenal glands that have become enlarged from overexertion. Astragalus – strengthens the immune system and the whole endocrine system, this is a powerful cell restorative herb. Lemon Balm – Replenishes the nervous system and helps regulate the production of insulin and Licorice Root which helps balance the body’s levels of cortisol and cortisol and Cortisone Butchers Broom – Known to boost the adrenal gland.


Natural Solutions ADRENAL FATIGUE has not been evaluated by the MCC and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailment. If you are on any chronic medication or diagnosed with a chronic condition contact your healthcare practitioner before taking any supplement. Discontinue immediately if pregnant or if any adverse reactions occur. Do not replace any medication before consulting with your healthcare practitioner. This product is free of Pesticides, Lactose, and preservatives. It is 100% COA herbs. Supplements to purchase from a local health shop, Biosil online dispensary or Faithful to Nature online dispensary, to help you heal the adrenal gland

Spirulina (Hawaiian) to reinforce adrenal strength.
Ester-C – lowers inflammation and soothes adrenal glands that have become enlarged from overexertion.
Chromium – Helps balance insulin levels and augments the strength of adrenal glands, thyroid glands, and the pancreas.
Magnesium – lowers anxiety and calms an overactive nervous system, reducing adrenal gland stress.
5-MTHF – augments the strength of the central nervous system, which reduces strain on the adrenal glands.
Cordyceps – renews the strength of the gallbladder and liver so these glands can more effectively process the excess cortisol in the bloodstream.
Barley grass juice extract powder – to increase the hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which strengthens the adrenal glands.


Avoid extended and or extreme stress and strain that sets the adrenal glands up to overproduce adrenaline.
Give your adrenals time to heal. Learn to say no to stressful situations, circumstances, and people Learn the Art of Meditation, A powerful de-stress method.
Avoid artificial stimulants such as drugs or mega-doses of caffeine, these make you feel good temporarily but risk burning out your adrenal glands.

If your stress levels are needing some help due to stress – we recommend you purchase Natural Solutions for Anxiety from our online shop. Take 2 capsules as needed within a four-hour gap and not after 4 pm in the evening- until you are able to cope with the stress –these contain –
St John’s Wort – the best alternative for depression. Veronica Speedwell – value to the nervousness created by mental overexertion and for depression. Elder Leaf and Flower – A feel-good herb, bringing calmness. Ashwagandha helps to combat the effects of stress, improving brain cell degeneration, stabilizing blood sugar, helps lower cholesterol, and reduce inflammation. Licorice Root – takes the strain off the adrenal gland, Bedstraw – excellent for removing toxins from the kidney often causing anxiety and or depression and has the ability to bring about relaxation within the mind and body. Lycopodium – builds self-confidence within a person allowing life to be presented with a different perception.


Natural Solutions supplements have not been evaluated by the MCC and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailment. If you are on any chronic medication or diagnosed with a chronic condition contact your healthcare practitioner before taking any supplement. Discontinue immediately if pregnant or if any adverse reactions occur. Do not replace any medication before consulting with your healthcare practitioner. This product is free of Pesticides, Lactose, and preservatives. It is 100% COA herbs.

Ancient Golden Milk - How to make this delicious healing drink


Benefits – Liver, Digestion, Ulcers, Diverticulitis, Flatulence, Leaky Gut, Heart Health, Blood Pressure, especially if High, Unhealthy Cholesterol, Immune Support in Cancer, Colds and Flu, Bronchitis, Musculoskeletal System, Pain, Alzheimer’s, Wound Healing, Healthy Skin, Eczema and Psoriasis, Prostate and Uterine Health and Diabetes


¼ cup of turmeric powder
½ tsp of ground pepper
½ cup of water (not tap)

The pepper makes the turmeric more bio-available, meaning you use less for better results.
Take a small saucepan, put the turmeric powder, pepper and water into it and mix well.
Turn the heat to medium-high and stir constantly until the mixture is a thick paste.  This will not take long.
Let the mixture cool then put into a clean glass jar, store in the fridge.



1 Cup of Milk (either Almond, coconut, soy or goat milk)
1 Teaspoon almond oil or olive oil
¼ – ½ a teaspoon of Paste.
Honey to taste
Combine the above in a saucepan till just about boiling, then add the honey,  pour into your cup, and enjoy.
If you make smoothies you can add a ½ teaspoon of paste as it helps to create a foamy drink.
You can also add some on top of wheat-free crackers and vegan cheese.

Anxiety - Herbal Rescue Remedy

If your stress levels are needing some help – we recommend you purchase Natural Solutions for Anxiety.

Take 2 capsules as needed with a four-hour gap and not after 4 pm in the evening- until you are able to cope with the stress –these contain –

St John’s Wort – the best alternative for depression.
Veronica Speedwell – value to the nervousness created by mental overexertion and for depression.
Elder Leaf and Flower – A feel-good herb, bringing calmness.
Ashwagandha Helps to combat the effects of stress, improving brain cell degeneration, stabilizing blood sugar, helps lower cholesterol, and reduce inflammation.
Licorice Root -A natural remedy to relieve stress and anxiety.
Bedstraw – excellent for removing toxins from the kidney often causing anxiety and or depression. And has the ability to bring about relaxation within the mind and body.
Lycopodium – builds self-confidence within a person allowing life to be presented with a different perception.

For adults often anxiety can be caused by one of the following:
Thyroid Disorders, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Stomach or Intestinal Disorders, Viruses.
We recommend you visit our practitioner’s page and see one of our trained therapists for a relaxing Foot Acupressure Advanced Reflexology session to help you diagnose treat and assist your body in overcoming stress and anxiety.


Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints.  It can affect one joint or multiple joints.  Three are more than 100 different types of arthritis, with different causes and treatment methods.  Two of the most common types are osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA)  

The symptoms of arthritis usually develop over time, but they may also appear suddenly.  Arthritis is most commonly seen in adults over the age of 65, but it can also develop in children, teens, and younger adults.  Arthritis seems to be more common in women than in men and affects people more when they are overweight. 

Cartilage is a firm but flexible connective tissue in your joints.  It protects the joints by absorbing the pressure and shock created when you move and put stress on them.  A reduction in the normal amount of this cartilage tissue cause some forms of arthritis. 

Normal wear and tear can be the cause of OA, which is one of the most common forms of arthritis.  An infection or injury to the joints can exacerbate this natural breakdown of cartilage tissue.  

RA is an autoimmune disorder, occurring when your body’s immune system attacks the tissues of the body. These attacks affect the synovium, a soft tissue in your joints that produces a fluid that nourishes the cartilage and lubricates the joints.  

RA is a disease of the synovium that will invade and destroy a joint.  It can eventually lead to the destruction of both bone and cartilage inside the joint. 

Often this autoimmune disease is the Epstein Barr Virus.  You could get a blood test done as in South Africa this is now available.  

To start treating this you could look at the following supplements all available from our on-line shop :

NATURAL SOLUTIONS COMFREY BALM – With added DMSO for pain relief – to apply to the skin where needed.

NATURAL SOLUTIONS VIRUS ELIMINATE – To help with the Epstein Barr Virus causing the RA.

NATURAL SOLUTIONS BONE AND CARTILAGE SUPPORT – Helps bones recover from the damaged caused by RA

Make Ancient Golden Milk – recipe under Healing Protocols.


Nine herbs formulated to help bring relief to arthritic conditions due to their ability to ease joint, muscle and bone pains. If your arthritis is a co-factor of a virus we recommend you take Virus Eliminate capsules with this supplement for 6 – 12 months.
Take 1 – 2 capsules twice a day or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.
Cat’s Claw – Has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and has been found to help with RA joint pain.
Burdock Root – Used for purifying blood clearing the body of deleterious toxins and helping clear congestion from the circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory and urinary systems. Also, arthritic pain, swollen joints and rheumatism.
Devil’s Claw -Has powerful natural NSAID like properties, and is effective for all osteoarthritis disorders. It is known by herbalists as a natural cortisone. Reduces inflammation in the joints which also helps with muscle stiffness.
White willow Bark -Natures aspirin, The active constituent in this herb is called salicin, known to reduce inflammation with eases pain in the muscle, spine and joints.
Fever Few– Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving, effective with arthritis with Vito properties that help all inflammatory disorders.
Pau D Arco – A blood cleanser, stimulates the immune system due to arthritic conditions, and with its cell strengthening properties helps the body overcome arthritis – It is known as anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic.
Ginkgo – Increases blood flow and circulation, this is important where arthritis is concerned. Antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties helping arthritis. In research, it has shown that this herb suppresses enzymes that generate molecules that produce inflammation or inhibit the action of these molecules.
Rose-Hips – Filled with calcium. Potassium selenium, zinc, Bit B1, B2, B3, C and E which supports nerve health and bone health. Research has shown that Rose Hips have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties, helping to relieve arthritic pain.
Stinging nettle is high in potassium calcium and magnesium contains anti-inflammatory substances that suppresses several cytokines in arthritic conditions.
This is a complimentary medicine, and has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council MCC. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any ailment. If you are on any chronic medication or diagnosed with a chronic condition contact your healthcare professional before taking any supplements.
If you are pregnant or breast-feeding please consult your healthcare professional, doctor or pharmacist for advice.
Discontinue immediately if any adverse reactions occur. Do not replace medication before consulting your healthcare professional.

Certified Organic, preservative free.

Ashwagandha - For The Strength of the Stallion

This herb has been used for over 2 500 years extensively as an adaptogen herb. Valued for its thyroid modulating, neuroprotective, anti-anxiety, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory properties, which are just some of the many other health benefits. In India, this herb is known as the Strength of the Stallion because it has traditionally be used to strengthen the immune system after illness. It has also been referred to as Indian Ginseng, because of its ability to enhance your stamina and work os a natural stress reliever. Benefits include improving Thyroid Function, helping people with both underactive and overactive thyroid problems. Supports a sluggish thyroid for people diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, and has been shown to improve the health of those with an overactive thyroid or Graves Disease. Helps Adrenal Fatigue as it supports adrenal function and helps one to overcome adrenal fatigue. Helps combat stress and anxiety with no side effects, also known to help overcome depression, as it improves our resistance towards stress and improves people’s self-assessed quality of life. Balances blood sugar levels. It has been evaluated for its anti-diabetic effects de to the presence of phenolic compounds including flavonoids. Helps when overcoming cancer, helps to reduce tumor growth and may work to prevent cancer cells from growing. Research has been shown it helps inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells specifically breast, lung, stomach, and colon cancer cells, mostly due to its immune-boosting and antioxidant abilities. Reduces Brain Cell degeneration and improves Memory – recent research has proven that ashwagandha is more than a stress reliever, it also protects the brain from cell degeneration which can lead to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It contains powerful antioxidants that destroy the free radicals that cause aging. Boosts immune function – reduces the body stress hormones, reduces inflammation within ht e body by increasing immunoglobulin productions. Increases stamina and endurance – by sharpening brain function and reducing bodily pain. Due to its positive calming yet energizing effects on the brain, ashwagandha showed improvements in concentration, motivation, and stamina. WARNING Natural Solutions Ashwagandha has not been evaluated by the MCC and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailment. If you are on any chronic medication or diagnosed with a chronic condition contact your healthcare practitioner before taking any supplement. Discontinue immediately if pregnant or if any adverse reactions occur. Do not replace any medication before consulting with your healthcare practitioner. This product is free of Pesticides, Lactose, and preservatives. It is 100% COA herbs. Helps increase Muscle Mass and Strength – Our capsules contain 50O milligrams and we recommend starting with 1 capsule a day. Slowly increase your dosage, watching for potential side effects.


This herb has been used for over 2 500 years extensively as an adaptogen herb. Valued for its thyroid modulating, neuroprotective, anti-anxiety, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory properties, which are just some of the many other health benefits. In India, this herb is known as the Strength of the Stallion because it has traditionally be used to strengthen the immune system after illness. It has also been referred to as Indian Ginseng, because of its ability to enhance your stamina and work os a natural stress reliever. Benefits include improving Thyroid Function, helping people with both underactive and overactive thyroid problems. Supports a sluggish thyroid for people diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, and has been shown to improve the health of those with an overactive thyroid or Graves Disease. Helps Adrenal Fatigue as it supports adrenal function and helps one to overcome adrenal fatigue. Helps combat stress and anxiety with no side effects, also known to help overcome depression, as it improves our resistance towards stress and improves people’s self-assessed quality of life. Balances blood sugar levels. It has been evaluated for its anti-diabetic effects de to the presence of phenolic compounds including flavonoids. Helps when overcoming cancer, helps to reduce tumor growth and may work to prevent cancer cells from growing. Research has been shown it helps inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells specifically breast, lung, stomach, and colon cancer cells, mostly due to its immune-boosting and antioxidant abilities. Reduces Brain Cell degeneration and improves Memory – recent research has proven that ashwagandha is more than a stress reliever, it also protects the brain from cell degeneration which can lead to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It contains powerful antioxidants that destroy the free radicals that cause aging. Boosts immune function – reduces the body stress hormones, reduces inflammation within ht e body by increasing immunoglobulin productions. Increases stamina and endurance – by sharpening brain function and reducing bodily pain. Due to its positive calming yet energizing effects on the brain, ashwagandha showed improvements in concentration, motivation, and stamina. WARNING Natural Solutions Ashwagandha has not been evaluated by the MCC and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailment. If you are on any chronic medication or diagnosed with a chronic condition contact your healthcare practitioner before taking any supplement. Discontinue immediately if pregnant or if any adverse reactions occur. Do not replace any medication before consulting with your healthcare practitioner. This product is free of Pesticides, Lactose, and preservatives. It is 100% COA herbs. Helps increase Muscle Mass and Strength – Our capsules contain 50O milligrams and we recommend starting with 1 capsule a day. Slowly increase your dosage, watching for potential side effects.

Biochemistry and Minerals for Pregnancy preparing your body

Remember the old wives’ tale about losing a tooth to gain a child? It certainly makes sense, in that in past eras calcium and other minerals may not have been readily available, and Mother Nature raids the mother-to-be’s reserves in order to service the requirements of the pregnancy. We have often heard how our grandparents or parents lost a tooth with each child!! Tissue salts are for good health in pregnancy, as this is a phase of building an entirely new body from a single cell, tissue salts are required for the development of the fetus into a baby, as well as for the mother-to-be to maintain her health and well-being without her own mineral reserves being stripped. For those who are finding fertility issues minerals can also play a huge role. Nat. Solve Infertility mix is available (not on our shop so email directly to us to order)- and we recommend you take 1/4 teaspoon in warm water twice a day combined with tissue salt #1 Calc Fluor daily for the elasticity of your cells. The NAT SOLVE INFERTILITY MIX is a combination of # 21 Zinc to boost the immune system and all cells # 25 Arum Chloride Sodium helps feed the Pineal Gland and all gynecological disorders and #3 Calc Sulph to strengthen the cartilage of the body. Once pregnant look after yourself with Biochemistry and easy to take tissue salts. We only recommend you purchase AllisOne. First trimester Take Kali Phos for the developing brain, heart and nervous system, helping you counteract fatigue or stress and support your hormonal changes. Nat Sulph and Kali Mur are good for the liver, the glandular, lymphatic and respiratory systems, and other soft-tissue development. These also help elevate morning sickness. Continue to take Calc Fluor as soon as the bump starts showing, for the elasticity of the mom’s tissues as well as the fetal development of elastic tissues such as veins, lungs, digestive organs, muscles, ligaments, and teeth. The amount of stretching that happens in pregnancy requires a constant supply of this tissue salt, and it is recommended to continue using it throughout the pregnancy, and for a few months afterward, especially if there was a vaginal delivery and/or the mom is breastfeeding . The most important thing is to take a good pregnancy vitamin, and include folic acid which is a B vitamin that promotes healthy red blood cells and helps to prevent serious birth defects. Your body doesn’t make this vital substance – it has to be taken daily through food or supplements. “Folic acid supplementation is essential in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, and should preferably be started before conception,” says Dr. Kalian. However, there are some vitamins you should not be taking. “Vitamin A, D and E supplementation is not recommended in pregnancy,” Dr. Kalian advises. Second trimester Mag Phos builds and strengthens muscle and motor nerves, eases tension and counteracts spasms. This is important for building strong contractile muscle tissue for vaginal deliveries. A lack of this salt during pregnancy can contribute to a tendency towards colic in the baby after birth. Kali Sulph conditions the skin and counteracts pigmentation marks. This salt is necessary for the transfer of oxygen across the placenta. It’s important for the baby’s developing skin, kidneys and digestive system. Take Nat Phos to keep the kidneys conditioned to eliminate excess uric acid, maintain blood pH balance and counteract hyperacidity, although digestive hyperacidity can be difficult to deal with due to the physical pressure on the stomach and diaphragm and it has been found that high uric acid levels have been associated with gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. Calc Sulph is good for strengthening the vaginal and uterine linings prior to birth, as well as the development of strong cell membranes, building immune-system cells, and building the urinary system and stomach linings. Third trimester Take Calc Phos for building bones and all cell division, as this is the most rapid growth development phase, and where bones and teeth in the mom-to-be can be affected if there’s not enough for the growing baby. Silicea keeps the connective tissues strong and conditions skin, hair, and nails. Nat Mur is necessary for white blood cell formation and cell division, and it counteracts swelling of the hands, fingers, and feet. Biochemists have found it helps in cases of post-partum depression. Ferr Phos oxygenates and builds red blood cells which are critical during delivery and imperative for the baby to be able to take its first breath once it’s born. it’s good for mom too, to prevent excessive bruising and facilitate healing of vaginal tissues or Caesarean wounds. What are tissue salts and how should you take them? AllisOne Tissue salts, also known as cell salts or biochemic salts, are found naturally in rocks and soil, plants and animals (including humans). Without these mineral builders and activators of the cells and tissues in the body, the basic functions can’t happen – even food, water and oxygen can’t be absorbed and used effectively if certain of these mineral salts are lacking. Modern lifestyles drain even the most health-conscious of us, stripping minerals through stress, poor nutrition, industrially tainted foodstuffs, pollution, and environmental toxins. For this reason, we need to supplement our mineral reserves. Tissue salts are inexpensive and are safe to use for everyone, from babies to diabetics and even animals. They generally come in tablet form. You should chew them well or let them dissolve in your mouth, as the best absorption is through the mucous membranes. The dose of each tissue salt should be determined by the individual requirements at the time. Cells won’t absorb anything they don’t need, leaving those minerals available to other cells that do need them. For helping with pregnancy take 1 – 2 tablets under the tongue to dissolve twice a day. We only recommend ‘AllisOne’ Tissue Salts as they are lactose and sugar-free. We stock these, you can also find them at ‘Faithful to Nature’ and in most ‘Health Shops’. Contact us if you need help in finding the right ones.

Breathe yourself to sleep

This exercise helps you fall asleep but few are aware that many dis-eases can be cured through breathing exercises. I am going to share with you some powerful exercises that will improve the oxygenation of your blood and revitalize your tissues:- PHYSIOLOGICAL BREATHING – Lying on the back perfectly flat in a warm room, first practise breathing easily, slowly and deeply, letting the abdomen “tummy” come upwards and outwards, as the breath is taken in and inwards as the breath is let out. Do this for 15 minutes each night for 40 days. Next will be the Tibetan Breathing WHICH WILL ALLOW CIRCULATION TO FLOW TO YOUR WOUND – Or Organ in need. Lie relaxed in the bed at night and first prepare yourself for this by practising the Physiological Breathing as just explained, just until you are breathing freely and without effort. Now continue to do so and at the same time picture a point of white Divine light, feel this as a warmth, or imagine someone is toughing you from each toe up each leg as far as your knees as you take the breath in – then picture the movement (visualise the Prana or energy) going from the knees to the toes as you let the breath out. Continue this for about 3 minutes without using a watch. This is SEGMENT ONE SEGMENT TWO – Imagine the Force or Divine Light going from your knees to your groins (just where the thighs crease on to the body) as you take the breath in and from the groins to the knees as you let the breath out. Continue again for approximately 3 minutes without clock-watching yourself. SEGMENT THREE – Now inwardly take the Divine Light or Force from the centre of your groins to your solar plexus (situated in-between your navel and breast bone) as you take the breath in and from the solar plexus to the groins as you let the breath out, again for 3 minutes. SEGMENT FOUR – here you will practice the Force – (for it is a real magnetic life-giving force) known as Divine Light – travelling from your solar plexus over your nipples to your larynx (the hollow at the top of the breast bone) as you breath in and as you let the breath out you will feel it travelling from the larynx over the nipples to the solar plexus. Continue again for 3 minutes. SEGMENT FIVE – this is carried out until you fall fast asleep. Picture the Force travelling from the larynx over the ears to about two inches above the top of your head as you take the breath in and from about two inches above the top of your head over the ears to the larynx as you let the breath out. This exercise is of ancient origin and brings to you one of God’s greatest gifts – the power to relax fully, to re-energize yourself and send yourself to sleep. Enjoy I would love to hear your feedback.

Candida information and healing

Candida is a beneficial fungus residing in the intestinal tract that aids food digestion and absorption. The human body is normally hosting to a great variety of bacteria and fungi that play neutral or even helpful roles in normal bodily functions. A yeast infection occurs when one of these organisms, here the yeast Candida albicans, grows out of control. Then the overgrowth is known as candidiasis. C. Albicans which only becomes a problem when the ‘good’ bacterial, that normally keep it in check, such as acidophilus, become weakened. In severe cases, candida can travel throughout the body causing a type of blood poisoning called candida septicemia. It is possible to be virtually riddled with candida and yet be perfectly healthy. They are people with extremely high levels of it who eat and drink whatever they want without a hint of fatigue or stomach upset. Candida by itself is typically harmless. Candida is a frequent companion or co-factor of other diseases and organisms, which include Lyme disease, shingles, EBV, H. Pylori, diabetes, MS, and many more. These disease symptoms and the conditions that triggered them e.g. antibiotics, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of sleep, stress, fear, plus the inflammation created by any type of viral and or bacterial infection is likely to result in a higher reproduction rate for Candida making it more probable that a test for Candida is positive. Candida’s home is the gut, but it is seldom understood that it can also appear in the liver, the spleen, the vagina, brain, and elsewhere. This causes extra strain on your immune system. Candida diagnosis is often a sign to look for the underlying strep bacteria. Eliminating foods such as cake, bread, and diet soda the immune system will naturally strengthen, making the body less hospitable to autoimmune disease and other conditions. While it is known that candida may feed on sugar, the confusion lies around what kind of sugar. People often think that all sugar is the same, but the fructose that naturally occurs in fruit is actually bonded with compounds and substances including antioxidants, minerals, phytochemicals, and cancer-killing micronutrients, that annihilate almost all diseases and actually kill off candida. Fruit’s fiber, pulp, skin, and seeds kill not only all varieties of Candida, yeast, and fungus, but also parasites, worms, and non-useful bacterial like E.Coli and Streptococcus. The fruit is the anti-candida secret weapon. NOTE: –Sugars that do feed candida include:- table sugar, processed cane sugar; processed beet sugar; sugar from sources like agave nectar; processed grain sugar of any kind, and sugar from corn. Fat and protein actually feed Candida – a huge misconception at the moment is that eating high fat, high protein diet starves Candida. Proteins, which are inflammatory are sticky and bind to the intestinal tract. The buildup of undigested proteins in someone with a weakened digestive system can result in a breeding ground for Candida and other varieties of fungus, as well as parasites and bacteria. Relying on fat as your main calorie source will result in the highest candida growth. The best Anti-Candida approach is to eat low fat, low protein diet that incorporates plenty of fruits and vegetables. The goal to heal Candida is to increase levels of hydrochloric acid in the digestive fluid, rebuild the intestinal tract, and strengthen and detoxify the liver. Avoid antibiotics and antifungal medications, as they wipe out all bacteria in your gut, including good bacteria, which severely weakens your immune system. An impaired immune system is a trigger for viruses, bacteria, and or fungi that are lurking in your body and highly resistant to these drugs. FOOD & SUPPLEMENTS TO REMOVE HEAVY METALS FROM YOUR INTESTINAL TRACT AND RELIEVE CANDIDA:- Coriander – eat half a cup a day of this herb as –is, on salads or in a smoothie. Aloe Vera juice Cinnamon Oil, 15-20 drops in ¼ cup of water 3 times daily – this treats thrush and fluconazole-resistant yeast infections. Parsley – eat a ¼ cup a day as-is sprinkled on salads. Zeolite- purchase this mineralized clay in liquid form. Spirulina (Hawaiian) mix 1 teaspoon of powder daily into water or a smoothie. Garlic – Eat 2 cloves a day. Sage – eat 2 tablespoons a day L-glutamine – powder form, 1 teaspoon daily into water or a smoothie. 1 glass of celery juice daily. Lavender baths, 50gm added to 1 Liter of water overnight, bathe affected areas with this solution. Use Oregano, peppermint, Rosemary, and or thyme daily – powerful antifungal agents. Barley grass juice extract powder – draws out heavy metals from the intestinal tract, spleen, pancreas, and reproductive system. It is important to follow the four-week body cleanse eating plan including in ‘healing candida protocol’. PURCHASE NATURAL SOLUTIONS CANDIDA CAPSULES from our online shop – These contain– Plantain leaf- which has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, as well as being anti-inflammatory and antitoxic. Red clover acting as a Blood purifier, Helping flush out toxins from the body.– Barberry – antifungal and antibacterial, prevents diarrhea, Echinacea Root and Leaf – stimulates the production of macrophages which destroy yeast cells, Olive Leaf – Powerful healer of microbial infections – Pau D’arco – stimulates the immune system to destroy yeast cells and is effective against bacterial fungal, viral, parasitic and yeast infections. and NATURAL SOLUTIONS ESSIAC HERBAL TEA – which contains Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm, and Rhubarb Root – To help clear the intestinal tract from stubborn debris, parasites, and fungus. Available from our online shop and NATURAL SOLUTIONS VIRUS – this helps eliminate the virus that creates the candida known as EBV and if your skin or body is showing signs of septicemia then NATURAL SOLUTIONS BLOOD – which has 13 fast-acting blood purifying herbs. Visit our practitioner’s page and book an appointment with an Acupressure Therapist to help unblock the Intestinal, Colon, and other important organs that could be affected by candida.

Copper Deficiency - little understood

Few of us are aware that copper is an essential trace mineral. Even a mild copper deficiency impairs the ability of white blood cells to fight infection. Copper is necessary for proper absorption of iron in the body, and it is found primarily in foods containing iron. If the body does not get a sufficient amount of copper, hemoglobin production decreases, and copper-deficiency anemia can result. Various enzyme reactions require copper as well. Copper is needed as a cross-linking agent for elastin and collagen, as a catalyst for protein reactions, and for oxygen transport. It is also used for the metabolism of essential fatty acids. Copper deficiency can produce various symptoms, including diarrhea, inefficient utilization of iron and protein, and stunted growth. Since the body does not manufacture copper, it must be taken through the diet. Too much copper produces a condition called copper toxicity or copper overload, for the body to work properly it must have a proper balance of copper and zinc, an imbalance can lead to THYROID PROBLEM. In addition low, or high, copper levels may contribute to mental and emotional problems. Copper be a factor in anorexia nervosa for example. Copper deficiency is most likely to occur in babies who are fed cow’s milk, formulas are normally supplemented, people suffering from Spruce (a malabsorption syndrome) or kidney disease, and those who chronically take mega doses of zinc. Long term use of oral contraceptives can upset the balance of copper in the body, causing either excessively high or excessively low copper levels. Copper levels can be determined through a blood test, uring sample and hair analysis. Determining mineral levels and ratios is the basis for a nutritional program to balance body chemistry. If you suspect you have a copper deficiency, increase you foods rich in copper such as legumes, nuts, cocoa, black pepper, seafood, egg yolks, raisins, molasses, avocados, whole grains, oats, and cauliflower.

Corns and Calluses

There are areas of hyperkeratosis or an overgrowth of skin tissue. The skin thickens and hardens. Calluses most commonly form on the soles of the feet and sometimes on the hands or knees. Corns are small cone-shaped areas of skin overgrowth that most often form on or between the toes. They can be either soft or hard. If they form between the toes, the moisture of the area keeps them soft, corns that form on top of the toes are typically hard. Having a hammertoe or mallet toe may lead to a more severe form of callus, called intractable plantar keratosis (IPK). This callus forms as a result of a serious imbalance in weight-bearing, with considerably more pressure being placed on one area of the foot than on others. These growths can cause inflammation and pain. Corns especially may ache and be tender to the touch. Both corns and calluses usually form in response to repeated friction or pressure, such as from wearing ill-fitting she’s or performing certain tasks repeatedly. Other factors that may be involved include staphylococcus-or streptococcus-type infection and an acid/alkaline imbalance in the body. You can apply externally alcohol-free ‘Goldenseal” extract and Tea Tree Oil to keep down infection and speed healing. Consume raw vegetables and juices for three days to aid in balancing the acidity/alkalinity of your system. Avoid fried foods, meats, caffeine, sugar, and highly processed foods. To treat corns and calluses soften the thickened skin by adding 2 tablespoons of pure liquid soap purchased from a health shop, in a foot bath, and soak your feet for fifteen minutes. Afterward, dry your feet with a towel, and rub a couple of drops of vitamin E onto the affected area. Then using a pumice stone or special callus file, gently file down the top layer of the corn or callus. Clean the area with mild soap and water. Using a gauze pad or cotton ball apply some jojoba oil, or pure moisturiser to the area. Do this twice a day. Wear clean white bamboo socks after this treatment.

Detox for health and weight loss

NATURAL SOLUTIONS BODY HEALING CLEANSE For the next four weeks consume raw organic fruits and vegetables, with an emphasis on keeping fat intake low. Limit salt intake, only a sprinkle of Himalayan salt to a dish as needed. Stay hydrated with plenty of water, coconut water, herbal tea and or fresh juices. Drink one cup at a time as the body cannot absorb more. This is just a sample menu, you can swap the lunch and dinner dishes. Or eat two salads. Or have a smoothie for lunch or dinner. Eat as many greens as you like BREAKFAST Make a fruit smoothie for breakfast. A good blend is:- three bananas, two dates, and one cup of berries. Papayas, pears, and mangoes make delicious additions. Other healthy smoothies include greens like spinach, kale, or cilantro, celery, or barley grass juice extract powder. MID MORNING Have another fruit smoothie or make two servings in the morning and have the second now. LUNCH Make a salad with spinach, lettuce, and cucumbers as the base, and then toss in the fruits of your choice. Berries sliced mangoes, papaya chunks, grapes, and orange or grapefruit segments. Add garlic or ginger to taste. SUPPER Spinach soup, as an example choice:- here you combine two bunches of spinach, three medium or large tomatoes or equal quantity of cherry or grape tomatoes, the juice of one orange, one stalk of celery and a small handful of cilantro and clove of garlic. Add basil or other herbs that appeal. You can serve this over cucumber noodles, If you are still hungry after dinner; snack on an apple and date. This is just an example menu – the idea is no flesh foods and no fat or dairy for the four weeks. During this process, your cells will release toxins. You may experience unpleasant emotional and physical sensations as part of the detoxification. The bloodstream will purify itself. Your Liver will start to do its work. You will need extra rest during this period. After you finish this introduce foods slowly, but keep to pure and natural (no processed). Humankind depends on fruit for overall good health. The Tree of Life was an ancient symbol of interconnection, fertility, and eternal life, Fruit is part of our essence, a basic element of who we are. We cannot survive without fruit on this planet. It outweighs the nutrition of any other food. We have the understanding to avoid processed sugar because diseases can potentially feed on it, but the trouble is that too many people see fruit as a source of harm because of the sugars it contains. Fruits are anti-cancerous, it actually fights cancer more effectively than any other food, and anyone with cancer or overcoming any ailment who removes fruit from their diet is giving up their most powerful natural weapon against the very disease they are trying to eliminate. Not only does fruit fight cancer, but it also kills all types of viruses and bacteria, and certain fruits such as bananas, wild blueberries, apples and papayas are the most powerful natural destroyers of viruses on earth. It is vital to gut health, with is essential to a healthy immune system, for example, the pectin in apples, and the skin pulp and fiber in figs and dates are exceptionally effective at killing and or clearing out anything that doesn’t belong in your intestinal tract., including fungi such as Candida, (yes fruit kills candida cells) worms, and other parasites. Another misconception is that fruit sugar hinders the liver. Almost all liver diseases are protein and fat-related because viruses thrive on protein and fat. The best way to get someone over liver diseases and or hepatitis C is to feed them solely fruits and vegetables. Hypoglycemia often starts because of a dysfunctional liver that’s lost its store of glucose due to a diet too high in fat and protein. Women need enough fruit so they can avoid fatigue, cancers, tumors, viruses, and other illnesses. So whatever you may be suffering from, or healing from, a good way to start is to only eat raw fruits and vegetables for the next 40 days. This allows your body to eliminate stored toxins, chemicals, and diseased cells. It will leave you feeling far more energetic and ‘light’. As with any detox program, you may experience headaches or other symptoms as your body adjusts. SAMPLE ONE On waking – Celery Juice to repair and restore gut lining. Breakfast – Smoothie with bananas, blueberries, and dates. Mid Morning – celery sticks, apples, and a smoothie as above. Lunch – Salad Baby spinach Butter lettuce Cucumbers Sprouts Orange segments with a Blended dressing of Fresh orange juice avocado and garlic Mid Afternoon – Sliced peaches with strawberries and raspberries Supper – Cut up mangoes Plenty of them Serve with romaine leaves on the side. Evening – Apple slices and dates SAMPLE 2 On Waking – Lemon/ Ginger Water Breakfast – Smoothie – Bananas, cherries, and barley grass extract. Mid Morning – papaya, bananas, and some strawberries Lunch – Salad Spinach Baby kale Cucumbers Tomatoes Red onion Blended dressing using Lime juice Avocado Cilantro and garlic Mid Afternoon – Lots of pear slices Supper – Mango Salsa Chop and mix together:- Mangoes Tomatoes Celery Cucumbers Coriander Garlic Serve over red leaf lettuce or cucumber noodles Evening – Apple slices and dates SAMPLE 3 Barley Grass Juice Breakfast – Honey Dew Melon Mid Morning – Bananas, celery sticks, and a smoothie if hungry any of the above. Lunch – SALAD:- Baby spinach Romaine hearts Cucumbers TomatoesPapaya Coriander Blended dressing using Tomatoes Papaya Scallions and if you can find some Atlantic dulse Mid Afternoon – Coconut water with Spirulina; grapes with celery sticks. Supper – Spinach soup Blend the following:- Spinach Tomatoes Celery Coriander Fresh orange juice Scallions Serve over cucumber noodle Evening – Apple slices and dates

Dr. Sebi's Cookbook

Dr. Sebi’s Cookbook Dr. Sebi’s Office, LLC 2807 La Cienega Ave Los Angeles, CA 90034 (310) 838-2490 Welcome to a new way of eating and healthful living. This cookbook was designed especially for your transition from eating man-made to God-given foods. Consider it a journey. It is not always easy to stop eating the many acidic foods we’ve enjoyed for so long and have become addicted to – but it can be accomplished through cleansing and nourishing our bodies with the foods the Creator has provided. These recipes represent years of healing and sharing by our clients, friends and staff. Relax and enjoy the journey. Dr. Sebi ORGANIC FOODS For optimal health it is essential that we eat only non-hybridized organically grown produce. Conventional or industrial produce are grown with pesticide, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, and other chemicals that are toxic and harmful to the body. Organic foods are grown without the use of these harmful substances; therefore they taste better, are nutritious and are less dangerous to our bodies. RAW VS. COOKED During the vast majority of our existence on this planet, what choices did we have for food? What could we have eaten during the first 50,000 years before we discovered fire, tools and implements to kill animals? The original diet of Homo sapiens must have been vegetables, fruits and nuts! What other choices did we have? A raw, plant based diet is the main food staple throughout the vast majority of the history of humankind! Before humans began killing and eating dead animal carcass, they ate fruits, leaves, nuts and berries. EATING PROPERLY Are you addicted to food? Many of us have become addicted to certain foods. Most people have about 5 or 6 foods that they are actually addicted to and have trouble releasing. These foods are usually hybrids and include rice, beans, soy, breads, potatoes, potato chips, coffee, teas, sweets, chocolate candy, fish, carrot juice, and due to high content of sugar, many are addicted to cigarettes. Kamut Raisin Pancakes 2 cups of Kamut flour 1 cup of maple crystals 2 tsp of vanilla extract 1 2/3 tsp of seams powder 1 1/2 cup of almond milk 1/4 cup of raisins Putting it all Together: Put Kamut flour, seamoss powder in a bowl Add raisins, vanilla extract, and maple crystals Stir in almond lik Pour into heated pan and cook evenly on both sides Seamoss Breakfast Shake 4 bp of almond butter 1 cup of maple syrup 3 cups of almond milk 3 tsp of vanilla extract 2 tsp of cinnamon 1 tsp of seamoss 3-4 cups of water Putting it all Together Blend hot water and seams Add almond butter, maple syrup, cinnamon, vanilla extract and almond milk Blend until smooth and serve Spelt Strawberry Waffles 2 cups of spelt flour 1/2 cup of almond milk 1/4 cup of water 1 tsp of seams 1/4 cup of agave nectar 1 tsp of vanilla extract 6 strawberries cut into small pieces Putting it all Together: Put spelt flour, seams, and strawberry pieces Add agave nectar, vanilla extract, water, and almond milk Mix together and pour into waffle maker and cook Cream of Rye 1 1/2 cup of cream of rye 1/2 cup of water 1/2 cup of almond milk 1 tsp of vanilla extract 1/4 cup of agave nectar Putting it all Together: Add water to a pot and bring to boil Once boiling, take opt off the fire Add cream of rye mix until thickens Add vanilla extract, agave nectar and milk Stir then serve Blueberry Spelt Muffins 1/4 tsp of sea salt 1/3 cup of maple syrup 1 tsp of baking powder 1/2 cup of sea moss 1/2 cup of sea moss 3/4 cup of spelt flour 3/4 cup of kamut flour 1 cup of almond milk 1 cup of blueberries Putting it all Together: Preheat oven to 400F. Place baking cups in a muffin pan Combine flour, syrup, salt, baking powder, and seamoss together in a mixing bowl. Add almond milk. Mix Fold in blueberries Pour into baking cups and bake for 25-30 minutes Spelt French Toast 2 slices of Spelt Bread 1 cup of Almond Milk 2 tsp of Quinoa flakes 2 tsp of spelt flour 2 tsp of maple crystals 1/2 tsp of sea salt Putting it all Together: Mix all together Dip bread till soak but not soggy. Add olive oil to pan to lightly fry on both sides Kamut Puff Cereal 1/4 cup of agave nectar 1 cup of hot Almond milk 1/4 of raisins 1/4 cup of chopped almonds 1/4 cup of chopped dates 1 cups of kamut puffs Putting it all Together: Add almond milk to: Almonds, cereal, dates, agave nectar and Enjoy! Papaya Breakfast Shake 2 cups of almond milk 1/2 cup of agave nectar 1 tsp of seams 1/2 cup of cold water 1/2 cup of fresh or frozen papaya Putting it all Together: Blend water and seamoss Add Papaya, milk, and agave nectar Blend till smooth and serve Cream of Kamut 4 cups of almond milk 2 cups of water 1 1/2 cup of kamut flour 1 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract 1 cup of maple crystals 1 tsp of cinnamon Putting it all Together: Make like cream of rye Pasta Salad 2 boxes of spelt penne 2 avocados cut in small pieces 1 1/2 cup of sun dried tomatoes 1/2 cup of chopped onions 1/4 cup of almond milk 1/4 cup of fresh lime juice 3 tbs of maple syrup 4 tbs of sea salt 3-4 dashes of cilantro 1/2 cup of olive oil Putting it all Together: Cook the pasta as directed on package Add everything in a big bowl toss until evenly distributed Mushroom Patties 2 portabella mushrooms 1/2 cup bell peppers 1/4 tsp oregano 1 Pinch of cayenne pepper 1/4 bunch of cilantro 4 tbs sea salt 1 tsp dill 2 tsp onion powder 1/4 cup of spelt flour Putting it all Together: -Soak mushrooms for 1 minute in spring water -Remove and place in food processor with scallions and bell peppers -Add cilantro, flour and other seasonings -Mix thoroughly and form patties -Place them in heated pan with 2 tbs olive oil -Fry on both sides until done (approximately 3 minutes each) The Greatest Greens 3 bunches of mustard and turnips greens 1/2 of each 2 cups of chopped onions 1/4 cup olive oil 1 tsp of cayenne or chili powder 3 tbs sea salt Putting it all Together: -heat pan then add onions, cook till golden brown -add greens, cook down for 20 min. -season with sea salt, and cayenne or chili powder Stuffed Bell Peppers 1 1/2 cup of quinoa 1 lb. oyster or brown button mushroom 2 green bell peppers 3 tbs olive oil 1/2 red bell peppers chopped fine 1/4 tsp of ground cumin 1/2 tsp sweet basil 1/2 tsp dill 1/2 tsp sea salt 2 slices of kamut or spelt bread toasted, crumbled Putting it all Together: -steam bell peppers until tender, then hollow out -place quinoa grain in saucepan with water covering the top -cook low heat until water is absorbed, then set aside -sauté mushrooms and red bell peppers in olive oil -season inside bell peppers with some spices and olive oil -mix quinoa, mushrooms, and red bell pepper with remaining seasonings -stuff bell peppers with mixture, then sprinkle bread crumbs on top -bake in preheated oven at 250 degrees for 10-15 minutes -serve hot and enjoy with a green leafy salad Vegetable Mushroom Soup 1 lb oyster mushrooms, chopped 1 cup quinoa 1 small red and green bell pepper chopped 1 bunch spinach, washed, and steamed 2 tbs olive oil 1/2 lb kamut spiral pasta Spring water 2 onions chopped finely 2 large chayote squash, peeled and chopped 2-3 bunches kale 1 clove 1/2 tsp: marjoram, rosemary, oregano, thyme, red pepper, and cumin Putting it all Together: -put olive oil in hot skillet -sauté mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions slowly for 20 minutes -add mushroom mixture in soup pot and fill with spring water -add chayote squash -add thyme, marjoram, rosemary, oregano, red pepper, cumin, clove, and quinoa -Simmer 45 minutes -add Kamut Pasta simmer for 15 min -add spinach, stir, and then serve when tender Vegetable Patties 1 bunch of broccoli chopped fine 1 bunch of kale greens cut fine 2 chayote squash diced 1/2 red and green peppers chopped 1 medium yellow onion chopped fine 1 pinch of African red pepper 3 tbs olive oil 1/4 cup seamoss powder Spring Water Kamut Flour Putting it all Together; -heat skillet with 3 tbs olive oil -add onion, bell pepper, chayote squash, African red pepper and ground cumin, sauté 2-3 minutes -add broccoli and kale simmer 10-12 minutes Preparation for Kamut flour: -mix seamoss with enough flour and water to make a dough -roll out on floured board cut into 10″ diameter circles -place cooked vegetables 1/2 of circle -fold other half to cover the vegetables -use a fork to pinch the edges closed -place patties on lightly greased baking sheet and bake 20-30 minutes or until golden brown Homestyle Okra alb fresh okra diced 2 soft tomatoes 1/2 yellow onion chopped fine 1/4 tsp ground cumin 4tbs olive oil 1/4 tsp African red pepper 1/4 tsp. sassafras 1/4 tsp. sea salt cooked wild rice or quinoa Vegetable Stir Fry Medley 1 pkg. oyster mushrooms, sliced 2 zucchini, sliced 1/2 small yellow onion, chopped fine 8 cherry tomatoes, chopped 3 tbs olive oil 1 cup broccoli, chopped fine 1 small red and green pepper, chopped Putting it all Together: -Put olive oil in heated stainless steel wok -add tomatoes and onions -add your favorite seasonings and sauté 3-4 min -add mushrooms and sauté another 3-4 min -add zucchini, bell peppers, broccoli and sauté 3-4 minutes Wild Rice Wild rice Spring water 1 medium yellow onion chopped fine 1 small red pepper 1 cup mushrooms, chopped medium, fine (oyster or brown button) 1/8 cup olive oil 1 tsp. thyme 2 tsp. oregano 1 tsp. sea salt 1/8 tsp. African red pepper Putting it all Together: Soak rice in spring water over night for best results -Cook rice according to package instructions and set aside -pour olive oil in hot skillet -Sauté vegetables and mushrooms 2-3 minutes -Add thyme, oregano, sea salt, and African red pepper -Fold in Cooked rice and simmer for 20 minutes Tip: If you forget to soak rice over night: Par boil rice for 20 minutes set aside loosely covered until rice opens (approx. 2-3 hours) Rinse and cook until tender Or: Boil rice, adding additional water and stirring as needed until tender. Spaghetti Recipe Follow directions on the Vita Spelt Pasta box on how to cook the pasta. After the pasta is cooked, strain it. In a separate pan add 1/2 cup of olive oil 2 cups of tomato sauce add 4 tbs of sea salt 1 1/2 tbs of onion powder 2 tbs of cayenne/chili powder 3 tbs of maple syrup Heat sauce on medium high for 10 minutes Stir pasta into sauce Let sit for 5 minutes. Serve and Enjoy! Lasagna 1 red bell pepper, chopped 1 yellow onion chopped 2 tbs olive oil Bay leaf, crumbled Spelt lasagna pasta 2 lb., mushrooms 8 fresh tomatoes Almond cheddar cheese Oregano, to taste Sea salt, to taste Putting it all Together: Tomato sauce -Heat Skillet and add olive oil -Place onion, bell peppers, oregano, sea salt, and bay leaf in skillet and sauté -Boil tomatoes for 10 minutes -Place in ice water for five minutes, drain and remove skin from tomatoes -Blend tomato in blender -fresh tomato sauce -Add tomato sauce in skillet with sautéed seasonings -Simmer for 30-45 minutes -Set aside half of sauce to be used to make mushroom sauce, remaining half to be used when layering. Mushroom sauce -Place mushrooms in water, soak for 1 minute, strain and slice -Season to taste sauté for 2 minutes and add 1/2 of saved sauce (see above), set aside for layering.Pasta -Prepare pasta according to instructions -Once pasta is done, place under cold water for easy handling -Layer a deep baking dish with tomato sauce -Place a layer of pasta on top then a layer of mushroom sauce -Then add a layer of almond cheddar -Repeat steps until dish is almost full -Place 2 cups of sauce on top of remainder of almond cheddar -Bake in 350 degree oven for 20 minutes until almond cheddar is melted Note: Almond cheddar cheese can be purchased at Trader Joes and Whole Foods Market Hot Veggie Wrap 3 cups diced tomatoes 2 cups onion 1 cup of diced bell peppers 1/2 cup of mushrooms chopped Putting it all Together: -Stir fry all vegetables for 5 minutes -Warm spelt tortilla -Put together Enjoy! Taquitos 2 cups of chopped onion 4 cups of chopped mushrooms 2 tsp chili powder 3 tbs sea salt 2 tbs tomato sauce 2 tbs oregano 2 tsp. onion powder 2 tsp. ground thyme Putting it all Together: -Add 1/4 cup of olive oil to the pan -Add onion sauté until golden brown -Add mushroom sauté for 5 minutes -Then add seasonings -Wrap in corn shells tightly -Then fry until crispy Mushroom Salad 1/4 bunch fresh spinach, torn 1/4 bunch red leaf lettuce, torn 1/4 bunch romaine lettuce, torn 1/2 lb. fresh mushrooms 1/2 red bell pepper, chopped 1 sm. red onion, diced 1/2 cup olive oil 1/4 cup fresh lime juice 1/2 tsp. dill 1/2 tsp. basil 1/2 tsp. sea salt Putting it all Together: -Thoroughly wash mushrooms, dry, slice -Add onion, bell pepper, olive oil, lime juice, dill, sea salt, and basil -Marinade 1/2 hour in refrigerator -Thoroughly wash greens, dry and shred -Place greens with mushrooms and mix thoroughly Enjoy! Vegetable Salad 1/2 lb. fresh string beans (Remove ends and snap in half) 1/2 bunch romaine lettuce, torn 1/2 bunch watercress, torn 1/2 bunch cilantro, chopped fine 1/2 tsp. dill 1/4 tsp. cumin 1/4 cup fresh lime juice 1/2 cup olive oil Sweet basil to taste Putting it all Together: -Put olive oil in bowl -Add dill, cumin, basil, and lime juice -Marinade in refrigerator for 1-1/2 hours -Mix thoroughly with lettuce, watercress, and cilantro Enjoy! Avocado Dressing 3 Ripe avocados, peeled and seeded 1/2 small red onion 1/2 tomato peeled 1/4 cup fresh lime juice 4 tbs pure olive oil Pinch Cayenne Pepper Few sprigs of cilantro 1 tsp. chili powder 1 tsp. oregano 1 tsp. cumin 1/2 tsp. sweet basil 1/2 tsp. sweet basil 1/2 tsp. thyme 1/4 tsp. sea salt Putting it all Together: Puree avocados in blender Add remaining ingredients and 2 tablespoons of spring water Lightly blend and pour over your salad Note: Season to taste Use cold pressed, virgin olive oil Creamy Salad Dressing 4 tbs. almond butter 2 green onions 1/4 tsp. ground cumin 1/2 cup fresh lime juice 1/2 tsp. sweet basil 1/4 tsp. thyme 1 tsp. maple syrup 1/4 tsp. sea salt Putting it all Together: In a glass bottle, add all ingredients and 2 tablespoons of spring water Shake thoroughly and enjoy! Cucumber Dressing 3 med. cucumbers, peeled 10 almonds, raw, unsalted 4 tbs. pure olive oil 1/4 cup fresh lime juice 1/4 cup green onions, chopped fine 1/2 tsp. thyme 1/2 tsp. sea salt 1/4 tsp. dill 1-1/2 cup spring water Few sprigs of cilantro, chopped Putting it all Together: Blend 10 almonds in spring water, 2 minutes, high speed Strain and set liquid aside Puree cucumbers in blender with almonds Add olive oil, lime juice and remaining ingredients Lightly blend, adding liquid, if needed Pour over your salad and enjoy! Xave’s Delight 2 fresh limes squeezed 3 tbs. maple syrup 3 oz. sesame tahini 1 oz spring water 1 tsp. sea salt 1/2 tsp. red pepper Putting it all Together: In a glass bottle, add juice of 2 limes, water, maple syrup, sea salt, red pepper, and sesame tahini Shake well and dress your salad!! Lime and Olive Oil Dressing 1/4 fresh lime, squeezed 1/2 cup olive oil 1/8 cup spring water 1 tbs. maple syrup 1/4 tsp. sweet basil 1/4 tsp. thyme 1/4 tsp. oregano 1/4 tsp. ground cumin Putting it all Together: Put all ingredients in a glass bottle Shake thoroughly and enjoy this delicious and easy salad dressing!

Eliminate Fungus Diet - Foods to eat and foods to avoid

ELIMINATING FUNGUS – EATING PROGRAM Foods to Avoid • Glutinous grains eat gluten free. • Meats FOR 40 days then avoid meats like pork, processed meats, and lunch meat for at least 6 months • Fish like tuna and swordfish – these carry heavy metals • Dairy products • Mouldy nuts and seeds • Condiments with added sugars • Refined and processed vegetable oils • Sugars and sugar substitutes • Caffeinated or sugary drinks • Alcoholic drinks AND AVOID TOXIC MEATS & FISH WHICH ARE:- Pork – Processed meats – Shellfish – Swordfish – Tuna AVOID ALL DAIRY PRODUCTS FOR 6 MONTHS – THEN AVOID THE ITEMS BELOW FOR A FURTHER 6 MONTHS Cheese – Milk – Cream AVOID MOULDY NUTS & SEEDS Do not make Nut butters from mouldy nuts AVOID THESE CONDIMENTS Barbecue sauce – Horseradish – Ketchup – Mayonnaise – Soy sauce – White vinegar AVOID REFINED/PROCESSED FATS & OILS Canola oil – Fake ‘butter’ spreads – Margarine – Soybean oil – Sunflower oil AVOID SUGARS & SUGAR SUBSTITUTES Agave – Aspartame – Cane sugar – Corn syrup – Honey – (1 tsp of Raw honey a day is allowed) – Maple syrup – Molasses – Sugar AVOID CAFFEINATED OR SUGARY DRINKS Black tea – Coffee – Diet & regular soda – Energy drinks – Fruit juices AVOID ALCOHOLIC DRINKS Beer – Cider – Liquors – Spirits – Wine FOODS TO AVOID – non – organic, try very hard to purchase from a private farmer, or market, or health shop then Try and eat Bananas only 1 a day Dates – 1 daily Fruit juices only if you juice yourself Grapes – only if not seedless – and a handful daily Mango – 2 a week TO DO LIST In the protocol to remove fungus it is important to increase levels of hydrochloric acid in the digestive fluid, you can do this through drinking fresh celery juice daily, it has the compounds to rebuild the intestinal tract, and strengthen and detoxify the liver. If you find juicing celery too much daily, try alternative days, in-between eating lots of celery in your meals. Add the following daily Coriander – eat half a cup a day of this herb as –is, on salads or in a smoothie Parsley – eat a ¼ cup a day as-is sprinkled on salads. Garlic – Eat 2 cloves a day. and Sage – eat 2 tablespoons a day, Ginger fresh daily either in a tea or in foods. Aloe Vera juice Use Oregano, peppermint, Rosemary and or thyme daily – these are powerful anti fungal agents. Barley grass juice extract powder – draws out FUNGUS and heavy metals from intestinal tract, spleen, pancreas and reproductive system. TAKE THE FOLLOWING Essiac herbal tea before each meal for 1 – 3 months. 2 Natural Solutions fungus eliminate after 2 meals per day, and if intestines are affected 1 – 2 candida eliminate twice a day 1 cup of ginger root tea twice a day 1/2 fresh lemon in warm water twice a day. You can add if your intestinal tract is blocked take Natural Solutions Intestine Support 1 capsules twice a day after a meal, which can be taken with the fungus/candida supplements.

Eliminating Fungus Protocol for life style changes

I have listed the protocol which ultimately will kill off all diseased cells in your body but we are targeting FUNGUS ELIMINATION. Every week do the fungus spit test and you will slowly see the improvement. Normally follow this program for a minimum of three months. Everyone has candida fungus, which is a beneficial fungus residing in the intestinal tract that aids food digestion and absorption. But when candida is a companion of other diseases and organisms such as Lyme disease, shingles, EBV, herpes, C difficile, Streptococcus, H. pylori, diabetes, MS, HHV-6 and many more, a higher reproductive rate for Candida takes place, Fructose that naturally occurs in fruit is actually bonded with compounds and substances, including antioxidants, polyphenols, minerals, phytochemicals, and cancer-killing micronutrients, that annihilate almost all diseases and actually kill off candida. Eat fruit. Sugars that do feed candida include table sugar, processed can sugar, processed beet sugar, sugar from sources like agave nectar, processed grain sugar of any kind, and sugar from corn such as high fructose corn syrup. Eating a high fat, high protein digest does not starve Candida, fat, and protein actually feed candida. In treating candida increase levels of hydrochloric acid in the digestive fluid (this is through fresh celery juice daily), rebuild the intestinal tract, and strengthen and detoxify the liver FOOD & SUPPLEMENTS TO REMOVE FUNGUS AND HEAVY METALS FROM YOUR INTESTINAL TRACT AND RELIEVE CANDIDA:- Coriander – eat half a cup a day of this herb as –is, on salads or in a smoothie. Aloe Vera juice Cinnamon Oil, 15-20 drops in ¼ cup of water 3 times daily – this treats thrush and yeast infections. Parsley – eat a ¼ cup a day as-is sprinkled on salads. Zeolite- purchase this EITHER as mineralized clay in liquid form, or powder from THE REAL THING Spirulina (Hawaiian) mix 1 teaspoon of powder daily into water or a smoothie. Garlic – Eat 2 cloves a day. and Sage – eat 2 tablespoons a day L-glutamine – powder form, 1 teaspoon daily into water or a smoothie. 1 glass of celery juice daily. 1 cup of ginger tea daily Flowers of Sulphur – 1 Tablespoon in a foot soak each night, then sprinkle a small amount of powder under the nail. Fast Results are seen. Lavender baths, 50gm added to 1 Litre of water overnight, bathe affected areas with this solution. Use Oregano, peppermint, Rosemary, and or thyme daily – these are powerful antifungal agents. Barley grass juice extract powder – draws out heavy metals from the intestinal tract, spleen, pancreas, and reproductive system. I recommend taking a course of ESSIAC HERBAL TEA – to clean out the organs and help to eliminate toxins including fungus. Then include into your day the two herbal Supplements below. TAKE ONE CAPSULE 2 – 3 TIMES A DAY after meals – NATURAL SOLUTIONS CAPSULES – Healing Candida – THESE CONTAIN Plantain leaf antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, as well as being anti-inflammatory and antitoxic. Red clover Blood purifier, Helps flush out toxins from the body. Barberry – anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, prevents diarrhea, Echinacea stimulates the production of macrophages that destroy yeast cells, Olive Leaf – Powerful healer of microbial infections. Pau D’arco – stimulates the immune system to destroy yeast cells and is effective against bacterial fungal, viral, parasitic, and yeast infections. WARNING Natural Solutions CANDIDA Supplement has not been evaluated by the MCC and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailment. If you are on any chronic medication or diagnosed with a chronic condition contact your healthcare practitioner before taking any supplement. Discontinue immediately if pregnant or if any adverse reactions occur. Do not replace any medication before consulting with your healthcare practitioner. This product is free of Pesticides, Lactose, and preservatives. It is 100% COA herbs. Together with 1 capsule of NATURAL SOLUTIONS FUNGUS ELIMINATE – which contain the following herbs BURDOCK ROOT a potent blood purifier helping to clean out fungus from the entire body. RED CLOVER one of the richest sources of isoflavones, aids in improved blood circulation whilst providing valuable nutrients such as calcium chromium magnesium niacin phosphorus potassium vitamin C, cleansing the liver, lymphatic system and spleen of Neurotoxins working as a powerful blood cleanser to eliminate fungus. LEMON BALM kills cofactors of viruses and candida fungus thus reducing strain on the immune system. GINGER eliminates fungus and bacteria from the body BLACK WALNUT HULL – A potent antifungal powder. THUJA – Herb helps eliminated unwanted fungus from the bloodstream. WARNING Natural Solutions Fungus Eliminate supplements has not been evaluated by the MCC and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailment. If you are on any chronic medication or diagnosed with a chronic condition contact your healthcare practitioner before taking any supplement. Discontinue immediately if pregnant or if any adverse reactions occur. Do not replace any medication before consulting with your healthcare practitioner. This product is free of Pesticides, Lactose, and preservatives. It is 100% COA herbs. Look under healing protocols for the Fungus test and follow this once a week to see improvements in eliminating fungus.

Emotions - Metaphysical - disease

Hippocrates used the philosophy that methodically investigates the NATURE of first principles and problems of ultimate reality. Meta (over and beyond) the physical reality. This link with the physical is critical to allow permanent healing and is not contraindicated in conjunction with conventional healing. You have a natural body and a spiritual body as told in Corinthians. Metaphysical healing is medicines most compatible ally. The science of Metaphysics has resurfaced with millions of people asking the age old questions such as “Who I am”. “Where do I come from” and “Where do I go when I die”, we can add to this why am I not at ease and creating dis-ease. Researches in this field such as Wilhelm Reich, Fritz Perls and Louise Hay have greatly contributed to the resurgence of the body of information that constitutes metaphysical science for healing. When disease arises the body is communicating to you that your way of thinking (although unconscious) is out of harmony. Great Masters through the ages have tried to teach humanity to “stay awake” meaning working in a divine consciousness during the day, over and beyond the reality that had formed perceptions and beliefs, doing away with the 60 000 thoughts daily to conscious awareness of our thinking and reactions to the actions presented in and around our life. Illness or disease is indicating the need to change your belief system and is telling you that you have reached your physical and psychological limits. Illness can be seen as a gift with the purpose of bringing back the equilibrium in your being. To be or not to be is a well known questions – I say be a Human Being not a Human Doing. Being in each moment with Joy. The physical body does not create illness because the physical body can do nothing by itself. What maintains its life is our soul our inner self. Remember everything starts with a thought. “As you think you are – so shall you be”. The new biology of our era teaches that your cells in your body are like a community with your mind acting as the president of this community. The cells are energetically being told what to do or not to do – thinking creates vibration – vibration is energy – we are all a bio-electrical unit – thinking thoughts that are of benefit to your body and life create a healthy body and happy life. Remember that prosperity is a state of mind – it involves health, wealth and happiness. If you believe that illnesses, accidents and disorders are relevant only to your physical self, you are dissociating yourself from your mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, thereby refusing to acknowledge the majority of what makes you who you really are. Give thought to a situation where you felt instinctive reactions such as your heart racing when you felt afraid, or a feeling in the pit of your stomach when you anticipated anxiety, or the vibes you picked up when entering a room – or when you thought about someone and they randomly phoned you!!! This is your psychic – energetic body, a gift when used to enhance your health and life. Metaphysical reflexology works with this etheric body, your energy field, the meridians and your channels of energy unblocking them to allow prana (Chi or life force) energy to flow. Almost like a dirty pipe that needs pressure to clean out the blocks – this can be experienced in a session with one of our JAIN ACUPRESSURE THERAPISTS.

Fo Ti - He Shou Wu

Health Benefits of Fo-ti Fo-ti exhibits a wide spectrum of pharmacological effects, including anti-aging, immunologic, neuroprotective, anticancer and anti-inflammatory effects. However, few clinical studies have been conducted to evaluate the traditional therapeutic claims and to understand the medical potential of its bioactive compounds. Immune-Supporting Effects of Fo-ti 1) Anti-inflammatory Effects of Fo-ti TSG and emodin in Fo-ti can decrease inflammation and help with colitis in mouse models by increasing PPAR-gamma and decreasing NF-kB . In mice, A methanol extract of Fo-ti has an anti-inflammatory effect on mouse macrophage cells that are stimulated by lipopolysaccharide (a bacterial toxin from harmful bacteria). This Fo-ti extract inhibited NF-kB activation and thus reduced nitric oxide, COX-2 enzyme, and inflammatory cytokines like TNF-alpha and IL-6 . Emodin protects microglia cells in the brain from inflammation due to lipopolysaccharides through AMPK/Nrf2 activation. 2) Fo-ti Promotes Good Immune Function The sugars (rhamnose, arabinose, xylose, and glucose) and anthraquinone glycosides found within Fo-ti can improve immune response and overall immune system function (immunomodulatory effect). Fo-ti boosts the immune system by increasing the production of T and B cells, and improving the activities of the immune cells, as well as increasing the secretion of the inflammatory tumor necrosis factor. Further, Fo-ti increases the activity of natural killer (NK) cells. 3) Fo-ti May be Effective against MRSA Fo-ti has anti-bacterial activity against methicillin-resistant Staphylocuccus aureus (MRSA) in a cell-based study. 4) Fo-ti has Antiviral activities Fo-ti exhibited anti-HIV by preventing the virus from entering lymphocytes in a cell-based study. Emodin blocks binding of SARS coronavirus human cells in a cell-based study. 5) Fo-ti May Help with Asthma In a mouse model of asthma, Fo-ti decreases airway allergic symptoms Antioxidant Activities of Fo-ti 6) Fo-ti Protects the Liver The anthraquinones and polysaccharides found in Fo-ti protect the liver by reducing inflammation, preventing fat oxidation, and increasing antioxidant effects. Pre-treating rats with 200 mg/kg water extract of Fo-ti protect the rats against chloroform-induced liver toxicity and significantly reduced plasma ALT (a liver enzyme that indicates liver damage) as well as improved glutathione levels and other oxidative stress markers. However, increasing the dose to 400 mg/kg did not protect the liver against chloroform toxicity, and at 4000 mg/kg, Fo-ti damaged the liver. 7) Fo-ti May Protect the Bone from Oxidative Stress TSG from Fo-ti extract protects the bone-making cells (osteoblasts) from oxidative damage in a cell-based study, suggesting that TSG may protect against osteoporosis due to oxidative stress [R]. Hot water extract of Fo-ti prevents bone loss (osteopenia) from mice with that lose bone mass from having their ovaries removed. 8) Fo-ti Protects Tissues Oxidation in Diabetes Tetrahydroxystilbene-2-O-β-d-glucoside protects against kidney damage from high blood sugar in diabetic mice through SIRT1 and TGF-beta1 pathways. Stilbene glucoside from Fo-ti inhibits tissue ageing due to high blood sugar (formation of advanced glycation end product). Neuroprotective effects of Fo-ti 9) Fo-ti May Help with Alzheimer’s Disease In a mouse model of Alzheimer’s, tetrahydroxystilbene glucoside from Fo-ti helps with memory deficit. A small Chinese clinical trial found that Fo-ti extract is effective against Alzheimer’s disease. Tetrahydroxystilbene glucoside helps slow down age-related memory loss in rats. In a cell-based study, treatment with a Fo-ti root extract reduced amyloid plaque that can cause Alzheimer‘s disease. Emodin, a chemical found in Fo-ti, inhibits the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine, which might be how it helps with cognitive function in a similar manner to Huperzine A and some Alzheimer‘s drugs. 10) Fo-ti May Help with Parkinson’s Disease In mouse models of Parkinson’s Disease, TSG and an ethanol extract of Fo-ti protects dopaminergic neurons from chemical-induced damage. 11) Fo-ti Protects the Brain from Stroke Hexane extracts of Fo-ti can protect against tissue damage following stroke in mice and thus may have clinical applications as a protective agent against neurological injury. 12) Fo-ti Protects Against Glutamate-Induced Toxicity In a cell-based study, Fo-ti protects neuronal cells from the hippocampus against glutamate toxicity, suggesting that it can help with cognitive disorders, especially ones that involve memory loss. Fo-ti and Cardiovascular Risks 13) Fo-ti Helps Reduces Cholesterol Fo-ti can reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in people with high cholesterol. However, further research is required to understand how Fo-ti helps reduce cholesterol. 14) Fo-ti Helps Prevent Hardening of the Arteries TSG can prevent hardening of the arteries by reducing lipid levels in the blood, reduce inflammation and normalize the structure of the blood vessel via a reduction in the expression of MMP-2 and MMP-9 genes. 15) Fo-ti has Protective Effects in Blood-Clotting Disorders Thromboembolic (blood-clotting) disorders are caused by loose blood clots that form in a blood vessel and are carried by the bloodstream into another vessel that subsequently becomes blocked. This often happens in the lungs (pulmonary embolism), brain (stroke), gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, or leg. This phenomenon is known as thromboembolism. The chemical 2,3,5,4′-tetrahydroxystilbene-2-O-β-D-glucoside isolated from Fo-ti can prevent abnormal blood clotting. 16) Fo-ti Protects the Heart In rats, TSG protected the heart from squeezing pressure around the abdomen. In a heart attack model, Fo-ti stilbene glycoside can protect against cell injury from lack of oxygen or blood flow by increasing the levels of cellular antioxidants such as superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, and the nitric oxide pathways. 17) Fo-ti Helps with Fructose-Induced Metabolic Syndrome Fo-ti, together with red ginseng, helps with fructose-induced metabolic syndrome by improving high blood pressure, obesity, high blood lipids, inflammation of the blood vessels, and insulin sensitivity. Other 18) Fo-ti Helps Prevent Cancer These anthraquinones induce apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells and activate the PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathways which are abnormal in many human cancers. Emodin and aloe-emodin can inhibit cell growth (by inhibiting apoptosis) of human cervical cancer cells, human tongue cancer cells, neuroblastoma cells, and melanoma cells. It could significantly reduce colon tumor volume and weight in mice. Emodin enhanced tumor cell death of gallbladder cancer cells that are injected into mice. 19) Fo-ti Helps with Insomnia and Sleep Disorders Fo-ti extracts are commonly prescribed in Taiwan for the treatment of insomnia [R]. Additionally, although the evidence is insufficient, P. multiflorum may ease the anxiety and insomnia experienced by patients with bipolar disorder . 20) Fo-ti Helps With Hair Growth Fo-ti has traditionally been used to treat patients suffering from baldness and hair loss throughout East Asia. This traditional use of the herb has been substantiated by a study conducted in mice showing that P. multiflorum extracts promote hair growth by inducing the anagen phase in resting hair follicles. Torachrysone-8-O-β-D-glucoside, a compound found in P. multiflorum, can significantly increase the number of dermal papilla cells which play a role in hair growth and hair fiber length. We recommend 1 capsule a day for 3 months, with a 3 month break if you feel to take another course. Overdoing Fo Ti can cause Liver, kidney and lung toxicity and we recommend you work with your healthcare professional when taking any herbal supplement. Potential Side Effects and Toxicity P. multiflorum causes embryonic toxicity in mice and may affect embryonic development, suggesting that it may not be safe for pregnant women. Warfarin (prescribed to prevent the formation of blood clots) may interact negatively with P. multiflorum resulting in bone marrow suppression.

Fungus Home Test

The overlapping and crossover symptoms of Candida overgrowth, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Celiac disease, and other conditions connected to chronic fatigue are mind-boggling. This simple test that may determine if you have Candida overgrowth. Have a glass of water by your bedside. Upon awakening, spit into the water. Every 15 minutes for an hour, look for the following indicators: Stringy trails from the surface saliva dangling like jellyfish tentacles. Tiny cloudy spots suspended in the water. The saliva blob drops intact onto the bottom of the glass. The later/longer any visual indicators show, the less infected you are. Indicators showing within the first few minutes may point to a worse condition. No indicators may mean you’re free from Candida overgrowth. Be prepared to slow down if you become overwhelmed by yeast parasites dying off. Drinking a lot of pure water and applying detox principles can help avoid this. Killing the live yeast colonies is not enough because the spores released will re-establish colonies as long as the probiotic level is low. Most probiotics will not kill yeast parasites, so it is important to continue with the fungus elimination protocol through eating and herbal supplements. Bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) has emerged as the cheapest and perhaps best remedy for yeast infections and related cancers. Rome oncologist and author of Cancer is a Fungus Dr. Tulio Simoncini has a high cure rate on cancer. He believes cancer is caused by Candida overgrowth, which he treats by injecting or dripping bicarbonate of soda solutions into tumor areas. NATURAL SOLUTIONS FUNGUS ELIMINATE will help you eliminate fungus from your body, please make sure you do not eat foods that feed fungi. These are Sugar, all processed foods, all dead foods, dairy, fermented foods, vinegar, mushrooms, gluten. WARNING Natural Solutions supplements have not been evaluated by the MCC and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailment. If you are on any chronic medication or diagnosed with a chronic condition contact your healthcare practitioner before taking any supplement. Discontinue immediately if pregnant or if any adverse reactions occur. Do not replace any medication before consulting with your healthcare practitioner. This product is free of Pesticides, Lactose, and preservatives. It is 100% COA herbs.

Gout - Understanding and how to manage this disorder

Gout is a common type of arthritis that occurs when there is too much uric acid (sodium urate) in the blood, tissues, and urine. Uric Acid is the end product of the metabolism of a class of chemicals known as purines. In people with gout, the body does not produce enough of the digestive enzyme uricase, which oxidizes relatively insoluble uric acid into a highly soluble compound. As a result, uric acid accumulates in the blood and tissues and, ultimately, crystallizes. When it crystallizes, uric acid takes on a shape like that of a needle, and, like a needle, it jabs its way into the joints. Uric acid seems to prefer the joint of the big toe, but other joints can be vulnerable as well, including the mid-foot, ankle, knee, wrist, and even the fingers. Uric Acid is more likely to crystalize at lower temperatures, which may explain why roughly 90% of gout attacks affect cooler extremities like the big toe. Acute pain is usually the first symptom. Your body is telling you to look at your lifestyle, diet, alcohol, and smoking habits. Lack of, or little exercise and eliminating parasites and worms, which are a major cause of high acid health issues. Once left untreated the affected joints can become inflamed, almost infected-looking, red, swollen, and hot becoming extremely sensitive to the touch. Repeated attacks of gout over a long period of time can lead to joint damage. Uric Acid is not a fundamentally harmful substance, but a powerful antioxidant, almost as effective as vitamin C, that helps to protect cells from oxidative damage. It is only when levels become abnormally elevated that it becomes a problem. Elevated levs of uric acid in the blood can also be an indicator of poor kidney function. This can in time lead to blood pressure and or hypertension issues. Uric acid is a by-product of certain foods, so gout is closely related to diet. Sadly so much of our foods today have been contaminated by herbicide and pesticides and added colourants, preservatives etc., that so many people are suffering from an overload of uric acid. Obesity and an improper diet increase the risk of developing gout. Gout has been called the rich man’s disease as it has been associated with too much rich food and alcohol. But in fact, it affects people from all walks of life, most commonly men between the ages of forty and fifty. Gout can be brought on by crash dieting, drinking,m certain medications, overeating, stress, surgery, EMR emissions, and herbicides. Uric acid kidney stones may be a related problem. We recommend you seek help from a qualified health care professional, who may suggest you take the following:- Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamin B1 and B12, B5 and Folic Acid. Proteolytic enzymes, Vitamin C (The Real thing have Ester C) Vitamin E Mineral LIfe Zinc (Pure Professional Grade Liquid Minerals) Mineral Life Calcium and Magnesium (Pure Professional Grade Liquid Minerals) Natural Solutions Bladderwrack Natural Solutions Cayenne Pepper Natural Solutions Pure Boswellia (Indian Frankincense Tears) Tea Natural Solutions for Gout – Contains – Alfalfa, Bilberry, Devils Claw, Burdock, Birch, Milk thistle, Yarrow and skullcap. RECOMMENDATIONS TO HELP YOU When you have joint pain make your own anti-inflammatory and pain relief ointment – take some organic cayenne powder, mix with enough wintergreen oil to make a paste, apply to affected areas, this may cause a stinging sensation at first, but with repeated use, pain should diminish markedly. Eat only raw fruits and vegetables especially those rich in Vitamin C for 2 weeks. Our water boosting drinks on our website will help you.

Green Tea

Green tea is more than just liquid. Natural SOlutions offer Green Tea Capsules, giving you all the health benefits of drinking the tea but in a easy to take capsule. Many of the plant compounds in the Green tea leaves make it into the final drink, or capsule, which contains large amounts of important nutrients. Rich in polyphenols that have effects like reducing inflammation and helping to fight cancer. Green tea is about 30 percent polyphenols by weight, including large amounts of a catechin called EGCG. Catechins are natural antioxidants that help prevent cell damage and provide other benefits. These substances can reduce the formation of free radicals in the body, protecting cells and molecules from damage. These free radicals are known to play a role in aging and all sorts of diseases. EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) is one of the most powerful compounds in green tea. It has been studied to treat various diseases and may be one of the main reasons green tea has such powerful medicinal properties. Green tea also has small amounts of minerals that are important for health Researchers have found that compounds in Green Tea Can Improve Brain Function and Make You Smarter Green tea does more than just keep you awake, it can also make you smarter. But as the key active ingredient is caffeine, which is a known stimulant it is better to drink or take a capsule in the morning or before lunchtime. It doesn’t contain as much as coffee, but enough to produce a response without causing the “jittery” effects associated with too much caffeine. What caffeine does in the brain is to block an inhibitory neurotransmitter called Adenosine. This way, it actually increases the firing of neurons and the concentration of neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine. Caffeine has been intensively studied before and consistently leads to improvements in various aspects of brain function, including improved mood, vigilance, reaction time and memory. However, green tea contains more than just caffeine. It also has the amino acid L-theanine, which is able to cross the blood-brain barrier. L-theanine increases the activity of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, which has anti-anxiety effects. It also increases dopamine and the production of alpha waves in the brain. Studies show that caffeine and L-theanine can have synergistic effects. The combination of the two is particularly potent at improving brain function. Because of the L-theanine and the smaller dose of caffeine, green tea can give you a much milder and different kind of “buzz” than coffee. Many people report having more stable energy and being much more productive when they drink green tea, compared to coffee. SUMMARY – Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee, but enough to produce an effect. It also contains the amino acid L-theanine, which can work synergistically with caffeine to improve brain function. Green Tea Increases Fat Burning and Improves Physical Performance If you look at the ingredients list for any fat burning supplement, chances are that green tea will be on there. This is because green tea has been shown to increase fat burning and boost the metabolic rate, in human controlled trials. In one study in 10 healthy men, green tea increased energy expenditure by 4%. Another study showed that fat oxidation was increased by 17%, indicating that green tea may selectively increase the burning of fat. However, some studies on green tea don’t show any increase in metabolism, so the effects may depend on the individual. Caffeine itself has also been shown to improve physical performance by mobilizing fatty acids from the fat tissues and making them available for use as energy. In two separate review studies, caffeine has been shown to increase physical performance by 11-12%, on average. SUMMARY Green tea has been shown to boost the metabolic rate and increase fat burning in the short term, although not all studies agree. Antioxidants in Green Tea May Lower Your Risk of Some Types of Cancer Cancer is caused by uncontrolled growth of cells. It is one of the world’s leading causes of death. It is known that oxidative damage contributes to the development of cancer and that antioxidants may have a protective effect. Green tea is an excellent source of powerful antioxidants, so it makes sense that it could reduce your risk of cancer, which it appears to do: Breast cancer: A meta-analysis of observational studies found that women who drank the most green tea had a 20-30% lower risk of developing breast cancer, the most common cancer in women. Prostate cancer: One study found that men drinking green tea had a 48% lower risk of developing prostate cancer, which is the most common cancer in men. Colorectal cancer: An analysis of 29 studies showed that those drinking green tea were up to 42% less likely to develop colorectal cancer. Many observational studies have shown that green tea drinkers are less likely to develop several types of cancer. However, more high-quality research is needed to confirm these effects. It is important to keep in mind that it may be a bad idea to put milk in your tea because some studies suggest it reduces the antioxidant value. SUMMARY – Green tea has powerful antioxidants that may protect against cancer. Multiple studies show that green tea drinkers have a lower risk of various types of cancer. Green Tea May Protect Your Brain in Old Age, Lowering Your Risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Not only can green tea improve brain function in the short term it may also protect your brain in old age. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common neurodegenerative disease in humans and a leading cause of dementia. Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease and involves the death of dopamine-producing neurons in the brain. Multiple studies show that the catechin compounds in green tea can have various protective effects on neurons in test tubes and animal models, potentially lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s (27, 28, 29). SUMMARY – The bioactive compounds in green tea can have various protective effects on the brain. They may reduce the risk of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, the two most common neurodegenerative disorders. Green Tea Can Kill Bacteria, Which Improves Dental Health and Lowers Your Risk of Infection The catechins in green tea also have other biological effects. Some studies show that they can kill bacteria and inhibit viruses like the influenza virus, potentially lowering your risk of infections. Streptococcus mutans is the primary harmful bacteria in the mouth. It causes plaque formation and is a leading contributor to cavities and tooth decay. Studies show that catechins in green tea can inhibit the growth of Streptococcus mutans. Green tea consumption is associated with improved dental health and a lower risk of caries. Multiple studies also show that green tea can reduce bad breath. SUMMARY The catechins in green tea may inhibit the growth of bacteria and some viruses. This can lower the risk of infections and lead to improvements in dental health, a lower risk of caries and reduced bad breath. Green Tea May Lower Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Type 2 diabetes is a disease that has reached epidemic proportions in the past few decades and now afflicts about 400 million people worldwide. This disease involves having elevated blood sugar levels in the context of insulin resistance or an inability to produce insulin. Studies show that green tea can improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels. One study in Japanese individuals found that those who drank the most green tea had a 42% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. According to a review of 7 studies with a total of 286,701 individuals, green tea drinkers had an 18% lower risk of becoming diabetic. SUMMARY Some controlled trials show that green tea can cause mild reductions in blood sugar levels. It may also lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Green Tea May Reduce Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease and stroke, are the biggest causes of death in the world. Studies show that green tea can improve some of the main risk factors for these diseases. This includes total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Green tea also dramatically increases the antioxidant capacity of the blood, which protects the LDL particles from oxidation, which is one part of the pathway towards heart disease. Given the beneficial effects on risk factors, it is not surprising to see that green tea drinkers have up to a 31% lower risk of cardiovascular disease. SUMMARY – Green tea has been shown to lower total and LDL cholesterol, as well as protect the LDL particles from oxidation. Observational studies show that green tea drinkers have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight and Lower Your Risk of Obesity Given that green tea can boost the metabolic rate in the short term, it makes sense that it could help you lose weight. Several studies show that green tea leads to decreases in body fat, especially in the abdominal area. One of these studies was a 12-week randomized controlled trial in 240 men and women. In this study, the green tea group had significant decreases in body fat percentage, body weight, waist circumference and belly fat. However, some studies don’t show a statistically significant increases in weight loss with green tea, so this needs to be taken with a grain of salt. SUMMARY- Some studies show that green tea leads to increased weight loss. It may be particularly effective at reducing the dangerous abdominal fat. Green Tea May Help You Live Longer. Of course, we all have to die eventually. That is inevitable. However, given that green tea drinkers are at a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, it makes sense that it could help you live longer. In a study of 40,530 Japanese adults, those who drank the most green tea (5 or more cups per day) were significantly less likely to die during an 11 year period: Death of all causes: 23% lower in women, 12% lower in men. Death from heart disease: 31% lower in women, 22% lower in men. Death from stroke: 42% lower in women, 35% lower in men. Another study in 14,001 elderly Japanese individuals aged found that those who drank the most green tea were 76% less likely to die during the 6 year study period. SUMMARY – Studies show that green tea drinkers are likely to live longer than non-tea drinkers.

Healing Acne Naturally

Acne is often thought of as a normal part of adolescence. This is not true, acne is merely a symptom that is accentuated by the rapid growth and change within an adolescents body. In adolescence and Adults toxins often cleanse through the skin when the other eliminating systems are sluggish: Hormonal imbalances over stimulate the oil glands and impurities in the blood will often affect the skin. All of these can clog pores. Acne is the body’s reaction to those clogged pores. With all of the below use Natural Solutions Essiac Herbal tea one cup before Breakfast and One Before Supper and Natural Solutions Skin Supplement 2 a day. One helpful theory is called THE MISHIO KUSHI THEORY – though not a science, it can be helpful when trying to pinpoint a reason why one has acne. Thereby enabling one to treat the cause instead of the symptom. 01. Acne On The Forehead INDICATES – THE INTESTINES – clean your internal body using Natural Solutions Colon Day and Natural Solutions Intestinal Support. 02. Acne Above The Eyebrows INDICATES THE LIVER – Your body needs a Liver Cleanse – Detox this organ using 1 X Natural Solutions Liver Support after Breakfast and 1 after Supper. 03. Acne Between Eyes INDICATES PROBLEMS WITH SPLEEN – your body needs to detox using Natural Solutions Bladder and Kidney support 1 after breakfast and 1 after supper and Natural Solutions Immune Support 2 at 10am. 04. Acne on Bridge of Nose INDICATES PROBLEMS WITH THE MALE REPRODUCTIVE AREA – IF Under 18 1 X Natural Solutions Male Essence after breakfast and over 18 ADD one after supper as well. 05. Acne on Cheeks INDICATES PROBLEMS WITH LUNGS – Clean them using Natural Solutions Lung Day 1 after breakfast and 1 after lunch and Natural Solutions Lung Night – 2 after supper. If you are smoking cigarettes try and change to pure organic tobacco, papers and filters. Avoid using a Vape completely. It would benefit your body if you learn deep breathing exercises. 06. Acne on the tip of Nose or on Ears INDICATES PROBLEMS WITH THE HEART – Take 2 Natural Solutions Cardio Heart Health at 10am daily until acne fades then reduce to 1 at 10am for 3 months. Your body could benefit from taking Vitamin E. 07. Acne on creases at Base of Nostrils INDICATES PROBLEMS WITHIN YOUR BRAIN which may be holding toxins or metals. Natural Solutions Re-Focus 2 at 10am and Natural Solutions Heavy Metal Eliminate 1 after breakfast and 1 after lunch. 08. Acne on Upper Lip INDICATES STOMACH ISSUES – look at doing a 3 month parasite cleanse – 1 X Natural Solutions Worm and Parasite eliminate after breakfast and lunch with 1 X Natural Solutions Colon day after Lunch. If you are constipated use Natural Solutions Laxative 1 – 2 after supper until your bowel movements improve. Your body would benefit from a good Probiotic from a Health Shop. 09. Acne on Lower Lip – INDICATES INTESTINES see #1 10. Acne on corners of Mouth INDICATES PROBLEMS WITHIN THE FALLOPIAN TUBES – Taker Natural Solutions Ovarian Day 2 after breakfast and Natural Solutions Ovarian Night 2 after Supper. It is important to take some Vitamins A, D and E. 11. Acne on the Chin INDICATES PROBLEMS WITHIN THE UTERUS AND OVARIES – take as # 10 and incorporate Natural Solutions Women’s Essence 2 before bedtime. 12. Acne on the Jaw Line INDICATES FEMAL REPRODUCTIVE AREA – take as # 11 13. Acne on the Chest INDICATES LUNGS Take as # 5 14. Acne on the Back INDICATES INTESTINES take as # 1

Healing Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia has been said is due to overactive nerves, but its true root is viral. It takes place at a nerve level that medical tools currently can’t detect. The Epstein Barr Virus is inflaming both the central nervous system and nerves throughout the body, which creates ongoing pain, sensitivity to touch, severe fatigue and a host of other issues. Epstein Barr virus causes this disorder, inflaming both the central nervous system and nerves throughout the body, which creates ongoing pain, sensitivity to touch, severe fatigue, and a host of other issues. NATURAL SOLUTIONS HEALING 1. Follow our 40 day eating program found on our website. ( No fat, dairy, sugar or gluten) and 8 glasses of good water daily – Plant-based eating, no dead food. RATHER 6 small meals a day than 3 large. 2. Eat as much as possible each day the following organic fruit and vegetables:- Wild Blueberries – help restore the central nervous system and flush EBV neurotoxins out of the liver. Celery – Strengthens hydrochloric acid in the gut and provides mineral salts to the central nervous system. Sprouts, High in zinc and selenium to strengthen the immune system against EBV Asparagus – cleanses the liver and spleen; strengthens the pancreas. Spinach crates an alkaline environment in the body and provides highly absorbable micronutrients to the nervous system. Coriander – removes heavy metals such as mercury and lead, favorite foods of EBV Parsley – removes high levels of copper and aluminum, which feed EBV Coconut Oil- anti-viral and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Garlic – Anti-viral and anti-bacterial that defends against EBV Raspberries-rich in antioxidants to remove free radicals from the organs and blood-stream. Lettuce-stimulates peristaltic action in the intestinal tract and helps cleanse EBV from the liver. Papayas – restore the central nervous system, strengthens and rebuilds hydrochloric acid in the gut. Apricots – immune system rebuilders that also strengthen the blood. Pomegranates – helps Detox and cleanse the blood as well as the lymphatic system. Grapefruit – A rich source of bioflavonoids and calcium to support the immune system and flush toxins out of the body. Kale – high in specific alkaloids that protect against viruses such as EBV Sweet potatoes — help cleanse and Detox the liver from EBV byproducts and toxins. Cucumbers strengthen the adrenals and kidneys and flush neurotoxins out of the bloodstream. Fennel contains strong antiviral compounds to fight off EBV. To remain healthy your body must maintain a certain level of electrolytes, ions created by slat and other components of your body fluids. These electrolytes are used to maintain and send electrical nerve impulses that run your body — especially your brain, which is the center of your body’s electrical activity. Then you run low on electrolytes, it can severely disrupt the activity of your brain, which puts a load on your central nervous system and nerves in general. Make sure you are well hydrated and include coconut water and fresh juice as top sources of electrolytes to replenish your supply. Try to drink a glass of one of the following blends daily — cucumber or cucumber and apple or celery and apple juice daily. HERBAL REMEDIES As this virus can drill or burrow into the thyroid gland when active please visit website — www.natural-solutions.co.za and go to healing protocols and scroll down to IODINE TEST – if your test indicates your body needs iodine you can either purchase Lugols Iodine from the pharmacy or PURE BLADDERWRACK which is fantastic to help the body receive iodine, and it does help with muscle and joint pain. Also if you are suffering from FATIGUE you could have ADRENAL BURNOUT – also caused by this virus – NATURAL SOLUTIONS HAS ADRENAL FATIGUE which is formulated to restore the Adrenal Gland whilst providing your body with energy. Finally – EBV can cause Candida, which causes out of control fungus, I have seen thermos-cans showing fungus in the neck and head area. Candida’s home is in the gut, but can appear in the liver, the spleen, and elsewhere, but does affect your immune system. To be sure that this is not an issue please do the FUNGUS HOME TEST also found on our web site. A program that helps ESSIAC HERBAL TEA TO DETOX THE WHOLE BODY This is a powerful tea that is able to detox the whole body. Originally formulated for cancer elimination, I find it fantastic to help eliminate viruses. It is supplied in a container that will make up L 3.5 of medicine. When made it must be stored in STERILISED jars in the Fridge. The dose for you would be 50 ml of the tea taken with 50 ml of Boiling water before each meal. Recipe on how to make is inside the tub. THEN NATURAL SOLUTIONS FOR FIBROMYALGIA- Liquorice root — lowers EBV production and strengthens the adrenals and kidneys.Lemon Balm – antiviral and anti bacterial. Kills EBV cells and strengthens the immune system. Nettle Leaf – Provides vital micronutrients to the brain, blood, and central nervous system, Elderberry – antiviral; strengthens the immune system. Red Cover – cleanses the liver, lymphatic system, and spleen of neurotoxins from EBVStar Anise – anti-viral; helps destroy EBV in the liver and thyroid. Lobelia – Anti Viral – anti Fungal targets virus’s in the body to eliminate them. Cat’s Claw reduces EBV and cofactors such as strep An and Strep B. Take 2 capsules three times daily for one tub — and 2 capsules twice a day for the two tubs then when the pain is dramatically lessened reduce to 1 capsule twice a day for 4 bottles. If you are A blood group we recommend you work with a health care professional as these doses could be too strong for this blood group. NATURAL SOLUTIONS FOR FIBROMYALGIA NIGHT USE – CONTAINS:-Star Anise – Anti Viral, helps destroy EBV in the liver and thyroid.- Olive Leaf – Blood purifying and anti-viral properties, Fever Few – Helps reduce pain whilst sleeping, Valerian Root – Helps reduce muscle spasm and induce sleep, Hops – Calms the body allowing for good sleep, White Willow Bark is the herbal pain reliever, allowing for a good nights sleep. You will take 2 of these after supper TAKE – NATURAL SOLUTIONS – TURMERIC AND BLACK PEPPER CAPSULES – 1 capsule twice a day You can order the Natural Solutions from our online shop THEN YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE THESE NATURAL AIDS. Selenium – Strengthens and protects the central nervous system. Silver Hydrosol – lowers EBV viral load. Zinc – strengthens the immune system and protects the thyroid from EBV inflammation Vitamin B12 strengthens the central nervous system. 5 MTHF – helps strengthen the endocrine system and the central nervous system. Red Marine Algae – powerful anti-viral that removes heavy metals such as mercury and reduces viral load. L-Lysine – lowers EBV load and acts as a central nervous system anti-inflammatory. Spirulina (preferably from Hawaii) — rebuilds the central nervous system and eliminates heavy metals. Ester-C – Strengthens the immune system and flushes EBV toxins from the liver. Ancient Golden Milk – I cup a day (recipe on my website under healing protocols). The first month the body detoxes and often side effects can be experienced. I recommend if the ‘healing crisis’ is too much to handle you should stop herbs and take charcoal throughout the day until you are feeling stronger, then slowly resume herbals.

Healing from all diseases - A program for you

NATURAL SOLUTIONS to help eliminate Cancer, Viruses, fungus or Parasites or to just Rejuvenate Your Body Temple. The most important thing to realise is that without a proper cancer/virus/fungus or parasite eliminate diet you will never achieve the success you desire. There is no point trying to heal the body which has a disease if you keep feeding it. A healing diet is the most important aspect to any successful therapy. Diseased cells feed on sugar, processed foods, preservatives, bacteria, hormones, and dirty water. By starving diseased cells you kill the virus or root cause of the symptoms. Before I describe this program it is extremely important that you commit to the following : Don’t smoke; Don’t drink soda’s or eat at fast food restaurants, Don’t eat any processed foods, foods with chemical additives, preservatives or sugar.Don’t use recreational drugs, Don’t drink alcohol, Don’t drink more than a cup of coffee a day If you do any of these things you are feeding your disorder by stimulating a toxic and acidic environment, reducing the electrical charge of cells, providing absolutely no nutrition or oxygen to your cells, and making it almost impossible for your body to fight off the cause of your ailment. The following NO foods listed below – you will need to avoid at all costs. Of course in the end you are responsible for your health and healing, this is just the facts that inform you about foods which promote your disease. The YES list below is pretty much the absolute best that you can possibly do to destroy cancer fast. If you decide to implement everything that is written, then you are a true warrior of your health, you will see the results quicker than anyone, and you will achieve a healthy glowing and beautiful body in no time. For some it may not be as easy, so please remember to take it slow and do what you feel is best for you. Start slowly, see and feel the result, then continue to add further changes. Do what you can, as best you can, you don’t have to overwhelm yourself. This list provides your body with everything it needs to cure most diseases by itself, easily and absolutely side effect free (with exception of the healing crisis where the body is eliminating diseased cells). You will be alkalising your body’s PH level, you will be increasing the oxygen content in the blood, you will be providing your body with all the necessary nutrients, and you will be creating a perfect place for detox allowing your body to naturally get perfectly healthy! NO FOODS DO NOT EAT white foods. This includes sugar, white flour, white pasta, grains containing gluten, potatoes, as well as yeast. Many celebrities including Cameron Diaz and Oprah have endorsed this diet because of the toxic effects these ingredients have on our bodies. Cancer thrives on these foods so if you want to cure your cancer, you must stop feeding it. The only sweeteners that are actually good for you are raw coconut crystals, stevia, raw agave powder, and raw honey – you can eat as much of them as you like DO NOT EAT animal protein. Animal protein has been linked to numerous world-renowned international studies to directly promote cancer growth like a switch. This is absolutely key to a successful cancer treatment and one which is recommended by almost all the prominent cancer healers and clinics. Beef, chicken, fish, eggs are all considered animal protein and should be completely avoided if you wish you cure your cancer in a short period of time. For more information please refer to “The China Study” by Colin Campbell. DO NOT EAT processed foods. It’s quite simple; “If it came from a plant, eat it. If it was made in a plant, don’t!” This might be a little challenging at first, but it is crucial for your health. You have no idea how many toxic additives, chemicals, preservatives, and flavor enhancers are added to our foods which lead to nasty ailments and diseases. If it comes in a package, try to avoid it as much as possible. Also, if the label reads “spices” as an ingredient, this doesn’t mean actual spices like basil, pepper, dill, or parsley, it can mean up to 10,000 different chemical additives disguised under the word “spices.” This also includes processed rancid and hydrogenated fats and oil which destroy your cell membrane. Get used to eating and cooking with fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and combinations of them. Yeast is also cancer food; Japanese research links breast cancer with the ingestion of goods baked with yeast. The problem is mycotoxins, which are waste products of yeast. There are many health problems that can be directly attributed to yeast, including arteriosclerosis, obesity, and AIDS. DO NOT HAVE pasteurized dairy. Pasteurized dairy is directly linked to cancer. It is no surprise that countries that have the highest dairy consumption; Denmark, Norway, and Holland have the highest rates of breast cancer. Nations where cheese consumption has tripled in the last 30 years, like England and France and Canada and the United States, have tripling rates of asthma and breast cancers. Raw dairy is a completely different product if compared to pasteurized dairy. The heating process of pasteurization destroys virtually everything beneficial in the milk such as enzymes, vitamins, fats, immune supporting factors, and beneficial bacteria. If you can find a raw milk provider near you a small amount daily is fine. DO NOT use microwaves this causes your food to be radiated blocking your body from healing. DO NOT drink tap water (chlorine and fluoride react with all supplements and oxygen making them inert as well as stealing oxygen from your own body which promotes an acidic environment=not good for anyone looking to cure their cancer), DO NOT use non-natural air fresheners, body washes, soaps, deodorants with aluminum or heavy metal (reduces the electrical potential of your cells making them sick and cancerous), DO NOT use toxic household cleaners (full of hormone disruptors, chemicals that are known and proven carcinogens, DNA inhibitors, and other very nasty effects that you do not want near you as you destroy your cancer). I know this might sound a little over the top but every standard chemical puts even greater toxic load on your system. Again, I’m just letting you know the facts, the choice is always up to you. DO NOT a cell phone next to your ear. YES LIST The following foods are a cancer – fighting arsenal and you can eat them as much as you like. YES TO Raw, whole, fresh fruits and vegetables. The easiest way to stay healthy is to pack your meals with at least 50% raw foods. Every meal should be at least half made of raw fruits or vegetables. Spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, radishes, squash, carrots, leeks, sprouts etc. But them organic if you can. If you have fungus overgrowth (check the how to test on the healing protocols) then lightly steam your vegetables and avoid seeds until you have cleared the fungus. Try to drink freshly squeezed celery juice daily. This flushes the intestines and liver from toxins plus many other health benefits. YES TO Sprouted, gluten and yeast free breads. Find some raw butter and you have a delicious substitute for the standard cancer food such as white bread with sugar loaded jelly. YES TO Gluten free grains. Amaranth, buckwheat, millet, oats, quinoa, rice, sorghum, wild rice are all great meat replacing meals that are packed with nutrition and health promoting factors. Sprouted grains are anywhere from 3 to 10 times more nutritious than un-sprouted and I highly recommend the sprouted kind. Also, do your best to get them organic. YES TO Raw dairy products. Milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, butter are all amazing potent and nutritious cancer-busting foods. They provide your body with virtually everything your body needs including all vitamins, minerals, immune factors, all essential and non-essential proteins and beneficial fats. Raw milk is a complete food, a superfood in a class of its own. YES TO Green smoothies and shakes. Water, spinach/Kale, and fruits/berries is all you need for a delicious alkaline promoting cancer destroying missile packed with everything your body needs. You may make as many green smoothies as you like and mix it with various ingredients. YES TO Raw nuts and seeds. Any nut other than peanuts should be your friend. Loaded with healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and healthy calories you may snack on nuts as often as you like. Just make sure they are unprocessed, not fried or baked, in their raw state. Again if you have fungus overgrowth (test on our home test listed in the healing protocols) then avoid these until clear. YES TO Salads. Here you can be as creative as you like. Any combination of leafy greens, vegetables, spices, and oils like flax or hemp will be bursting with flavour. Try experimenting with different spices and vegetables to find a salad that is exciting and one you can eat every day. Healing Crisis or Herxheimer As you begin your new nutrition routing and cleanses, your body will be dumping high amounts of toxins, chemicals, and billions of dead cancer cells, microbes, and bacteria into your excretory organs, blood, and pathways. Many doctors do not recommend fasting or colon hydrotherapy or detoxes because they produce various symptoms like fevers, chills, nausea, diarrhoea, skin breakout and other conditions. Yet this is solely due to your body dumping trash from all the little corners and crevasses of your body in an attempt to cleanse and detoxify itself. Basically, it means your body is releasing more toxins than you can safely dispose of. The more toxins IN one’s body, the more severe the healing crisis will be. Some feel worse and attribute it to the failing treatment, yet your attitudes should be completely the opposite. You should welcome these reactions with open arms, it means your body is finally becoming healthy and you are on the right track. Such reactions are temporary and can occur immediately — or within several days, or even several weeks, of a detox. Symptoms usually pass within 1-3 days, but on rare occasions can last several weeks. If you are suffering from a major illness, the symptoms you experience during the healing crisis may be identical to the disease itself. Sometimes discomfort during the healing crisis is of greater intensity than when you were developing the chronic disease. This may explain why there may be a brief flare-up in one’s condition. Often the crisis will come after you feel your very best. Most people feel somewhat ill during the first few days of a cleanse, but if it is a more serious condition there may be many small crises to go through before the final one is possible. In any case, a cleansing & purifying process is underway, and stored wastes are in a free-flowing state. The symptoms can be absolutely anything, from new symptoms to old illnesses flaring up. Whatever symptoms begin after you start the protocol, it is a sign that everything is working. You might also experience “brain fog” symptoms which feels like you can’t think clearly or put thoughts together. This is also normal and is a result of dead microbes and waste matter being excreted. If your healing crisis becomes very strong, ease up on the supplements and stick to green food, water and healing practices as will be discussed below. I recommend ESSIAC HERBAL TEA To assist the body to detox and clean out wastes – helping quicker elimination. You can order this on our on line shop. FOOD Eat 50% Raw – Half of everything you eat must be raw fruits and vegetables. This will allow your body to detox, alkaline, fill up on enzymes and nutrients whilst destroying cancer. Purchase and use Bee Pollen – A tablespoon daily (3 teaspoons in a tablespoon). You may either take it directly or put it in shakes, smoothies, salads, and anything else that is not going to be heated or cooked. Green Smoothies – At least one green smoothie daily. Consider one in the morning as a breakfast mixed in a Vitamix blender. Put a teaspoon of bee pollen, a scoop of green superfood powder (has spirulina, chlorella, barley, wheatgrass, and more than 20 other superfoods) and raw coconut sugar for taste. Water – Minimum 2 litres/68 oz of clean filtered water daily. NO tap water! Make sure the water doesn’t have fluoride or chlorine it in which interferes with oxygen, nutrient absorption in the cell and slows your healing progress. Superfood Powder – Find a good quality superfood powder in your local health food shop and add it to your smoothies • No meat (beef, chicken, fish, eggs, etc.) – Healing Practices That Help Oil Pulling To Detox – doesn’t have to be difficult! Do this every time you have 5-20 minutes free, and cleanse away. Fasting – The most powerful way to detox is absolutely free. Do at least one water or freshly squeezed juice fast every month. Home Enema – Combine warm water with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide enema every few days for two weeks or find a professional. Exercise – Walk at least 15 minutes every day, rain or shine! Colon hydrotherapy – A professional session at least once a week, or weekly enemas at home. Sunshine – If you can, get at least 15 minutes of sunshine to at least 70% of uncovered skin. It can help to use a clay pack such as bentonite clay and then sit in sun-shine as this helps to draw out poisons from your body – then have a shower to clean off the clay. Sauna – Find a local sauna at a gym or spa and go a minimum of once a week to help sweat out toxins. Make sure the sauna you use does not have treated timber as the foundation – the chemicals in treated woods can enter your skin and then your body. Use Natural Solutions Lymphatic Massage Oil – Rub or gently massage your lymph zones with this special oil every day (neck, armpits, groin, and breasts for women) Supplements – Spread them evenly throughout the day Vitamin C – 5 grams of the regular ascorbic acid daily, (l-Lysine and l- Proline have been found to stimulate the effects of vitamin C). Vitamin E – 400 IU daily., Vitamin D3 – 5000 IU daily, MSM – 10 grams daily in capsules or MSM water – Spirulina – At least5 grams daily (powder or tablets) Chlorella – At least 5 grams daily (powder or tablets) Order Which is Needed from our 100% Pure Herbal Supplements – such as Natural Solutions Parasite Eliminate – Natural Solutions Virus Eliminate – Natural Solutions Fungus Eliminate – Natural Solutions Essiac Herbal Tea – Natural Solutions Cancer Support – Natural Solutions Liver Support – and Use Natural Solutions Lymph Assist Massage Oil – Rub your lymph zones with this Oil every day as explained (neck, armpits, groin, and breasts for women) If you have any questions please email us directly info@natural-solutions.co.za or orders@natural-soluitons.co.za

Healing Kidney Disorders

I have had so many clients recently with kidney disorders, I thought it would be good to share my findings with you all. The main functions of the kidneys are the removal of metabolic waste matter, of any toxic material and excess of water, minerals, and bio-chemicals in order to keep their blood levels within an optimal range. This is done by filtering the blood and concentrating the waste in the form of urine. In addition, the kidneys produce hormones, which affect the salt balance and red blood cell production. A common kidney disorder is the formation of kidney stones. These are mostly composed of calcium salts and to a lesser degree of uric acid. Stones can partly block the flow of urine and this may result in infections as well as accumulation of waste matter in the blood. The passing of large stones through the urethra can be extremely painful and is called kidney colic. When patients come to see you if you are a health care practitioner, or if you yourself are have kidney health concerns it is important to discuss diet and where their water source comes from. Also remember that parasites can cause acid and bacteria. Stone formation as well as bacterial infections or accumulation of toxic material may lead to acute or chronic inflammation of the kidneys, also called nephritis or Bright’s disease. Symptoms are a rise in blood pressure, back pain, fatigue, being listless and loss of appetite. Later edema may develop; one may feel dizzy and nauseated. Albumin, a protein compound, will be passed in increasing quantities with the urine. Our Boldo Tea, Essiac Tea, and Bladder & Kidney support help here and I often use Tissue Salt # 9 to help the clearing of waste matter. I have found that if the condition continues to deteriorate, uremia or renal failure develops. High concentrations of waste matter accumulate in the blood and all of the mentioned symptoms become more severe. If nothing is done about it, death will eventually occur. The conventional medical treatment is the removal of these waste materials by filtering the blood through an external membrane, a dialysis machine or an artificial kidney. When the condition deteriorates still further, a kidney transplant is attempted. NUTRITIONAL CAUSES Prevention, as well as cure, begins with two simple measures: raising the water intake (NOT TAP WATER) and reducing the salt intake. Disregarding these basic rules is the main cause of the high incidence of kidney disease ESPECIALLY IN HOT CLIMATES. Further important nutritional factors in the development of kidney disease are a high intake of protein, phosphate and calcium, a low intake of magnesium and vitamin B6, and finally, chronic inflammation due to food allergy, especially foods with herbicide on them such as glyphosate. Proteins are generally high in phosphorus. Therefore, by restricting the protein intake the amount of phosphate ingested or formed in the body is reduced at the same time. With a severe restriction of protein and phosphate intake, tests showed a 10 to 40 fold decrease in the progression of kidney disease and patients who would normally have required immediate commencement of dialysis could postpone this for about seven months. A high protein and phosphate intake impose a greatly increased workload on the kidneys. If their functions are already impaired by stone formation or inflammation, then the individual filtering units become more and more sclerotic, which means they calcify and harden through overgrowth with tough, fibrous tissue. This causes large amounts of protein to be lost with the urine while other chemicals, such as salt and uric acid remain in the body. High phosphate levels also cause overactivity of the parathyroid glands with a resultant rise in calcium blood levels. This may lead to decalcification of bones and to the formation of calcium deposits as with kidney stones, arteriosclerosis, and arthritic deformations. It raises the blood pressure and damages the kidneys still further, in particular through the calcification of the kidneys with calcium phosphate. In addition to a high phosphate intake, a diet high in protein produces much more waste products than any other class of nutrients, especially in the form of urea, uric acid, and sulfates. Compared to proteins there is hardly any residue in a properly metabolized carbohydrate or fat diet. Both produce carbon dioxide and water as end products. Therefore, with these foods, there is hardly any need for dialysis. Patients with severe renal failure should restrict their protein intake to less than 20 g and phosphorus to less than 400 mg. For children and as a maintenance diet amino acid supplements may be necessary with severe protein restrictions. Allergy A major cause of degeneration of the kidneys is chronic inflammation, and a major cause of chronic inflammation is a hidden food allergy and chemical sensitivity, these are commonly due to microbes from intestinal dysbiosis or root canal treatments. Intestinal issues are now researched to be connected to herbicide. While kidney patients are hardly ever tested for food allergy in conventional medicine, in one recent test it was found that about 65% reacted positively. However, due to their high calcium and often low acidity levels, kidney patients usually show only a weak allergy response with various testing procedures. Therefore, the only reliable test is the avoidance of all suspected foods and checking kidney functions after a prolonged period of abstinence. In this way, patients improved greatly. KIDNEY STONES Various calcium salts are only slightly soluble and easily precipitate during the filtration process in the kidneys. They may then crystallize and combine to form kidney stones or urinary calculi. It has been estimated that about 90% of such stones contain calcium as the main ingredient, mainly as phosphates and oxalates. Phosphate stones are chalky and soft while oxalate stones are small, dark and hard. Stones may also contain a mixture of both. Uric acid stones form mainly in acid urine and are yellow or black. A few stones are formed from the oxidized amino acid cystine with a waxy appearance. A high protein diet contains a large amount of phosphate that overstimulates the parathyroids and raises the calcium blood level. This gives rise to the formation of calcium phosphate stones, especially when the urine is alkaline. Sugar Sucrose, the common household sugar, has several negative effects. One experimentally controlled study found that sugar added to a meal will greatly increase urinary calcium as well as oxalate excretions and that both reach maximum levels together, thereby greatly increasing the possibility of precipitation. This over-saturation of the kidneys tends to result in calcific lesions that serve as foci on which crystals begin to aggregate and start to form stones. Sugar also increases the urinary output of an enzyme that is indicative of kidney disease. Most at risk from sugar are individuals with an excessive insulin response and this includes most stone formers. In addition, insulin levels remain permanently elevated in maturity-onset diabetics and others due to habitual sugar consumption. They are also elevated in stressed individuals as the blood glucose levels become less sensitive to insulin in the presence of high adrenalin levels. Increased insulin levels, in turn, elevate the blood calcium levels that then lead to an increased concentration of calcium in the urine. It has been experimentally shown that stone-formers lose up to five times the normal amount of calcium in the urine after ingesting 100 g of sucrose. In one study about 60% of habitual stone formers had an excessive insulin response to sugar. Another demonstrated the effect of high sucrose and fructose consumption is a rise in blood levels of uric acid. Vitamins, Minerals, and Stimulants Two minerals with a negative effect are sodium and cadmium. In one study stone-formers normalized their excessive calcium levels by restricting their sodium intake. Cadmium is a heavy metal that is significantly increased in stone-formers. It causes renal tubular damage and can lead to calcific foci with increased oxalate crystallization. A group of coppersmiths with chronic cadmium exposure had a 40% incidence of kidney stones as compared to 3.5% in the general population. This substance has been found in South African water sources due to industry and mining. If you feel to check your water tests are readily available today, and I would suggest you recommend this to your clients. Citric acid is essential for cellular energy production. Elderly individuals and those on diets high in meat and fat have low levels of citric acid. Citric acid also prevents individual crystals of calcium salts from fusing together to form stones. In one experiment long-term supplementation with sodium citrate did not reduce stone formation while potassium citrate reduced stone formation by 86% in susceptible individuals. The citrus fruit provides a high intake of potassium citrate. There is an antagonism between calcium and magnesium due to a common regulation through the parathyroids. Increased magnesium supply tends to lower the calcium loss and inhibits the precipitation of calcium salts in the kidneys. In two long-term studies, magnesium supplementation reduced the incidence of calcium stone formation by more than 90%. Vitamin B6 is essential for the normal metabolism of oxalic acid. A deficiency leads to the accumulation of oxalic acid. In one study oxalate stone formation was reduced with 60 mg vitamin B6 daily but not with 20 mg. In another study with intakes from 75 to 600 mg of vitamin B6, supplementation with 150 mg daily was found to be optimal for oxalate reduction in the urine. In addition, vitamin A, folic acid and zinc may help to reduce the stone formation and supplementation can be of advantage. Low levels of these cause various common nutrients to form oxalic acid. Long-term coffee drinking or caffeine, in general, has been shown to result in increased calcium loss. Two cups of coffee caused an additional calcium loss of 22 mg per day. In addition, with oxalate-related stones foods high in oxalic acid are best avoided, such as rhubarb, cocoa, instant coffee, spinach, and tea. Excessive tea drinking, for instance, has been blamed for the high incidence of oxalate kidney stones of the British troops in India during the Second World War. However, generally, the effect of dietary oxalic acid is negligible, except if one eats much-refined food. With a healthy, mainly unrefined diet most of the oxalic acid combines in the digestive tract with calcium to form insoluble calcium oxalate, which is then excreted. Only in diets low in fiber, vitamin B6 and calcium is dietary oxalate a contributing factor to stone formation. There have been allegations that high intakes of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) may lead to the formation of oxalate kidney stones. While there is a slight elevation of oxalate in urine with mega doses, various controlled studies have not found increased stone formation. On the contrary, there are indications that the higher urine acidity from ascorbic acid helps to prevent or dissolve phosphate kidney stones. This, of course, is valid only for ascorbic acid, not for calcium or sodium ascorbate. Nevertheless, in the case of uremia or kidney failure, a high vitamin C intake would contribute to the workload of the kidneys and supplements should not exceed 1 g daily. Meat While all proteins increase phosphorus levels to some degree, animal protein, especially from meat, has an additional detrimental effect on stone formers. In comparison to vegetarians, urine excretions of calcium, oxalate and uric acid are 50 – 400% higher in non-vegetarians. The higher the intake of animal protein, the higher is the level of these stone-forming substances. Stone formers usually have the highest intake of animal protein. It has been calculated that the risk of stone-formation is about 6 – 700% higher in those with a high intake of animal protein as compared to vegetarians. In addition, meat is the main source of uric acid. While urate stones represent only a minority of kidney stones, elevated levels of uric acid cause calcium oxalate to precipitate and crystallize. HYPERCOAGULATION AND CALCIFICATION The main cause of deteriorating kidney functions is the increasing calcification of the filtering system. A common sequence leading to kidney failure starts with antibiotics that initiate overgrowth with Candida, mycoplasmas and other microbes. This results in leaky gut syndrome and allergies, a microbial infestation of the blood, and chronic inflammation. As a consequence of this inflammation, the blood clotting mechanism becomes overactive in a condition called hypercoagulation. Fibrin is a sticky protein fiber. It naturally cross-links to form blood Nattokinase, derived from natto, a fermented soy product as traditionally used in Japan, appears to be the most effective fibrinolytic enzyme. It is commonly available as capsules with 2000 FU or units of fibrinolytic activity. The normal maintenance dose is one capsule each before breakfast and dinner, best in a non-protein drink or followed by some fruit. However, to clean already clogged blood vessels and dissolve clots I use HEART CARE which acts as oral chelation, cleaning veins and blood. This is taken with Water Life to balance the removal of necessary minerals from this treatment. Serrapeptase originally derived from silkworms may be less effective in dissolving clots but does dissolve other dead tissue, such as scar tissue, adhesions, and cysts. Commonly 20,000 to 80,000 units may be in a capsule, the maximum dose may be up to 400,000 per day. Bromelain breaks down all kinds of unwanted protein residues. Activity tends to be measured as Gelatine Dissolving Units or GDU, commonly 2000 GDU/gram. You can find this in organic pineapples. Removing Soft Tissue Calcifications With increasing age, our bones tend to become softer as calcium moves out and accumulates in soft tissues, such as blood vessels, on the outside of joints, in muscles, brain, and glands. This causes not only inflammation, pain and rigidity but also arteriosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease, cataracts and loss of memory. The underlying cause tends to be an under-active thyroid and overactive parathyroid glands due to chronic Candida and mercury problems. Toxic Metals Accumulations of toxic metals, and especially mercury from dental amalgam fillings and vaccines, are a major problem with many diseases. Use oral chelation to reduce this toxic load. (Our Heart Care) and Natural Solutions Heavy Metal Eliminate, combined with using Zeolite. Sulfur compounds are needed to detoxify the liver. One of the strongest metal chelators is alpha-lipoic acid (also called thioctic acid), which may be combined with milk thistle (extract) to activate the liver. Chlorella (cell broken powder) prevents re-absorption of expelled metals from the intestines. Further helpful are MSM, N-acetylcysteine, alpha-tocopherol, and ascorbic acid. DIET Use a low-allergy semi-vegetarian diet based mainly on fresh raw and steamed vegetables. The amount of animal protein, as well as high-protein legumes, should be determined by the condition. If it is not too serious, that is if dialysis is not required or expected, then fish may be used occasionally, also a few eggs per weak and a small to moderate amount of yogurt or cottage cheese made of goats’ milk. However, in more serious conditions and also as temporary mild cleansing periods, avoid completely all animal protein and soybeans and use other legumes only in moderation, preferably in sprouted form. Brown rice and other non-gluten grains, cooked and raw vegetables as well as extra-virgin olive oil may provide the bulk of the energy requirement. Between and before meals have some tart or acid fruit, such as grapefruit, orange, pineapple, berries and apple. Except with low blood pressure and sensitive skin, you may also have fruit meals and fruit days. Foods of special benefit are fresh vegetable juices, including wheatgrass and other grasses and leaves with plenty of parsley and celery, also dandelion leaves if available, green beans and bean pod tea, cucumber, horseradish, lemon juice, fenugreek, watermelon, and banana. If available frequently have a small amount of Jerusalem artichoke about the size of a hen’s egg. Preferably go for several months on a raw vegetable and fruit diet. We can live healthily on a diet very low in protein only if most of that protein is raw or unheated. Good sources for this are sprouted seeds and fresh vegetable juices, especially juice of grass and leaves. In addition, frequently stir a teaspoon of spirulina powder and wheatgrass or barley grass juice extract powder into a glass of juice or water and drink before or between meals. Minimize meat, sugar and sweetened food, cow’s milk products and wheat products, processed food with added chemicals, salt or salted food, polyunsaturated oils and margarine, soft drinks, rhubarb, coffee, tea, alcohol, nicotine, baking powder, and medicinal drugs. Drink plenty of good quality water, rainwater or soft bore water, otherwise filtered or distilled but definitely no chlorinated or fluoridated water. Drink 1 l each 30 to 60 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You may drink water or weak herb teas, diluted vegetable juices or water with lemon juice. Frequently have cleansing periods mainly on fruits only, mostly tart and acid varieties. Also, fasts on watermelons are excellent; chew the seeds as well. However, sensitive individuals should use fresh vegetables in preference and also fresh vegetable juices. Reintroduce normal food gradually after a fast and watch for any sign of allergy such as a high pulse rate, pain, discomfort or rash and especially any deterioration in kidney functions. Warning: If on dialysis do not stop your normal dialysis routine when starting on this nutritional program. Instead, phase it out gradually according to the results of your urine and blood analysis tests. REFLEXOLOGY Share with your clients to adopt a daily routine of meditation or relaxation exercises followed by guided imagery. Imagine white or golden yellow-healing energy entering the top of your head, filling your body and concentrating in the kidneys. The kidney point in Chinese reflexology is just below the solar plexus, by gently massaging this point daily, an added benefit is given to the patient. The kidneys are linked through acupuncture meridians to the teeth and jaws in upper and lower positions 1 and 2. Dead teeth, a metal bridge, root, gum or jawbone infections or inflammations in these positions tend to interfere with kidney and bladder functions. While generally all dead teeth should be removed, with kidney diseases it is important to sanitize any problems with the front teeth. Oil pulling is very helpful, adding frankincense oil to the oil before the pulling is added benefit. Constipation can contribute to kidney problems. If necessary use more laxative food such as ground linseed and psyllium hulls, or Natural Solutions Laxatives. With kidney failure combine the Cleanse with Reflexology, diet, and drinking as much diluted lemon or grapefruit juice as possible before meals without causing fluid retention. The citrus juices should be freshly pressed and diluted with water that has low mineral content. If the body is or becomes too acid see if you can neutralize it with potassium citrate. To recapitulate: Have a high fluid intake as unpolluted water (rainwater, filtered or distilled), diluted herb teas or diluted wheatgrass juice and fresh vegetable juices; minimize the intake of meat, sweet food, sodium, calcium and phosphates; use plenty of raw food, especially salads and acid citrus fruit. Have frequent and prolonged fasting periods on apples, citrus fruit, wheatgrass and other vegetable juices, try urine fast; do the ultimate cleanse and test for food allergies. The most important supplements are ascorbic acid, vitamin B6, magnesium and zinc, ground linseed, krill oils, and a mixture of kidney herbs. Sanitize your front teeth, possibly spinal adjustment and stimulation at the small of the back, experiment with packs, color therapy, reflexology and mind improvement methods.

Healing Liver Disorders

NATURAL SOLUTIONS for LIVER HEALTH – THE LIVER – is both the heaviest internal organ and the largest gland in the human body. OUR LIVER SUPPORT VEGI CAPSULES will help restore liver function, but we do advise you to eat for health, by avoiding processed food, herbicide, pesticide, sugar, dairy, etc. Visit our shop to read about these capsules. The liver carries out a multitude of functions in our body and it is impossible to replicate these many functions in a single natural or artificial organ or machine – for example:- The secretion of bile juices for the decomposition of lipids and vitamins, Preparation of proteins for blood plasma that enables blood clotting. Metabolises (and detoxifies) millions of substances that enter the body. Environmental pollutants, food quality and food additives, alcohol consumption, and prescription medications, etc. all affect the rate at which the liver works and can lead to serious damage (e.g. NAFLD, fibrosis, cirrhosis, etc.). The storehouse and the clearinghouse. It is responsible for filtering, detoxifying, nourishing, replenishing, and storing blood. The liver stores large amounts of sugar in the form of glycogen, which it releases into the bloodstream as glucose whenever the body requires extra infusions of metabolic energy. Food is finally prepared for entering the circulatory system where the broken down particles of the system are renovated and made fit for use if possible. The liver receives all amino acids extracted from food by the small intestines and recombines them to synthesize the various forms of protein required for growth and repair of bodily tissues. It is a gland of internal and external secretion. The external secretion is bile and is thrown by a duct into the digestive tract. The internal secretion is sent directly into the circulation. The liver controls the peripheral nervous system which regulates muscular activity and tension. The inability to relax is often caused by liver dysfunction or imbalance. Discovered in 1989, the Hepatitis C virus causes approximately 20 percent of all cases of acute viral hepatitis each year. Sadly about 85 percent of infected persons become chronic carriers of this virtue. According to the centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 30,000 new infections occur each year. HCV is spread primarily by contact with blood and blood products. Blood transfusions and the use of shared, unsterilized, or incompletely sterilized needles and syringes have been known to spread this virus. If you are experiencing fatigue, mild right upper quadrant pain or tenderness, Nausea, Anorexia, and muscle joint spasms we recommend you visit your Dr for tests to determine if you are carrying this virus. The sooner detected the better. If left the person may experience enlarged liver, splenomegaly jaundice, and muscle wasting. Often Liver inflammation can be linked to other organs of the digestive and eliminating systems being involved. Problems with the kidneys, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, and stomach are often associated with liver inflammation. The natural approach is to assist the liver in healing itself, using Hot castor oil packs over the area of the liver helps to stimulate the circulation to the liver and improve eliminations. Follow a basic cleansing diet (as on our healing viruses and diseases) colonic irrigations are good to increase eliminations through the alimentary canal. Find a professional who is registered to perform this therapy. Spinal manipulation and massage help improve circulation and eliminations and drinking 8 glasses of water that has not been stored in a plastic bottle. Some other reasons for Liver Disorders can be:- Migraines due to Liver energy also controls ligaments and tendons, which together with muscles regulate motor activity and determine physical coordination. The connection between the liver and migraine headaches has to do with vascular (blood vessels) changes associated with altered serotonin metabolism. Research has found that migraines can be associated with metabolic syndrome, which is also implicated in NAFLD. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is more common in men than in women. Thus, it has been suggested that sex steroids do have a role in the development of this disease. NAFLD is also associated with HYPERGONADISM which is a condition where there is a hyper-function of the gonads. This is normally caused by abnormally high levels of testosterone or Estrogen. estrogen seems to play a massive role in hepatic lipid balance. Women suffering from NAFLD can have belly fat, once the liver is restored they find this disappears. Of interest is that the meridian line of Liver travels up into the head area, it is noticeable that when a person drinks too much alcohol they often have headaches the next day. Liver dis-function is reflected externally in the condition of:- Fingernails and toenails. Yellow color of skin. Eyes and vision. Blurry vision is often a result of liver malfunction rather than an eye problem. Headaches or migraines Nervous tension Migraines There is some good evidence in research to suggest that migraines can, in fact, be associated with your liver and its health status—particularly, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which arises from chronic consumption of excess sugars. Migraines are believed to result from a combination of blood vessel enlargement, and abnormal blood vessel contraction. When an artery enlarges, it causes a release of pro-inflammatory chemicals that can cause pain. This results in swelling of the artery, which prolongs the pain and recovery time. This article briefly goes over the link between migraine headaches and liver health. What is liver migraine? As mentioned above, the liver is the organ that metabolizes (and detoxifies) millions of substances that enter the body. Environmental pollutants, food quality and food additives, alcohol consumption, and prescription medications, etc. all affect the rate at which the liver works and can lead to serious damage (e.g. NAFLD, fibrosis, cirrhosis, etc.). The connection between the liver and migraine headaches has to do with vascular (blood vessels) changes associated with altered serotonin metabolism. Serotonin, an important neurotransmitter (a messenger molecule released from nerve cells), is metabolized by the liver. Some researchers now believe that by improving liver function and by normalizing serotonin metabolism, the frequency and severity of migraine headaches may be reduced. Some people have noticed a connection between certain foods and their migraines. Some of these foods include chocolate, aged cheeses, and fermented products, but scientific evidence is inconsistent in proving any association. Wines have also been known to be culprits, but it is unknown if reds or whites cause migraines. Another very popular food additive and flavor enhancer, MSG, has been known to trigger migraine headaches in some people, this can be caused by an overload of toxins in the liver as mentioned above. What Are The Liver Troublemakers? Here is the shocking truth – all of these cause liver issues – Petrochemicals, Chemical Neuroantagonists, Problematic Food Chemicals, Problematic Foods, Pathogenic, Chemical Industry Domestic Invasion, Pharmaceuticals, Toxic Heavy Metals, Radiation, Excess Adrenaline, and even Rainfall Exposure if in the city or polluted environment. Fungus overgrowth, Parasites, and mold. Gasoline: Almost everyone gets an after-drop of gas on themselves in one way or another when pumping gas, plus if you stand too close to the spout you’re breathing in the fumes. It’s easy to inhale it from nearby pumps, too. There’s also gas exposure that comes in other ways, like fuelling lawn mowers, tractors, and weed whackers. And those gas cans sitting in your garage? They outgas too. Also when you get into your car, the first waves of air-conditioning that comes into your car are not good to breathe in – open your window and allow these fumes to leave before starting your journey. Dioxins: Inhaled and eaten by every single one of us. These pollutants, a byproduct of over 100 years of chemical factory malfeasance, find their way into the air, water, and food. One of the main causes of this is in our plastic water bottle, so few of us can turn a tap on and have good drinking water, so we purchase water – don’t leave this in your car – as the heat will allow the dioxin to leak into the water and you will then consume this poison. Rather empty into a glass drinking bottle – you can purchase water life from our website which will add 84 essential minerals. Fungicides: Sprayed on new clothing and manufactured goods, from jeans to dresses to underwear to outerwear to socks to shoes to furniture to mattresses to blankets. Fungicides are often used in new cars and in used cars that are being resold. They’re regularly used on planes and in garbage cans and bags. Recently, some bottled water brands have been sold into using it on the outsides of their water bottles. Some foods are even treated with fungicides. keep a check on your health with funguses – you can do the fungus test a few times a year to monitor, and if necessary follow the fungus eliminating diet and purchase the necessary herbal supplements. Plug-in air fresheners and scented candles: Whether you use them or not, we get exposed to stores, doctors’ offices, public restrooms, or friends’ homes. Cadmium: A toxic heavy metal that is in the air, falling from the sky, so it gets into our systems when we inhale it. It’s in pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, too. If your body is not well and you live in an area that uses sprays for fruit or farming, try to leave when this is happening. Or move to a cleaner area. If we could all avoid purchasing any foods that are treated with pesticides or herbicides or fungicides would this industry not die off? Rather than killing us. Food-borne toxins: The thousands of microorganisms, many of them uncatalogued and highly toxic, that live in raw fish, poultry, meat, and eggs (commonly on the outside of the shells) are usually killed off with proper cooking methods. What people don’t realize is that once these living pathogens are killed, they don’t just disappear. They become toxins. Canola oil: Contains undiscovered chemical compounds that are harsh to the liver, causing liver cell weakness and problems with your arteries. AVOID Formaldehyde: Can be everywhere from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals to carpets to food. It does what alcohol does to the liver, only much more extreme. It’s also a viral fuel. Medical science and research only believe the liver has around 500 chemical functions when in truth, the liver has over 2,000 chemical functions. It’s also about knowing exactly what your liver needs to heal and better manage and release these Liver Troublemakers. Another consideration with liver disorders is female hormones. Among women, those who tend to suffer from migraines are more likely to experience them around the time of their periods— usually around 2 days prior to first flow. In some instances, migraines are more severe during menstruation than at any other time of the month. Because estrogen and progesterone levels decline prior to menstruation, it is believed that the mechanism for triggering liver migraines is elicited—decline in these hormones lead to vascular changes—and needless to say, it is the liver that metabolizes and clears our estrogen. Natural Solutions WOMENS RESCUE has testimonials that show the herbs in this supplement help reduce all pain including migraines during menstruation, especially combined with Natural Solutions for Liver. Attitudes and Emotions – The mental and emotional aspects of healing are frequently discussed today – and are a tremendous influence in any healing. Mind, Body and Soul are connected – An attitude of desiring and expecting to be healed is important. A positive mental and emotional attitude can be created and maintained by focusing on a high purpose for being healing. NATURAL SOLUTIONS FOR LIVER INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING HERBS – Milk-thistle, Dandelion Root, Dandelion Leaf, Greater Celandine, Liquorice Root, Yellow Dock, Hibiscus and Lime Blossoms. We recommend you take a course of ESSIAC HERBAL TEA and 1-2 Liver Support capsules twice a day after meals. Book a session with one of our Jain Foot Acupressure therapists (look on our website for details, as they can determine the health of your liver and if you suffer from Liver migraine if this is associated with C vertebra, Liver, Heart, or a viral infection often picked up in the spleen, and with the application of Byol Magnets on the relevant points can help to restore the liver and reduce migraines. Purchase the book ANTHONY WILLIAMS – LIVER HEALTH – for In-depth reading on healing this important organ.

Healing Peptic Ulcers

Peptic ulcers are inflamed lesions in the lining of the upper digestive tract. They occur when the lining is exposed to the stomach or gastric juices. The major forms of peptic ulcer are duodenal ulcers (intestinal ulcers) and gastric ulcers (stomach ulcer). Normally the stomach and duodenum (the upper segment of the small intestine) are protected from stomach acid by a layer of mucus. If too much acid is produced or too little mucus, the acid then starts to break down the body’s own tissues. Helicobacter pylori; a bacterium often found in the stomach, is strongly associated with ulcer formation. Other factors involved in ulcer formation include stress, taking certain drugs or supplements, and or excessive alcohol consumption. The main symptom of peptic ulcer is a burning pain occurring before a meal, about an hour after a meal or during the night. There may be discomfort in the chest or back. Other symptoms include headache, a choking sensation, itching, and nausea and or vomiting. Ulcer pain can mimic that of a heart attack. Seek immediate medical attention if chest pain radiates to the jaw or arm, is vicelike or squeezing in nature, or is accompanied by heartburn, dizziness, nausea or cold sweats. Used over a period of several months, herbs can relieve other symptoms of peptic ulcer and help correct underlying infection. RECOMMENDATIONS NATURAL SOLUTIONS ESSIAC HERBAL TEA – Make up the formula as instructions, store in sterilized glass jars in the fridge, and take two cups a day one before breakfast and one before supper. NATURAL SOLUTIONS PEPTIC ULCER RELIEF CAPSULES – Take 2 capsules every two hours until relief is felt, then 2 capsules two or three times a day for 3 – 6 months. Contains:- Barberry – Kills Helicobacter pylori the bacterium implicated in ulcers, whilst reducing muscle spasms. Bilberry – Cyanidins from this herb counteract the formation of peptic ulcers caused by ulcers, allergies, non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory agents and stress. Clove – Reduces gas pressure within the stomach, the eugenol in clove depresses the transmission of nerve impulses that convey a feeling of gas whilst protecting the stomach lining. Garlic – inhibits the growth of Helicobacter pylori implicated in the formation of ulcers in the digestive system. Licorice Root – counteracts stress, purifies the liver, soothes inflammation, protects the stomach from the effects of acid, and promotes healing of the ulcers. Marshmallow root – Contains polysaccharides that form a protective layer on the stomach lining also lowers stomach acid layer. Pau ’D Arco may have an antibiotic effect on Helicobacter pylori and reverses aspirin-induced irritation of the stomach lining. *For quick relief of pain, drink a large glass of water. This dilutes stomach acids and flushes them out of the stomach. *Avoid hot foods and beverages, they may trigger gastric discomfort. *Avoid all niacin Vitamin B3 supplements if you have ever had peptic ulcers. *Drink up to 2 cups of raw cabbage juice daily. This has been found in repeated studies to have a remarkable effect on peptic ulcers. Its healing action is due to the high content of glutamine, which stimulates protein production in the stomach lining cells that produce mucus. Since cabbage juice can cause flatulence, start with a smaller dosage, ½ cup, and work up to a larger dosage as your system becomes accustomed to it. * Drink a glass of freshly squeezed celery juice daily – this heals the intestinal lining and a host of other fantastic healing support. *Use fermented milk products, such as yogurt, rather than skim or whole milk, as they reduce the risk of ulcers while unfermented milk products increase the risk. *Drink Green Tea, as it contains catechins, which reduce histamine levels and inhibit grown of H. pylori. Just one cup a day. *Avoid salt and sugar which have been linked to increasing stomach acid production. *Avoid fried foods, tea, caffeine, chocolate, animal fats of any kind, and carbonated beverages. Drink distilled water with a bit of lemon juice added. EAT AS MUCH OF THE FOLLOWING DAILY Wild blueberries – help restore the central nervous system and flush neurotoxins out of the liver. Celery – Strengthens hydrochloric acid in the gut and provides mineral salts to the central nervous system. Drink a glass of fresh celery juice before any food first thing in the morning. Sprouts – high in zinc and selenium to strengthen the immune system Asparagus – cleanses the liver and spleen strengthens the pancreas Spinach – creates an alkaline environment in the body and provides highly absorbable micronutrients to the nervous system. Cilantro – removes heavy metals such as mercury and lead, favored foods of any virus. Parsley – removes high levels of copper and aluminum which feed most infections. Coconut Oil – antiviral and acts as an anti-inflammatory Garlic – antiviral and antibacterial Ginger – helps with nutrient assimilation and relieves spasms associated with stomach pain. Raspberries – rich in antioxidants to remove free radicals from the organs and bloodstream. Lettuce – stimulates peristaltic action in the intestinal tract and helps cleanse toxins from the liver. Papayas – Restore the central nervous system; strengthens and rebuild hydrochloric acid in the gut. Apricots: immune system rebuilders that also strengthen the blood. Pomegranates – help detox and cleanse the blood as well as the lymphatic system. GRAPE – a rich source of bioflavonoids and calcium to support the immune system and flush toxins out of the body. KALE: High in specific alkaloids that protect against viruses such as EBV. SWEET POTATOES – Help cleanse and detox the liver from EBV byproducts and toxins. CUCUMBERS: Strengthen the adrenals and kidneys and flush neurotoxins out of the bloodstream. FENNEL: contains strong antiviral compounds to fight off EBV

Healing Prostate Disorders

NATURAL SOLUTIONS. – PROSTATE HEALTH PROGRAMME The first area to look at for Prostate Health is your diet. Eat the way we live, what we do with food, we do in our lives, Eating is a stage upon which we act out our beliefs about ourselves. Make food your medicine. Do not feed the very problem you are trying to eliminate. This takes lifestyle changes and commitment. On our website healing protocols, there is a lot of information called Healing Viruses and Diseases of the Body. The following diet is exceptionally good as a general weight loss plan if you want to reduce your body mass index and waist circumference-two factors that are strongly linked to a higher ratio of estrogen to testosterone. If your weight is not needing any more loss, please make sure you take 6-8 small meals a day of wholesome nutritious foods. One of the nice parts of this diet below is that you can eat as much as you want, which helps reduce feelings of deprivation. The weight loss and the clearing of body sluggishness that occurs with this kind of diet are enhanced considerably if you immediately follow it with a juice fast for three to ten days. Energy and androgen levels will increase substantially. Two cleansing blends that I have had great success with are discussed immediately after the diet The cleansing diet Drink 4 t0 6 glasses of water every day. Do not use tap water Eliminate dairy products, eggs and sweets. (These feed diseases) Eat only whole grains ( brown rice, millet, barley, oats, quinoa, and so on), Organic beans lightly steamed organic vegetables, and fruit, minimal amounts of wild or free-range meats. Tempeh and tofu are excellent, Do not cook your grains with oil. Use only grape seed oil for cooking, Pure olive oil for salads. Use no more than 2 Tbl. Of oil per day. Do not use butter or margarine of any kind Drink all the fresh vegetable and fruit juices you would like, but this has to be freshly made by yourself and the fruit and vegetables have to be organic. Use only Himalayan or Khoisan salt, any other spices you wish are okay, as are small amounts of tamari and soy. Do not use any caffeinated drinks ( EXCEPT GREEN TEA), alcohol or recreational drugs during the diet. If you are a heavy caffeine drinker instead of stopping cold turkey, go from coffee to black tea to green tea over a one-to-two week period of time. Eat fruits first and by themselves. They digest rapidly and when eaten with other foods are held in the stomach where they can cause gas and intestinal upset. Do not eat any dried foods, unless you dry them yourself as they contain sulphurs and preservatives. Consider consuming a green drink each morning. Many of these are powdered and must be mixed into juice and blended. A fresh green drink recipe is described later. Food list Buy only organic, pesticide-free foods. This is important. The chemicals are non-organically farmed foods will be taken into the body, where they can have powerful impacts. You are working to lessen your toxin load, organic foods remove one common source of toxin that is often hard for the liver to process. This takes the load off the liver and allows it to work more efficiently in helping your body detoxify. You may eat any fruits you wish. Vegetables Acorn squash. – Artichokes Asparagus Avocados Beets Broccoli Brussel sprouts Burdock Butternut squash Cabbage Carrots, raw or cooked Cauliflower Celery ( VERY IMPORTANT) Collard greens Corn Cucumber Daikon Daikon greens Eggplant Kale Red leaf lettuce Romaine lettuce Mustard greens Onions Potatoes red or white Parsley Parsnips. Pumpkins Red radish Rutabagas Snow peas Spinach. String beans Sweet potatoes Swiss Chard Sprouts Tomatoes Turnips Turnip greens Watercress Zucchini OIL – Use Flaxseed oil for cooking because of its high levels of omega 3 oils, is a very good oil to use. Olive Oil uncooked for such things as salad dressings SALAD DRESSINGS – Herbed vinegar, champagne, wine or fruit vinegar, only combine with flaxseed oil if desired. Seasoning Anything organic except table salt. Beverages – Water: Filtered or artisan spring water. Do not use distilled water, avoid all frozen concentrate juices. Purchase from Natural Solutions Water Life which provides your body with 84 essential minerals. Herbal teas, all are good especially ginger, peppermint and chamomile. Meat – Fish from the sea, especially cold-water fish, if you feel you want fowl,, only use range-fed, pharmaceutical-free, organic chickens, ( or other birds). Wild meats such as venison or elk are excellent; if they are farmed they should be organic. Meat should be eaten only once or twice during the diet. Note Salmon is almost always raised in pens in the sea. These fish are highly dosed with growth stimulants and antibiotics. They should be avoided. Eat only wild sea salmon. ( catfish are also farm-raised.) Bread – Use only sprouted grain breads Cooking – Use only stainless steel enamelled or earth-ware cooking utensils. Never use aluminium Sweetener – Us pure maple syrup, It contains enough essential ingredients that it is possible to live on it for extended periods of time. Maple syrup supplies nearly all the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for health. Meal planning’s – it is best to establish a routine for meals and a list of meals before you start on the diet. Cook a large pit of a grain of your choice and keep it in the refrigerator. This way if you get hungry, there is something available. Eat as much as you wish throughout the day. The fruit is good as a snack food. Have it available to eat whenever you feel hungry. It is helpful to get a good vegetarian cookbook and plan out the week’s meals. Sample daily menus Breakfast 1) herbal tea, oatmeal with raisins and maple syrup 2) Fruit salad 3) Powdered or fresh green juice Lunch 1) Vegetable soup, sprouted bread 2) rice and steamed vegetables with tamari Dinner 1) Steamed vegetables or vegetable casserole, a grain of choice, salad with herbed vinegar. 2) steamed salmon with dill and lime, steamed asparagus, wild green salad and snow peas and radish Powdered green drinks Green drinks have become more popular of late, and a number of types are readily available in health food stores and on the internet. You can buy the premix and follow the directions on the container or make them yourself. NATURAL SOLUTIONS offers IMMUNE BOOSTING GREEN POWER contains Spirulina, Siberian Ginseng, Nettle Leaf, Astragalus, Turmeric, Dandelion Root and Milk Thistle Seed and Chlorella, Bladderwrack ( a seaweed) burdock and Ashwagandha. I add 2 Tablespoon of a powdered mixture to a glass raw organic apple juice, add 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil and blend, then drink. It is more effective if you begin blending the apple juice first, then add the oil and powdered herbs. Otherwise, it clumps. This drink is just about as healthy a thing as you can take, and it is very filling, especially if taken at breakfast. Things to remember It is normal to feel a sensation that is usually described as hunger not matter how much you eat in the early days to two weeks of this kind of diet. It is not actually hunger but a shift away from a high carbohydrate/glucose diet. During this time, your will begin using more fat stored, shifting partially into ketosis ( the burning of fat as fuel, rather than glucose.) to make up the calorie difference. By the end of the diet most people generally feel increased energy, more mental alertness and little hunger. They eat smaller portions, are highly relaxed and have lower stress levels. You may feel lightheaded, this is normal. Make sure you are drinking enough water through out the day. Because eating is such a social event, it is normal to feel left out when others go out and eat. Go with them and persuade them to go to a good health food restaurant. Order foods from the food list in the beginning and that are light on oil When others order alcohol and you also wish to drink, order sparkling water with a lime in a champagne glass. Emotional issues often arise during any change in eating patterns especially when the body is using up its stores of fat. Remember that this is normal, and make no major life decisions during this time. Remember, this, too, shall pass. CLEANSING WATER BLENDS ONE AND TWO These two cleansings differ in their impacts, the first is strongly energetic and stimulating, the second is more tonic, nutritive and gently support. The first is best used only short-term for fasts of up to ten days in length. The second is great for both short-term and longer fasts of up to ten to forty-five days. The first blend, which is also very good for colds and flu, is especially effective in stimulating the circulatory system. This helps support both the liver and kidneys in detoxifying the body. The second blend often known as the Master Cleanser Diet is a very good choice if you have not fasted before. It will give you enough energy to work and carry out daily tasks, most or all of the necessary bodily nutrients are provided, and it is very easy to make and use, there is no need for juicing at all. Some people simply fill up a water bottle and drink it throughout the day. NB: do not substitute honey for maple syrup in cleansing blend two; it is not as effective. CLEANSING BLEND ONE 300 ml good spring water hot. 5 teaspoons of fresh ginger root juiced. ¼ fresh lime, squeezed into drink 1 Tbsp. Organic wildflower honey or raw honey 1-2 Tablespoons of cayenne. Directions Add juiced ginger, squeezed lime and its juice, honey and cayenne to hot water. Prepared and drink four to six times daily more if desired CLEANSING BLEND TWO ( THE MASTER CLEANSER DIET) 300 ml of good spring water medium hot 2 tbs fresh lemon or lime juice 2 tbs pure organic maple syrup 1 – 2 Tbsp cayenne. DIRECTIONS Add squeezed lime or lemon and juice, maple syrup and cayenne to hot water. Prepare and drink three to six times daily, more if desired. Ginger (Zingiber officinale) Family zingiberaceae. Part used: root About Ginger: Ginger possesses about 1 per cent by weight of calcium, largely thiamine, riboflavin and niacin. It also contains a fair amount of vitamin C. Ginger is primarily a circulatory herb with pronounced effects on the heart and blood. It causes the blood vessels to relax and expand thus lowering blood pressure and allowing the heart to beat stronger and more slowly as it pumps the blood throughout the day. This means that the blood is pumped more efficiently. Japanese researchers have found that blood pressure typically lowers 10-15 per cent after ingesting ginger. Indian researchers have found that ginger is effective in lowering the cholesterol content of the blood. Dutch researchers have noted it to be efficient in preventing blood clotting. Similar to the effectiveness of aspirin. Ginger also soothes the stomach, helping to relieve indigestion and stimulate healthy digestion, it relieves gas, flatulence and cramping and facilities the adsorption of foods into the stomach. A number of researchers have found that ginger is highly effective in alleviating motion sickness, nausea, vomiting being more effective than Dramamine, the usual drug of choice for those conditions It has also been shown to be quite effective for morning sickness. Numerous studies have shown ginger alleviates the symptoms of arthritis. Ginger is a potent inhibitor of the inflammatory compound known as prostaglandins and thromboxane, which is one of the reasons why it so powerfully helps alleviate arthritic conditions. It is also a strong antioxidant and contains a protein-digesting enzyme ( a protease) that appears to have strong impacts on inflammatory processes in the body. Ginger is highly antibacterial with potent activity against a number of human pathogenic bacteria as well as the foodborne bacteria Shigella, E. Coli and Salmonella. It’s antitussive( anti-cough) action rivals that of codeine and it is a strong expectorant which helps move bronchial music up and out of the system Suggested dosage: Start with a piece about the size of your thumb and work up. You can either grate the fresh ginger and then steep it in hot water for twenty minutes or juice it in a juicer and simply add the juice to hot water. I usually juice it. Many people start with about 1 oz of juice in 6 to 8 oz water and hen increase the amount of juiced ginger as desired and as they become used to it. I prefer 4 to 5 oz at this point, but I really like it spicy and I pulp and steep it in 6 to 8 oz of hot water for a second cup late in the day. I find this to be as strong a tea as that the original juice. Drink three to six times daily more if desired. Lime ( citrus aurantilfolia) or Lemon ( Citrus lemon ). Family : rutaceae Part Used: Fruit About limes and lemons One-quarter of lime contains 4mg calcium and 20 mg potassium. 2 mg phosphorous, 5mg vitamin C, 0.25 mg sodium, 1 mg magnesium and varying trace amounts of iron, vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, germanium, tin, selenium ad zinc. Lemons are a bit higher in most of these constitutions, mostly due to their larger size. Limes and lemons are strongly antibacterial and antimicrobial. They also contain ( especially in the peel) compounds known as flavor-noids,, including rutin. These compounds affect vascular permeability. Essentially they strengthen the walls of capillaries and blood vessels. This helps reduce the occurrence of varicose veins, for instance, and plays a role in preventing strokes and haemorrhoids. Limes are mildly anti-inflammatory and diuretic. They help increase urine production and flow. Limes and lemons contain limonene that while it helps dissolve gallstones, is also showing a great deal of promise in both preventing and treating cancer. It strongly enhances both phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification enzymes in the liver. This is not only effective in helping treat and prevent cancer but is especially good for helping enhance the liver’s ability to process the body’s accumulated toxins. Limonene is especially necessary for the parts of the phase 2 detoxification system that can work through glutathione conjugation and glucuronidation. These two processes deactivate acetaminophen, nicotine, organophosphates ( insecticides), various carcinogens and a number of pharmaceuticals thus protecting live integrity. LIME – improve hydrochloric acid production as well as bile production and potency. It contains micro mineral salts that break down pathogens such as unproductive bacteria, cold, yeast, and fungus to help protect the liver’s immune system. The powerful compounds in lime blossoms enter the liver where they waken a stagnant, sluggish, fatty liver helping loosen and disperse fat cells. Known to clean up dirty blood syndrome and improve glucose absorption. Limonene is mostly present in the white, spongy inner path, ( between the peel and the inner fruit) of limes and lemons. Because the peel and pith are so bioactive, it is more beneficial to squeeze the juice from a lime or lemon wedge into a drink then drop the wedge in as well and let it steep. Suggested dosage. – A one-quarter fresh lime squeezed into a glass ad dropped into a glass as well. Lemon can be used interchangeably, I just like the taste of lime better in the cleansing blend 1 Cayenne – Family : Solanaceae – Part Used: fruit About cayenne, – Cayenne is extremely high in vitamin C, copper and phosphorus, high in vitamin A and a good source of bioflavonoids, potassium and vitamin E. Cayenne increases the body’s metabolic rate, in some studies, by as much as 25%. This causes the body to burn more fat as fuel and makes cayenne especially helpful in increases weight loss when taken during fasting. It also increases blood circulation, dilates capillaries, increases blood flow to outlying portions of the body, and lowers blood pressure. These actions make it especially useful during cleansing fasts. Cayenne also is also a potent pain reliever. It contains capsaicin, a compound that stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever. A number of studies have found it to be exceptionally effective in the treatment of cluster headaches and the pain of arthritis. Cayenne is also a powerful antiseptic and breaks up mucous throughout the respiratory tract and helps it move up and out of the system. Because fasting can sometimes be accompanied by joint pain or headaches and is almost always accompanied by the coldness in the extremities, cayenne’s effects make it an excellent herb to use during a fast. Suggested Dosage. 1/16 to 1/8 Tbsp per cup of water. Warning: be careful that you don’t get the cayenne on your hands. If you do, wash them thoroughly afterwards. Otherwise, before you know it, you will rub your eyes or go to the bathroom and find yourself burning in whichever area you have touched Honey About honey – Honey is made from the nectar of the flowers of plants that is gathered by bees. Plant nectars contain sucrose, water, amino acids, proteins, lipids, antioxidants, alkaloids, glycosides, thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid, medoinositol, fumaric acid, succinic acid, oxalic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, a-ketogluratric acid, gluconic acid, glucuronic acid, allantoin, allantoic acid, dextrin, formic acid, a wide range of vitamins and minerals, and other unidentified compounds. The sugar in plant nectar is primarily sucrose, a disaccharide. Sucrose ( most commonly experienced as white table sugar is a double-molecule sugar that is made from one fructose molecule and one glucose molecule linked together. We recommend you purchase the following supplements from our online shop:- Natural Solutions Small Flowered Willow Herb Tea – For all prostate issues. 1 – 2. Cups daily Natural Solutions for Prostate Health – A herbal formula to help the prostate gland rejuvenate and restore. For chronic issues 2 capsules twice a day for one month then reduce to 1 capsule twice a day for 6 months. For general boost 1 capsule twice a day for 3 months. Natural Solutions Polygonum aviculare L. (Knotgrass) – Also known as prostate knotweed, as it has phenolics and flavonoids, antioxidant and antitumour activities that can assist in prostate disorders. Take one capsule twice a day. Natural Solutions Pygeum Africanum – which can reduce inflammatory compounds in the prostate. Effective in reducing prostate enlargement and symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia. Take 2 twice a day for 30 days then reduce to 1 twice a day. Natural Solutions Immune Boosting Green Powder – for juice or smoothies. SPINE THERAPY We recommend you consult with a professional spinal alignment specialist, to check your hips are balanced, and your L3 – L5 vertebra. These do have an impact on your prostate health.

Healing the body with Celery Juice

Celery is a marshland plant in the family Apiaceae that has been cultivated as a vegetable since antiquity. Clery has a long fibrous stalk tapering into leaves. Its stalks and leaves are used in cooking and for making healthy juice. Celery is rich in vitamin K and Vitamin A and Vitamin C and contains folate and potassium. For those regaining their good health here are the amazing benefits of Celery Juice Critical for healing chronic acid reflux & ENHANCES ELECTROLYTES. Fights autoimmune disease, including Hashimoto’s, Lyme disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and every other autoimmune condition Incredible for constipation and all digestive issues Helps restore the adrenals Contains mineral salts that are critical for the central nervous system Helpful for depression, anxiety, brain fog, confusion, bipolar disorder, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), poor focus and concentration Important for skin conditions such as acne, eczema & psoriasis Flushes toxins and pathogenic byproduct from the body Helps to stabilize blood pressure Helps eradicate strep bacteria Fights Epstein-Barr and Shingles viruses Brings down toxic liver heat & is the ultimate gallbladder rehabilitator Eliminates mucus & restores bile production and potency Celery’s natural sodium draws toxic salts out of the body A Powerful weapon against SIBO & Inhibits viruses, bacteria, and fungus & Enhances the immune system Helps repair damaged ligaments & bones Highly anti-inflammatory & Powerful way to alkalize the gut Celery juice raises hydrochloric acid Supports and calms the central nervous system Helps the liver produce bile Has mineral salts are instrumental in the electricity that governs the body Contains the building blocks for neurotransmitter chemicals Helps heal and prevent gut rot & Helps repair damaged cells inside the liver HELPING TO HEAL THE LIVER Cleanses the thyroid of viral byproduct Bolsters production of thyroid hormone T3 Helps improve kidney function & Helpful for healing allergies A powerful tool for improving brain health Helps heal Crohn’s, Colitis and IBS Offers stress assistance & Strengthens digestion Celery juice blended with papaya is an amazing gut tonic Helps heal addictions & Improves methylation Helps prevent gum recession Provides essential mineral salts Helps restless leg syndrome Counteracts acidosis & Helps heal POTS Hydrates on a cellular level Helpful healing tool for every symptom and condition Celery juice’s undiscovered mineral salts break down pathogens’ cell membranes, killing and destroying them The cluster salts in celery are used by your white blood cells as both shield and weapon to go after viruses and unproductive bacteria. Has undiscovered mineral salts that act together as an antiseptic in the body.

Healing with The Lords Prayer and our Chakras

Lord’s Prayer and Chakras Edgar Cayce, famed American trance channel known to many as The Sleeping Prophet, taught through his readings that the lines of The Lord’s Prayer in fact correlated with the seven major chakras, and stated that the recitation of and meditation upon this prayer was a way by which an individual might bring these chakras into health and balance. This brings the East to the West. The following breaks down the lines of the prayer as well as the specific chakras they impact. I have color-coordinated each line based on the color associated with the chakra to which it relates, in order to facilitate visualization during meditation. Enjoy The Lord’s Prayer For Chakra Health Our Father, which art in heaven (correlates with Third-Eye Chakra, 6th, indigo) Hallowed be thy name (correlates with the Crown Chakra, 7th, violet) Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. (correlates with the Throat Chakra, 5th, blue) Give us this day our daily bread (correlates with the Root Chakra, 1st, red) And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors (correlates with the Solar Plexus Chakra, 3rd, yellow) And lead us not into temptation (correlates with Navel Chakra, 2nd, orange) But deliver us from evil. (correlates with the Heart Chakra, 4th, green)\ For thine is the kingdom (correlates with the Throat Chakra, 5th, blue) and the Power (correlates with the Crown Chakra, 7th, violet) and the Glory forever. (correlates with the Third Eye Chakra, 6th, indigo) Cayce learned the true interpretation of the Bible. You can read more about Edgar Cayce and his amazing work. Any book you find is a treasure. According to Cayce, the Bible is the symbolic account of the fall of the human soul from its divine origins (as symbolically described in the Book of Genesis) and restoration of the human soul to heaven (as symbolically described in the Book of Revelation). In other words, Genesis is the symbolic testimony of humanity’s fall from heaven and paradise lost. Revelation is the symbolic testimony of humanity’s restoration to heaven and paradise regained. Cayce’s references to the Christ, the Christ consciousness and the Mind of Christ has little to do with the personality known as Jesus. Cayce revealed that Jesus became the Christ – a full manifestation of the Christ consciousness – the perfect union of the human with the divine. It is God’s desire for all of humanity to become Christs (or Buddhas if you live in the East). Such a condition will truly bring the Kingdom of God to the Earth. Cayce revealed that the Book of Revelation is the symbolic story of how humanity in general (and a human in particular) attains this manifestation of the divine. Cayce Interpretation: The seven churches and the seven seals represent the seven spiritual centers (i.e., chakras) of the body where the physical, mental and spiritual forces all come together. Anyone who can regain control of these spiritual centers within their bodies can access the superconscious mind and never need to reincarnate again (Revelation 3:12).

Heavy Metal Elimination

HEAVY METAL DETOX Some powerful ways to remove toxic heavy metals from your intestinal tract using food as your medicine are:- Coriander / Cilantro – eat 1/2 – 1 cup daily as is or sprinkled on your salads or in a smoothie. Parsley – eat 1/4 cup daily as is or sprinkled on salads or in a smoothie. Zeolite – buy this mineralized clay in liquid form, take as directed. Spirulina (Preferably Hawaiian) in powder form 1 teaspoon daily into water or a smoothie. Garlic – eat 2 cloves a day Sage – eat two tablespoons a day L-glutamine – in powder form one teaspoon daily into water or a smoothie. You can also drink 2 cups of Stinging Nettle tea a day, and two to three times a week use a strong infusion of stinging nettle – strained – as a head rinse after washing your hair. THINGS TO AVOID Food additives, colorants, preservatives, pesticides, (purchase organic) radiation, overuse of cell phones near the ear, shampoo with heavy metals, sulphates or parabens. Some companies have swapped dangerous sulfates for other chemicals which can sometimes be even worse. To ensure that sulfate free products won’t further damage your hair look for products that use fruit or vegetable-based cleansing ingredients. You should see “Sulphate” listed pretty high up in the ingredients of shampoo and beauty products so read the labels. (Parabens are chemicals that have been used since the 1950s to prevent bacteria and act as a preservative in deodorants, lotions, lipsticks, shampoos, scrubs, and more sulfates are effective cleansing and foaming agents that can be found in toothpaste, shampoo, and body washes). Common names for parabens are butylparaben, methylparaben, propylparaben, they can also be listed as Alkyl para hydroxy benzoates. If you are looking to stay clear away from products that contain parabens, opt for ones that use ingredients such as Ethylhexyl-glycerin, (Which is plant-derived) or phenoxyethanol (another alternative to parabens, naturally derived ether alcohol. As we are eliminating heavy metals these products can accumulate to the existing problems. They have also been found that some parabens can mimic the activity of the hormone estrogen in the body’s cells, and while estrogenic activity is associated with certain forms of breast cancer, parabens have been found present in breast tumors. HEAVY METAL DETOX FOR THE WHOLE BODY combine with the above items – Barley grass juice extract powder – draws out heavy metals from your spleen, intestinal tract, pancreas, and reproductive system. Barley grass juice extract powder prepares the mercury for complete absorption by the spirulina. 1 – 2 teaspoons mixed into water or juice daily. Wild Blueberries – draws out heavy metals from your brain. Also heal and repair any gaps created when the heavy metals are removed, important for your brain tissue. Eat one cup daily. Atlantic dulce – binds to mercury, lead, aluminum, copper, cadmium, and nickel, and crosses the blood-brain barrier. A powerful force for removing mercury on its own as it goes too deep hidden places of the body, seeking out mercury binding to it, and never releasing it until it leaves the body. Eat 2 tablespoons of flakes daily or an equal amount of strips if it is in whole leaf form. NATURAL SOLUTIONS FOR HEAVY METAL REMOVAL Take daily Chaparral Tea – This is a strong chelator – Take either in pure capsules or in tea. You can order these from orders@natural-solutions.co.za Purchase some Zeolite and take as directed during the time you are eliminating heavy metals. Our HEAVY METAL ELIMINATE CAPSULES CONTAIN THE FOLLOWING HERBS:-Red Clover – Cleanses the liver, lymphatic system, and spleen of neurotoxins and heavy meals whilst purifying the bloodstream. Plantain cleanses toxins from the respiratory system, – Burdock Root -& Dandelion Root – Blood cleansers, detoxifying herbs helping to eliminate heavy metals. Milk thistle – cleanses and removes heavy metals from the liver.Lemon Balm – Reduces inflammation, soothes the central nervous system, sills bacteria, and fungus. Ginkgo Biloba – helps remove mercury from the brain and reduces inflammation there.Hydrangea root – helps remove toxins through the kidney and bladder.Bearberry Leaf – The most common traditional use of bearberries was as a natural diuretic. This helps people release the toxins from their body at a rapid rate, cleansing the bladder and kidneys. This helps to eliminate excess salts, fats, water, and toxic materials from your body, helping all of your systems work better. WARNING Natural Solutions Chaparral Tea And Heavy Metal Eliminate Capsules have not been evaluated by the MCC and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailment. If you are on any chronic medication or diagnosed with a chronic condition contact your healthcare practitioner before taking any supplement. Discontinue immediately if pregnant or if any adverse reactions occur. Do not replace any medication before consulting with your healthcare practitioner. This product is free of Pesticides, Lactose, and preservatives. It is 100% COA herbs. Take ANCIENT GOLDEN MILK This is made from Turmeric and black pepper you will find the recipe in our healing protocols.

Herbs that interfere with birth control pills

Herbs that could possibly interfere with birth control pills are Grapefruit can decrease how much oestrogen gets broken down by the body which boosts the presence of the hormone, which could potentially cause your contraception side effects to be increased. St Johns Wort has been found to decrease how well our birth control works. Vit C more than 1,000 mg can boost birth control side effects such as nausea, bloating and headaches. Red Clover contains isoflavones that act like oestrogen, so can increase the oestrogen related side effects of your birth control. Alfalfa is fantastic for treating high cholesterol, however it does have a moderate risk when taken with birth control pills. It contains estrogen, although not as strong as the hormone found in birth control. If you take them simultaneously, it can make the pill work less effectively. Licorice can boost estrogen levels, so in high doses is not advisable to have when on the birth control pill Too much charcoal can act like a sponge that absorbs everyone in our GI tract including your birth control. Always wait at least two hours after taking our birth control pill before consuming charcoal products. Flaxseeds should be avoided if you are on the pill, as they contain phytoestrogens, plant chemicals that mimic oestrogen when ingested, interfering with the contraceptive pills oestrogen. Garlic Pills as your body disintegrates oestrogen in birth control pills to eliminate it and garlic increases how much this happens. The result is your birth control pill might not work. The side effects of the birth control pill and hormone issues make one wonder about looking for a more natural method of not falling pregnant.

How Green Are Your Cosmetics

Check your skin care product for the following ingredients to avoid:- CYCLOMETHICONE A light weight silicon. Its safety is currently under investigation. FORMALDEHYDE Its use has been banned internationally and is considered tome holy carcinogenic. ISOPROPYL MYRISTATE This ingredient is notorious for causing blocked pores, especially in teenagers. SULPHATED SURFACTANTS A lot of foaming products contain Sodium Lauryl/laureth sulphate, ammonium lauryl/laureth sulphate which are linked to serious health concerns. ETHOXYLATED SURFACTANTS Ingredients ending in -eth e.g sodium laureth sulphate. Products containing these ingredients may be contaminated with Dioxane, a potent carcinogen. HIGH LEVELS OF PRESERVATIVES High levels of paraben preservatives are known to be linked to health concerns. PHTHALATES IN ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCES Not listed separately as an ingredient. This worms part of the ‘parfum’ added to cosmetics. Research shows that phthalates do enter the blood stream where they interfere with the hormone , oestrogen. MINERAL OIL A by product of the petrol refining process. The vast majority of off-the-shelf products contains mineral oil (liquid paraffin) as a base. It continues to dehydration of the skin with long term use.

How to Make Essiac Herbal Tea

When you purchase Natural Solutions Essiac Herbal tea, you will find a tub of organic herbs with ingredients and instructions. To make this healing tea it is important to first get together the following, for ease of making. 4 Litres of GOOD Water (purified or distilled) Stainless Steel Cooking pot Glass Storage Jars for about 3.8 Litres Sieve to strain. 1. First, you will empty the contents of the whole tub into your stainless steel pot. 2. Then you will add the 4 Litres of Good Water. 3. Bring the mixture to JUST boiling point, then turn the heat down to a simmer, and gently simmer for 15 – 20 mins. 4. Then turn the heat OFF. 5. Cover with a lid and leave to infuse overnight or for 10 hours. 6. Next morning, remove the lid and give a good stir with a wooden spoon. 7. Then bring to just a boiling point – DO NOT LET IT BOIL. Then turn the heat off. 8. Stir again to mix, then using the strainer strain the liquid into your glass storage jars. 9. When the mixture has cooled you must store in the refrigerator. This is now your concentrate. Dose is 50ml of the concentrate with 50ml of boiling water 1/2 – 1 hour before meals. For severe illnesses take a last cup before bedtime.

Hypothalamus Gland The role it plays in our body and the connection to menopause.

THE HYPOTHALAMUS GLAND IS LOCATED IN THE HEAD This important part of our endocrine system is:- The control center for the sensory part of the autonomic nervous system. Coordinates the efforts of the endocrine system. Responsible for communication between the entire endocrine system, so we need to understand that the brain/nervous system complex and the glands communicate with each other by means of the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is very much a master gland of the body! FUNCTIONS OF THE HYPOTHALAMUS The hypothalamus regulates the autonomic nervous systems functions. These functions include: Heartbeat Breathing Body temperature Metabolism Hunger signals Sleep patterns Peristalsis in the duodenum, small intestine, and colon. The hypothalamus governs and coordinates the communication between the kidneys and the heart, helping to keep kidney function and blood composition in the ranges most beneficial to the heart. Some hormones and enzymes produced by the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus plays a key role in the development of the spinal fluid. The hypothalamus also coordinates the amount of circulating blood, affecting and controlling blood pressure. Another function of the hypothalamus is to play a key role in hormone balance, especially in women as they approach menopause. DISEASES / SYMPTOMS Trouble in the hypothalamus disrupts communication between the nervous system and the glandular system, making the hypothalamus a factor in the symptoms of trouble anywhere in both systems. Poor immune function and susceptibility to disease, often begin in the hypothalamus. STRESSORS The hypothalamus is negatively and seriously affected by a toxic or clogged liver. The hypothalamus is also very sensitive to emotions such as worry, fear, and anxiety. VITAMINS / MINERALS / FOODS Over-all good nutrition is the most important key to nervous system health and glandular balance. In other words, we need to eat our fruits and vegetables, avoid sugar and processed foods, eliminate the wrong kinds of fats from our diets, and cleanse and balance our bodies until they are functioning optimally on all levels. HERBS / SUPPLEMENTS Herbs to support the hypothalamus include skullcap, vervain, rosemary, wood betony, and wild oats. It is important to take supplements to help overcome stress, we offer Natural Solutions ANXIETY herbal supplements, view on the online shop which gives the ingredients and then click on the read more for details. When you are able to cope in situations, circumstances and in your life in general, the Hypothalamus can do its job. As the Hypothalamus is the Master Gland in the body – often it can take strain during a menopausal time. Herbs which affect hormone regulation and smooth the transition into menopause include red clover, Avena Sativa, Motherwort, Hops, Sage, Ginseng, Black Cohosh, Passion Flower, Wild Yam, Agnus Castus, Cratageous, and Calendula. (Natural Solutions have a Meno-ease with these herbs) EMOTIONAL CONNECTIONS It is important for glandular function and especially to the hypothalamus that we keep our perspectives clear and understand the difference between useless worry and real fear. There really are things to be afraid of in the world but fear—the kind that causes the endocrine system to go into hyper-drive—is our body’s response to prepare us for action. If there is no action to be taken, or any that we intend to take, allowing that fear a place in our systems is to indulge ourselves in useless, destructive, debilitating worry. Let’s prolong our lives and the health of our endocrine and nervous systems by giving up resentment, anxiety, and worry. Please give us your feedback.

Iodine - Information and how to test if you need this important mineral.

NATURAL SOLUTIONS SHARING IMPORTANCE OF IODINE DISCUSSING Do You Have Low Iodine?: The Link Between Iodine Deficiency & Cancer; Home test for iodine. Iodine alternatives. Iodine, a critical mineral in the prevention of cancer, has been used in one form or another for centuries for Thyroid health, and overall good health. This is a medicine (for everything from breast cancer to syphilis) and consumed in the form of seaweed, and was eventually added to bread. Then, in 1948, iodine was suddenly thought of as dangerous and was removed from medical arsenals – as well as from our food in the 1970s. Our politicians suggested that people could get trace amounts of iodine in iodized salt, but then two things happened. First, recommendations were made to reduce sodium intake, and second, few realized that the iodine in salt evaporates as soon as the package is opened, rendering it useless. Then mass information to recommend Himalayan salt for health reasons, most people take this today. Ironically, just as iodine was removed from our bread, the iodine-blocking element, bromine, was added to flour. Bromine chemicals were then added not only to our bread and flour, but also to mattresses (as a fire retardant), clothing, and other consumer products. A person with high levels of bromine may find when taking iodine that they experience a detox of this substance. Causing nausea and headaches. Reduce dose until this stops. The problem was exacerbated further as pesticides and food additives were increasingly allowed to be used in our food supply — chemicals that interfere with iodine absorption. It’s no wonder that almost everyone has low iodine today. Iodine deficiency is, to some extent, an error of politics. However, it has become even more prevalent with the increasing amounts of xenoestrogens, (chemical estrogens found in many personal and home care products and in air pollution) that not only poison the body but contribute to hormone imbalance and estrogen dominance. Add that to the fact that estrogen interferes with the absorption of iodine, and it’s clear to see how iodine has been practically eliminated from our cancer-prevention toolkit. Iodine consumption – which has plummeted 50 percent since the 1970s – is known for its connection to thyroid health. It is less known that other tissues also require large amounts of iodine, namely the breasts, pancreas, stomach, brain, parathyroid, pituitary and thymus. Many researchers have attributed the low rate of breast cancer in Japan to high dietary iodine (and selenium). Breast cancer cells need iodine to facilitate cell death and suppress tumor growth. In 2008, Bernard A. Eskin, MD, explained how iodine actually alters gene expression in breast cancer cells, including the function of programmed cell death. Iodine was also found to decrease estrogen-responsive genes. Low iodine increases circulating estrogen levels, and given that estrogen inhibits iodine absorption, this is especially problematic. Iodine deficiency also makes breasts more susceptible to carcinogenic action, promoting the growth of tumors. Michael B. Schachter, MD, says, “Iodine may be needed in individualized doses to improve thyroid function, immune function, and the optimal functioning of all the cells in the body; several associated nutrients need to be given including vitamin C, selenium, magnesium, unrefined salt, and sufficient water; this help to prevent strong detoxification reactions as a result of the release of bromine from the tissues when iodine is given in milligram quantities. These higher milligram doses rather than microgram doses help to enhance anti-cancer functions in most if not all cancers, but certainly in cancers of the thyroid, breast, ovary, and prostate.” Iodine has also been found to: alter gene expression in breast cancer cells and facilitate cell death. be stronger than a chemotherapeutic agent widely used to treat human breast cancer, reduce risk of stomach and breast cancer, and has been used in the remission of lung cancer, supports healthy immune function, and regulates the stress hormone cortisol. The symptoms of iodine deficiency are varied and iodine testing is rarely part of a routine exam. But given the high rate of deficiency, testing can and should be requested. Here are some possible iodine testing methods: A random urine test ordered by a physician is a good place to start, or you can try this simple HOME TEST – Called The iodine patch test which refers to painting a two-inch square of tincture of iodine or Lug’s Iodine on the body and watching to see how long the orange square takes to fade. If it fades within 4 hours you are extremely deficient, within 8 hours deficient – if visible 20 hours later your iodine is sufficient, however, this test is not considered to be reliable or conclusive. You can get iodine from some foods, with seaweed being the highest source. www.natural-solutions.co.za offer PURE BLADDERWRACK – for an easily assimilated source of iodine. We do not advise taking iodine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please talk to your doctor or professional healthcare practitioner before taking any supplement. Some people find taking iodine makes them feel nauseous – this can be due to the detox that is happening in your body, as mentioned above taking selenium, Via C, Magnesium, unrefined salt and a good amount of pure water with the iodine can help this. Recommended not to take iodine on an empty stomach, rather take after breakfast or lunch. We rely on health heroes like you to help us spread the word on important, life-saving information. Please share this article with friends and on Social Media.

Magnesium Oil as a healing mineral.

Magnesium deficiencies are present in healthy populations thus it behooves every healthcare practitioner and doctor to become fully familiar with how to use magnesium oil, which is the best most versatile form of magnesium. Anyone who has had a session with me will probably have been advised to use magnesium oil spray, on the inner left arm – daily after a warm shower. Due to our environmental poisons, this is one of the minerals which is extremely deficient in our foods. Today there are many methods of absorbing this important mineral. One can take magnesium orally, transdermally on the skin through direct application or using it heavily in medicinal baths, and one can nebulize it directly into the lungs. Magnesium can also be administered through intramuscular injection or intravenously during surgery, heart attacks and stroke. There is no replacement in the pharmaceutical world for magnesium and in fact, most pharmaceuticals leave the patient more deficient thus needing even more magnesium. Practicing medicine without magnesium is not a good idea. Magnesium oil is magnesium chloride and is one of the most powerful medicine/medicinals in the world. Surgery is certainly safer when magnesium is used before, during and after operations. I always recommend Natural Solutions Radiation Clear after any operation. Magnesium oil is oily but there is no oil—it is approximately 35 percent magnesium chloride. Oil is the right word though, not only because you can use it transdermally as a lubricant to transform simple massages into a medical treatment – for cancer and all other patients, but also because it acts as an oil for almost all physiological processes in the body. What oil does for an engine magnesium oil will do for your health. Magnesium chloride is also an extremely versatile medicine as it can be put directly on the skin, used orally as a laxative and orally for general intense use. There is nothing like getting a massage with magnesium oil and breast cancer or fibroid patients can apply it on their breasts many times a day for great effect. Moreover, magnesium chloride in bath flake form (or Epson or Dead Sea Salt) can be used in baths with sodium bicarbonate for strong medicinal effect. Transdermal magnesium therapy is ideal for pain management. The combination of heat and magnesium chloride increases circulation and waste removal. The therapeutic effect of magnesium baths is to draw inflammation out of the muscles and joints. Magnesium chloride, when applied directly to the skin is transdermally absorbed and has an almost immediate effect on pain. What better way to reduce or eliminate pain then by simply taking a therapeutic bath or rubbing magnesium chloride in liquid form directly onto the skin or affected area of the body? From the pain of sports injuries to low- back pain and sciatica, headaches, relief from kidney stones, the pain of restless legs, arthritic pain, and just about every painful condition imaginable —all will in all likelihood benefit from magnesium applied topically. Medicines taken by mouth (oral) pass through the liver before they are absorbed into the bloodstream. Transdermal application bypasses the liver, entering the tissues and blood more directly. Magnesium oil can be applied directly to inflamed areas. Transdermal magnesium therapy offers an exciting breakthrough in sports medicine. Coaches can now treat injuries, prevent them, and increase athletic performance all at the same time. Transdermal magnesium chloride mineral therapy enhances recovery from athletic activity or injuries. It reduces pain and inflammation while inducing quicker regeneration of tissues. The topical application of magnesium chloride increases flexibility, which helps avoid injury. It also increases strength and endurance. Human skin is like a tightly woven fabric, seemingly impervious but porous at a microscopic level. Through its millions of tiny openings, the body oozes sweat and absorbs substances applied to the skin. This is why we warn our patients about soaps, body washes, and body creams – beware of what is put onto the skin. For a topical agent to be effective, obviously it must first be absorbed. The drug must enter in adequate concentration to its proposed site of action to produce the desired response of the skin. This skin is involved in dynamic exchange between the internal and external environments through respiration, absorption, and elimination. It is highly permeable even though it has the ability to maintain its important bacteria-inhibiting barrier with the environment. Magnesium is intimately involved in over 600 reactions in the body including the metabolism of food, the transmission of nerve impulses, the synthesis of fatty acids and proteins, muscle movements, gene maintenance, and protein formation. It is one of seven essential macrominerals that must be consumed daily in large amounts — 100 milligrams or more. We store about 25 grams of magnesium in our body with more than 50 percent of this being stored in the skeletal system. The rest goes in the muscles, soft tissues and bodily fluids. Unfortunately, studies note that most people get far less than the recommended amount of magnesium. It is important to know that magnesium levels in soil are lower than they used to be. Plus, the use of chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine in water makes magnesium less available. In addition, daily use of sugar and caffeine also depletes magnesium supplies within the body. In addition, if you live a high-stress life, it is likely that you are magnesium deficient. A magnesium deficiency can lead to a range of chronic health issues. Just to name a few: calcium deficiency, poor heart health, weakness, anxiety and high blood pressure. You can also add type 2 diabetes, respiratory issues, fatigue, poor memory and confusion to the list. Health benefits of magnesium Here is just a sneak peek at some of the amazing benefits of this tiny macromineral and why it is so important to be sure you are getting enough of it. Magnesium helps manage insulin levels in the body and can prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes from occurring. It also plays a large role in blood pressure control, preventing high blood pressure from occurring, especially when combined with enough potassium in the diet. This does two things: controls stress that can elevate insulin levels and improves overall blood pressure that, when out of control, increases insulin resistance and can cause type 2 diabetes to occur more easily. Magnesium is essential for proper brain function and mood regulation. Research indicates that without enough magnesium, you are more prone to depression. No one likes being anxious. If you find you are frequently in this state, you may want to try increasing your magnesium. Low magnesium levels have been attributed to an increase in anxiety. According to research, a diet low in magnesium changes the types of bacteria present in the gut and alters anxiety-based behavior. Studies indicate that even having a slightly reduced level of magnesium can cause severe changes in how the heart, blood vessels, blood cells, and other tissues function. Magnesium is critical for proper electrical and mechanical functioning within tissues such as nerves and muscles (such as the heart), and blood vessels. Research has shown that low brain magnesium is evident during a migraine attack. One study found that a regular intake of magnesium reduced the frequency of migraine attacks by just over 41 percent. Another study found that taking a magnesium supplement daily can help prevent menstrual-related migraines. Here are just a few signs that you or your patients may be magnesium deficient: Anxiety Depression Muscle cramps High blood pressure Hormone problems Sleep issues Low energy Low vitamin D Low vitamin K Good sources of magnesium Magnesium-rich foods are found abundantly in nature. Try these delicious options: Spinach is rich in many key nutrients for your health, including magnesium, protein, vitamin E and B vitamins. Raw ORGANIC spinach only has about 78 milligrams of magnesium per cup, but one cup of cooked ORGANIC spinach contains over 760 milligrams! That’s twice the amount from kale and collards, with only Swiss chard beating spinach as the top source from leafy greens. Organic Pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, chia, hemp, and flax seeds are all great sources of magnesium. Seeds are also rich in anti-inflammatory fats and high in protein. Try sprinkling a couple of tablespoons of seeds onto salads, add them to a green smoothie, or toss a few in with some berries and organic Greek yogurt for a high protein, magnesium-rich breakfast or snack. Organic Almonds are high in protein, vitamin E and the highest source of magnesium among all nuts, with cashews being a close second. Almonds contain roughly 76 milligrams per 23 nuts or 15 percent of your daily needs. For the best anti-inflammatory option, choose organic raw almonds (unroasted) or raw organic almond butter. Bananas are often avoided for their high sugar content, but this fruit is actually the best source of magnesium among all common fruits. Bananas are also a great source of vitamin C, potassium, fiber, vitamin B6 and manganese. A medium-sized banana contains 32 milligrams of magnesium. Magnesium, affordable and essential for your abundant good health. Lynn

Magnesium The Importance & Why We Need This Mineral.

In a recent study published in the journal Cell, researchers solved a 100-year-old mystery surrounding what activates magnesium ions in a human cell. “We believe this loop is essential for health,” said W. Brian Reeves, chairman of the department of medicine at UT Health San Antonio and study coauthor. Dr. Madesh Muniswarmy, professor of cardiology at the Long School of Medicine and lead author of the study, said, “Magnesium is essential for life, it’s in our blood. It’s been implicated in and used as a treatment for a variety of diseases, including migraines, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and preeclampsia. Lactate is a signal that — like a light switch — turns on magnesium ions. On lactate’s signal, the ions rush out of cellular storehouses called the endoplasmic reticulum.” With this finding, the researchers believe they have laid out one of the pillars of support that the scientific world needed. In reality, it was not required, for we have over a century of scientific backing for Magnesium in treating all the major diseases plaguing humanity. It makes sense that lactate would trigger magnesium because exercise, which everyone knows is healthy, demands more energy. Increased levels of lactate happen at elevated levels in the blood amid intense exercise, and in many diseases, including sepsis, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Lactate synthesis is a “necessary evil.” Want to understand your health situation and learn what best to do to feel better? Schedule a free 15-minute Exploratory Call email lynn@natural-solutions.co.za to do this. These researchers believe that before scientists could move forward, they needed to grasp the dynamics of magnesium in human bodies—a fine excuse for medical scientists to remain in the magnesium stone age. Until now, mainstream medicine has refused to elevate magnesium into its rightful place. When it is the first medicine that doctors should be prescribing, it has been the last. Magnesium works. Life does not exist without it. Our health depends on it. It is the ‘lamp of life’ because it is the central atom in chlorophyll. Knowing that lactate triggers magnesium adds to the magnesium story; if more Magnesium did not spill into the blood during exercise, most would have a heart attack. The above researchers believe that this discovery might spur future development of novel drugs capable of treating cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders like diabetes, and numerous other ills. Might and future are pathetic ideas. Magnesium can be used NOW with nothing added by pharmaceutical companies. Doctors worth their weight in salt already know that. A Tufts study led by Adela Hruby found that healthy people with the highest magnesium intake were 37% less likely to develop high blood sugar or excess circulating insulin, common precursors to diabetes. Among people who already had those conditions, those who consumed the most magnesium were 32% less likely to develop diabetes than those consuming the least. There are many magnesium forms, with the best-being magnesium chloride, magnesium bicarbonate, and an ionic form of magnesium developed by Dr. Carolyn Dean. There are many other forms, but they do not offer the medical dynamics of these three forms. The most flexible form of magnesium chloride is a natural substance called magnesium oil, which can be used transdermally, orally, for nebulization, as an eyewash when diluted. Because it is the purest form it can even be administered intravenously. We Need Magnesium More Than Ever. – Magnesium is one of the most essential minerals in the human body, connected with brain biochemistry and the fluidity of the neuronal membranes. A variety of neuromuscular and psychiatric symptoms, including different types of depression, was observed in magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency in children is characterized by excessive fidgeting, anxious restlessness, psychomotor instability, and learning difficulties in the presence of normal IQ. – Dr. Mildred Seelig. With the viral pandemic, lockdowns increased depression, and suicides, Magnesium becomes more critical than ever. In the United States, in particular, we have a terrified citizenry, whose health and peace of mind is under siege as a result of the pandemic crisis while simultaneously bombarded with apocalyptic scenarios of societal collapse and civil war. I would prescribe mega doses of magnesium to everyone for the stress that is depleting everyone’s magnesium status. Cancer and Magnesium. – How many doctors or patients know that magnesium is crucial for cancer patient’s treatments? In Egypt, the cancer rate was only about 10% of that in Europe and America. In the rural fellah, it was practically nonexistent. The main difference was an extremely high magnesium intake of 2.5-3 g in these cancer-free populations, ten times more than in most western countries. Oncologists should know that magnesium supplementation and high volume hydration reduce the renal toxicity caused by cisplatin-based chemotherapy. Are you deficient in Magnesium? Yes is the most probable answer. Research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 2002 showed that when the diets of 2,566 children ages 11-19 were studied, less than 14% of boys and 12% of girls had adequate magnesium intakes. According to the Department of Agriculture in the USA, more than half of all Americans do not meet the daily recommended intake of magnesium due to modern agricultural practices that strip nutrients from our soil. Environmental factors, such as stress, depression, and anxiety, deplete your body of magnesium. In reality, this is a most conservative estimate. With an overabundance of refined grains, processed foods, and sugars, the modern diet contains very little magnesium. Even the magnesium inside whole grains and fresh vegetables have been declining steadily in recent years because of the depletion of minerals in our soils, making magnesium supplementation necessary for most people. Giving magnesium intravenously is the quickest way of restoring normal blood and tissue levels of magnesium. Injections are too painful to be considered for children and long-term use in adults. They are also expensive because they have to be administered by a doctor or nurse. Transdermal magnesium chloride therapy is inexpensive, safe, and a do-it-yourself at-home technique that can replace uncomfortable injections in anything other than emergency room situations. Conclusion. – The most perfect medicine in the world is the one you have to have—no matter what—to continue your life. Certain substances, all of the nutritional, provide essential lifelines to happy and fully functional cells. Though contemporary medicine does not want to admit the truth and reality about diseases and their causes, it is clear that nutritional law holds the key to resolving disease—not pharmaceuticals that are toxic and damaging to cellular environments. Anything that drives down magnesium levels is going to hurt us. Many pharmaceutical drugs drive magnesium levels down into dangerous zones, and surgery done without increasing magnesium levels is more hazardous than surgery done when magnesium is administered before, during, and after surgery. Dr. Matthias Rath says, “Almost all the prescription drugs currently taken by millions of people lead to a gradual depletion of vitamins and other essential cellular nutrients in the body.” The body requires magnesium to absorb and utilize nutrients. Without magnesium, the body cannot correctly use the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates we eat every day. The body cannot do anything well without sufficient magnesium. Magnesium is a prime medicinal substance for pain management and stimulates enzyme production and mitochondrial activity, especially when used in conjunction with sodium bicarbonate. Low Magnesium Symptoms Considering all of these magnesium benefits—and the consequences when you don’t have enough—it pays to determine whether you’re in that 50 percent group with a magnesium deficiency. So, do you have any of the following symptoms of magnesium deficiency? 1 Fatigue 2 Decreased tolerance for exercise 3 Muscle weakness 4 Muscle tension, pain, cramps, spasms, or twitches 5 Nighttime leg cramps 6 Asthma 7 PMS 8 Menstrual cramps 9 Headaches and migraines 10 Fibromyalgia 11 Insomnia 12 Restless legs syndrome 13 Irritability 14 Nervousness 15 Dizziness 16 Depression 17 High blood pressure 18 Chronic bacterial or fungal infections 19 High C-reactive protein levels (a marker of chronic inflammation) 20 Osteoporosis 21 Heart arrhythmias 22 Chest pain (angina) Conditions Related to Insufficient Magnesium Certain specific medical conditions are associated with low magnesium stores in your body, such as type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, colon cancer, congestive heart failure, multiples sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and chronic fatigue syndrome have all been correlated with low magnesium levels. What causes magnesium deficiency? Most are not consuming enough magnesium in our diets to meet our body’s needs. These factors also contribute to magnesium deficiency symptoms: Low intakes of selenium and vitamins B6 and D, which are needed to absorb magnesium. Excess fat in the diet, which hinders magnesium absorption. Excess alcohol, salt, phosphoric acid (sodas), and coffee intake. Aging:-. Absorption tends to decrease with age and urinary magnesium excretion tends to increase with age. Profuse sweating. Intense, prolonged stress. Diuretics and other drugs, especially acid blockers (proton pump inhibitors). Blood Tests Fail to Detect Symptoms of Low Magnesium If you think you may be suffering from low magnesium levels and want verification from a lab test, don’t depend on a blood test to give you reliable answers. Only 1 percent of your body’s total body magnesium is in your blood, so the traditional blood test to detect magnesium deficiency—known as the “serum magnesium concentration”—often fails to detect magnesium deficiency. The fact is that your body will pull magnesium out of your bones and other tissues to maintain narrow blood levels. So even though your serum magnesium concentration may be in the normal range, magnesium experts believe a more subtle, chronic deficiency exists in a large number of people and that deficiency can be contributing to many associated health challenges. Your first treatment step, however, is to increase your magnesium intake through magnesium-rich foods like leafy greens, whole grains, and legumes. In addition, take in magnesium tablets of at least 400 mg per day in divided doses. Chelates (magnesium bonded together with amino acids) generally allow for greater absorption. These include magnesium citrate, glycinate, malate, and aspartate. Then use Magnesium Oil Spray which when sprayed onto the skin fast acts into the bloodstream aiding the body. Get started now on enriching your diet with magnesium-rich foods and with your therapeutic supplement trial and experience the difference in how you feel with optimal magnesium levels.

Make Your Own Immune Boosting Water Drinks

Here fro you are two CLEANSING WATER BLENDS These two cleansings differ in their impacts, the first is strongly energetic and stimulating, the second is more tonic, nutritive and gently support. I love them both and can recommend one day the first then the second for a while, especially with the mad world right now. If you have chosen to do some fasting these two blends will help your body cope. The first is best used only short-term for fasts of up to ten days in length. The second is great for both short-term and longer fasts of up to ten to forty-five days. The first blend, which is also very good for colds and flu, is especially effective in stimulating the circulatory system. This helps support both the liver and kidneys in detoxifying the body. The second blend often known as the Master Cleanser Diet is a very good choice if you have not fasted before. It will give you enough energy to work and carry out daily tasks, most or all of the necessary bodily nutrients are provided, and it is very easy to make and use, there is no need for juicing at all. Some people simply fill up a water bottle and drink it throughout the day. NB: do not substitute honey for maple syrup in cleansing blend two; it is not as effective, and only purchase your maple syrup from a health shop. CLEANSING BLEND ONE 300 ml good spring water hot. 5 teaspoons of fresh ginger root juice. (Google how to grow this amazing root, it is easier than you think). ¼ fresh lime, squeezed into the drink 1 Tbsp. Organic wildflower honey or raw honey (best to purchase from a Bee Keeper or reputable health shop) 1-2 Tablespoons of organic cayenne. Directions Add juiced ginger, squeezed lime and its juice, honey, and cayenne to hot water. Prepared and drink four to six times daily more if desired CLEANSING BLEND TWO ( THE MASTER CLEANSER DIET) 300 ml of good spring water medium hot 2 tbs fresh lemon or lime juice 2 tbs pure organic maple syrup 1 – 2 Tbsp cayenne. DIRECTIONS Add squeezed lime or lemon and juice, maple syrup, and cayenne to hot water. Prepare and drink three to six times daily, more if desired. Ginger (Zingiber officinale) Family Zingiberaceae. Part used: root About Ginger: Ginger possesses about 1 percent by weight of calcium, largely thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin. It also contains a fair amount of vitamin C. Ginger is primarily a circulatory herb with pronounced effects on the heart and blood. It causes the blood vessels to relax and expand thus lowering blood pressure and allowing the heart to beat stronger and more slowly as it pumps the blood throughout the day. This means that the blood is pumped more efficiently. Japanese researchers have found that blood pressure typically lowers 10-15 percent after ingesting ginger. Indian researchers have found that ginger is effective in lowering the cholesterol content of the blood. Dutch researchers have noted it to be efficient in preventing blood clotting. Similar to the effectiveness of aspirin. Ginger also soothes the stomach, helping to relieve indigestion and stimulate healthy digestion, it relieves gas, flatulence, and cramping and facilities the adsorption of foods into the stomach. A number of researchers have found that ginger is highly effective in alleviating motion sickness, nausea, vomiting being more effective than Dramamine, the usual drug of choice for those conditions It has also been shown to be quite effective for morning sickness. Numerous studies have shown ginger alleviates the symptoms of arthritis. Ginger is a potent inhibitor of the inflammatory compound known as prostaglandins and thromboxane, which is one of the reasons why it so powerfully helps alleviate arthritic conditions. It is also a strong antioxidant and contains a protein-digesting enzyme ( a protease) that appears to have strong impacts on inflammatory processes in the body. Ginger is highly antibacterial with potent activity against a number of human pathogenic bacteria as well as the foodborne bacteria Shigella, E. Coli and Salmonella. It is antitussive( anti-cough) action rivals that of codeine and it is a strong expectorant which helps move bronchial music up and out of the system Suggested dosage: Start with a piece about the size of your thumb and work up. You can either grate the fresh ginger and then steep it in hot water for twenty minutes or juice it in a juicer and simply add the juice to hot water. I usually juice it. Many people start with about 1 oz of juice in 6 to 8 oz water and hen increase the amount of juiced ginger as desired and as they become used to it. I prefer 4 to 5 oz at this point, but I really like it spicy and I pulp and steep it in 6 to 8 oz of hot water for a second cup late in the day. I find this to be as strong a tea as that the original juice. Drink three to six times daily more if desired. Lime ( citrus aurantilfolia) or Lemon ( Citrus lemon ). Family: Rutaceae Part Used: Fruit About limes and lemons A quarter of a whole lime contains 4mg calcium and 20 mg potassium. 2 mg phosphorous, 5mg vitamin C, 0.25 mg sodium, 1 mg magnesium, and varying trace amounts of iron, vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, germanium, tin, selenium ad zinc. Lemons are a bit higher in most of these constitutions, mostly due to their larger size. Limes and lemons are strongly antibacterial and antimicrobial. They also contain ( especially in the peel) compounds known as flavonoids, including rutin. These compounds affect vascular permeability. Essentially they strengthen the walls of capillaries and blood vessels. This helps reduce the occurrence of varicose veins, for instance, and plays a role in preventing strokes and hemorrhoids. Limes are mildly anti-inflammatory and diuretic. They help increase urine production and flow. Limes and lemons contain limonene that while it helps dissolve gallstones, is also showing a great deal of promise in both preventing and treating cancer. It strongly enhances both phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification enzymes in the liver. This is not only effective in helping treat and prevent cancer but is especially good for helping enhance the liver’s ability to process the body’s accumulated toxins. Limonene is especially necessary for the parts of the phase 2 detoxification system that can work through glutathione conjugation and glucuronidation. These two processes deactivate acetaminophen, nicotine, organophosphates ( insecticides), various carcinogens, and a number of pharmaceuticals thus protecting live integrity. LIME – improve hydrochloric acid production as well as bile production and potency. It contains micro-mineral salts that break down pathogens such as unproductive bacteria, cold, yeast, and fungus to help protect the livers’ immune system. The powerful compounds in lime blossoms enter the liver where they waken a stagnant, sluggish, fatty liver helping loosen and disperse fat cells. Known to clean up dirty blood syndrome and improve glucose absorption. Limonene is mostly present in the white, spongy inner path, (between the peel and the inner fruit) of limes and lemons. Because the peel and pith are so bioactive, it is more beneficial to squeeze the juice from a lime or lemon wedge into a drink then drop the wedge in as well and let it steep. Suggested dosage. – A one-quarter fresh lime squeezed into a glass and wedge dropped into the glass as well. Lemon can be used interchangeably, I just like the taste of lime better in the cleansing blend 1 Cayenne – Family: Solanaceae – Part Used: fruit About cayenne, – Cayenne is extremely high in vitamin C, copper, and phosphorus, high in vitamin A and a good source of bioflavonoids, potassium, and vitamin E. Cayenne increases the body’s metabolic rate, in some studies, by as much as 25%. This causes the body to burn more fat as fuel and makes cayenne especially helpful in increases weight loss when taken during fasting. It also increases blood circulation, dilates capillaries, increases blood flow to outlying portions of the body, and lowers blood pressure. These actions make it especially useful during cleansing fasts. Cayenne also is also a potent pain reliever. It contains capsaicin, a compound that stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever. A number of studies have found it to be exceptionally effective in the treatment of cluster headaches and the pain of arthritis. Cayenne is also a powerful antiseptic and breaks up mucous throughout the respiratory tract and helps it move up and out of the system. Because fasting can sometimes be accompanied by joint pain or headaches and is almost always accompanied by the coldness in the extremities, cayenne’s effects make it an excellent herb to use during a fast. Cayenne is also an amazing Heart Tonic. Suggested Dosage. 1/16 to 1/8 Tbsp per cup of water. Warning: be careful that you don’t get the cayenne on your hands. If you do, wash them thoroughly afterward. Otherwise, before you know it, you will rub your eyes or go to the bathroom and find yourself burning in whichever area you have touched Honey About honey – Honey is made from the nectar of the flowers of plants that is gathered by bees. Plant nectars contain sucrose, water, amino acids, proteins, lipids, antioxidants, alkaloids, glycosides, thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid, medoinositol, fumaric acid, succinic acid, oxalic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, a-ketogluratric acid, gluconic acid, glucuronic acid, allantoin, allantoic acid, dextrin, formic acid, a wide range of vitamins and minerals, and other unidentified compounds. The sugar in plant nectar is primarily sucrose, a disaccharide. Sucrose ( most commonly experienced as white table sugar is a double-molecule sugar that is made from one fructose molecule and one glucose molecule linked together.

Make Your Own Sole. Helps Eliminate Grinding of Teeth

Make your own Sole – using Himalayan salt. Himalayan Salt: is really ‘Energy of the Sun’ as In German, the word sole, which is derived from the Latin word “sol,” means sun. Sole means fluid sunlight or fluid light energy. If you make your own Sole you will have your daily mineral needs met. People find their leg cramps, restless leg syndrome and muscle twitching disappear often in just after 2 days on Sole. It is advisable to not take huge amounts of Magnesium glycinate or frequent doses of homeopathic Mag Phos when taking Sole. I myself found this to be amazing for teeth grinding Mineral Deficiency as few people are aware that Teeth grinding is associated with mineral deficiency, especially calcium. People who are doing a detox especially, heavy metal chelation, may find that it depletes minerals too. Sole is great to take then. Some people tend to leach minerals faster than the average person and they need to replenish their minerals. If you are grinding your teeth it would be a good idea to take some calcium citrate with your meals. (With food is to stop kidney stones occurring). Himalayan rock salt – makes sole. Sole (pronounced so-lay). This beautiful pink-colored salt, mined from the Himalayan mountains, contains 84 minerals. When you dissolve Himalayan rock salt in water, to the point of saturation, that salt water solution is called ‘Sole’. You can make your own Sole, using pure Himalayan salt in rock or crystal form. Take extra sole at night if you are grinding your teeth until you stop, as this amazing salt has the added benefit of cleansing away negative energies, do Himalayan salt baths often too. Sole Taste just like salt water or ocean water. It can be a bit too salty if taken straight, I usually dilute the saltiness to make it easier to drink. One teaspoon of pure sole in a small glass of water is a perfect dose. To make your own sole, you will need: Himalayan pink salt (must be in natural rock or crystal form) Clean water Glass jar with plastic lid – sterilized. DIRECTIONS- Fill the jar with 1 inch of salt, Fill the jar with water until it is 2 inches above the salt level. Stir and leave overnight. If all the salt crystals have dissolved, add a few more salt crystals to the water. Your Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole is ready when the water becomes fully saturated with salt and cannot hold anymore. You will notice that the salt will no longer dissolve at this stage. There should always be salt crystals in the jar. As you use up your Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole, after some time, add more water and more salt until the water is again saturated. Remember, there should always be undissolved salt crystals on the bottom of the jar. This is your visual proof that the water is totally saturated with salt. We would appreciate your feedback.

Metaphysical Food For Thought

HEART – Feelings in our hearts cause electrical waves in our bodies. And then beyond our bodies. Into the world around us. These ‘waves’ outside of us extend many kilometres from our heart. We have an affect on our family, on our community, on our village, on our state. Our state has an effect on our surroundings. Become the president of your own state of mind – your own thoughts – your own feelings. Open up your heart and speak forth your truth in a loving manner. Talk and act to others as if they are you. The first medicine-less hospital in the World is in Beijing – focuses on self healing power and life force energy also known as Qi. Dr Pang Ming – Founder of this Hospital says ” Mastery of Qi is really achieved through mastery of consciousness. We use consciousness in a careful, craftsman-like way, to shape our life, to attain our goals. If we use modern terminology to name this process, we call it Qigong.” Thomas Edison – 1902 ” The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct is patient in the care of the human frame, in diet , and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Man’s Being is not only in the flesh. Man’s invisible feelings – aspirations and sensations are immeasurably sharper and greater than what can be discerned by the eye or the ear. As in a mirror, they are but partially reflected in the visible material state. It matters what you think. Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. You are constantly manifesting results. Whether you are aware of this or not. Always without pause. You are a manifesting machine. Now give thought to what you are thinking!! As you might want to be aware of what you are manifesting, so you can manifest more satisfying and enjoyable results. If you can understand that everything is all a perception of your belief, and expectation. What YOU believe is what YOU WILL perceive and what you will receive. Those who perceived their circumstances as opportunities rather than insurmountable problems manifested new ideas, new energy and brighter results. In Metaphysics with thanks to Dr Paul Leon Masters we are taught that by already beliving it is so SO IT IS. This is an important end to any affirmation that you are giving. POSITIVE THOUGHT PROGRAMMING – Give yourself the following thought suggestions – each day – while in a light state of meditation:- The Spiritual light of my true being has already dissolved unwanted thought patterns from my mind. For this I give thanks – AND SO IT IS. My Divine Self is constructing new thought patterns of a positive and pure nature within my mind, this moment, and I accept that they are already mine. For this I give thanks AND SO IT IS. The Power of God within me is mightier than any negative pattern that I wish to be rid of, and so, through the God Power within me, as the kingdom of God is within me, my mind is made anew. I think now with pure intentions, and treat others as I wish to be treated, for this gift I give thanks, AND SO IT IS. “For what profit is it if you gain the whole world and lose your soul”. – Mark 8:36

Metaphysical Look At Ovarian Disorders

OVERIAN DISORDERS Ovaries Represent points of creativity – AFFIRMATION – say continually – I am balanced in my creative flow Now to believe this and so shall it be. Many women are blocked in their creative flow, and overall have a lack of self belief in that they can be who they chose to be. Ask yourself – Are you without self realisation – therefore you are blocking your ovaries. We are taught to work hard to survive, find a job, get married, have children, and then ‘get on with it’. Years go by – but our destiny has not been fulfilled. Our reason for incarnating – for releasing our karma is blocked. Our creativity, so essential to lour life force is not utilised. Our hidden genius has been blocked by perception and belief of others. Be true to who you are – You are not others. When we are told we have inherited the ‘sins’ of our parents – we need to have also been taught the true meaning of the word sin. Translated it means ‘off the mark’ – what is the mark – well that you are a celestial being having a physical body experience, not the physical body getting on with suffering. That you are here for a reason other than ‘getting on with it.” !! Believe in yourselves and your dreams. You can make them a reality. Everything first starts with a thought – make each thought count. As you treat others so you shall be treated – treat everyone with the mindset that God resides within them – (albeit as much as they allow). You will then find blessings find you. Ask – Believe – Receive with the ending of And So Shall It Be. And It Is!!! PHYSICAL BLOCK The ovary is one of two organs that produce ova and secrete oestrogen and progesterone. Disorders include – pain, inflammation, hormonal imbalance, Endometriosis, Ovarian Cysts, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and sometimes cancer. EMOTIONAL BLOCK Metaphysically, the ovaries link the physical body to the sacral chakra. This energy centre is related to the power of creation, and to the word RELATIONSHIP. When we hear this word we think of our family, partner, work colleagues etc. but it is more our relationship to ourselves. Do we empower ourselves? Do we say no? Do we value ourselves? The way we think of ourself is the way we are treated, with the exact amount of value that we have placed upon ourselves. The ovaries perform two specific functions: reproduction or the creation of new life, and the secretion of female hormones that determine femininity, are we focusing on too much of Yang? To much work, not enough softness? Sometimes it is wise to start wearing flowing feminine clothing, find the women within us or should I say the Goddess within. Ovarian disorders or blockages are a strong message from the body that you are not in contact with your creative ability, or you are allowing your creativity to be blocked by feeling like you have to do that which doesn’t flow within you to please others or to survive? It is time to look at your own relationship with yourself, to start to love yourself, without becoming ‘selfish’. Do You Feel – ‘Subconsciously’ – that you are at a disadvantage as a woman and have little faith in your ability to create something on your own to the point of telling yourself “I can’t do it”. Has someone abused your feminity so you feel the need to block this powerful aspect – the link to ALL EARTH life – without woman there is no life. We are the carriers – allowing souls to enter earth. Once of high importance and revered for our ability – we can say maybe a force unknown has tried to keep women down!! Rise up and see the goddess within – oh carriers of life. MENTAL BLOCK Your body is telling you that you need to start believing in yourself. Our inner belief about ourselves is what we psychically tell others. People will treat you the way you feel you are worth or how you should be treated. Self belief is nothing to do with anyone else – it is our own private conversation with our Creator. Once we start living true to our own selfhood, we do not worry if others agree, as we realise we can choose to agree to disagree. It is important for you to understand that being a woman diminishes neither your ability nor your worth, and that you are allowed to enJOY your life. Underestimating and undervaluing yourself manifests in menstrual disorders, stop trying to prove to men that you can do as much as they do because, deep down, you do not believe it! Nor do you have to prove anything to anyone other than to yourself – it is time to step forth as woman – with the creative force that has been blessed on you. Remember that it takes a man and a woman to create a baby, but without a woman there would be no life. It also takes a balance of masculine and feminine in your own life to create a successful life. Take the confident assertiveness of your inner male and pair it with the instinctive and creative inner female to tap into the strength and power of this synergy. To achieve this optimal balance LEARN TO HAVE CONFIDENCE NOT ONLY IN YOUR OWN MASCULINE ASPECT, BUT ALSO IN THE MEN IN YOUR LIFE. PAST ENERGY (LEFT SIDE) IS OFTEN A FATHER FIGURE. Do you need to forgive your father or reconnect with him? Do you need to forgive a past partner? In forgiving it is important to acknowledge the tremendous value of your own intuition and inherent creativity, that everything is perfect – helping you to find you to be you only better. Anything that has happened has helped you to become who you are, and who you are will be of service to others. Experince give a person compassion, and this is a needed energy on Earth. We recommend the following herbal supplements to assist in all ovarian disorders:- Natural Solutions Essiac Herbal Tea to help detox the whole body, take as directed on the bottle – 2 – 3 cups a day for three months. Natural Solutions Ovarian Day – 1 capsule after breakfast and 1 capsule after lunch for three months Natural Solutions Ovarian Night – 2 capsules after supper for three months Red Clover Herbal Tea 1 cup a day for 60 days Women’s Rescue – 1 capsule twice a day 1 week before menstruation and during the first half of menstruation . This will help the body eliminate the side effects associated with menstruation such as cramps, bloating, painful breasts etc. If you have not done a parasite or worm eliminate program we recommend doing this now as researchers have found that dormant parasite cysts are actually active. They have also noted that parasites can be a possible cause of endometriosis and other ovarian disorders. Natural Solutions Parasite and Worm Eliminate has herbs that target parasites in the blood stream, worms, larvae and parasites. 2 Capsules twice a day for 30 days then 1 capsules twice a day for 30 days.

Metaphysics relating to The Skeletal System

ANKLES – Important for grounding, stability and mobility. Ankles support our entire weight, ask yourslef ” Is your support system letting you down?” Do you feel you are unable to stand alone? When you are questioning your beliefs you may feel that there is nothing to hold you upright. Know that you are fully supported by the force that created you – unseen but most powerful – re-think your need for others to support you and feel grounded in your decisions relating to your life.

Natual Solutions Bladderwrack for easily assimilated iodine.

Bladderwrack, also called rockweed, black tang, red fucus, and various other names is an edible brown seaweed that grows along the coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the North and Baltic seas. Like many other seaweeds such as kelp, nori, and kombu, bladderwrack is beloved – especially in East Asia – for its medicinal properties. Indeed, it was the original source of iodine in Europe and was used in the early nineteenth century to treat goiter, a swelling of the thyroid gland caused by an iodine deficiency. List of Health Benefits Rich in iodine – Since bladderwrack was Europe’s original source of iodine, it makes sense to start by pointing out this seaweed’s incredible iodine content. Indeed, 50 grams of bladderwrack contain more than 100 percent of our recommended daily intake of this essential, thyroid-regulating mineral – more than any other seaweed. Moreover, the organic iodine present in bladderwrack is more easily absorbed than the inorganic form found in iodized salt and other iodine-enriched products. Protection from radioactive iodine – Bladderwrack is able to protect the thyroid from absorbing cancer-causing radioactive iodine in the event of a nuclear disaster, such as the one that befell Fukushima in 2011. This is because the organic iodine found in the seaweed binds with, and fills, the thyroid gland’s receptors, thereby preventing radioactive iodine from doing the same. This should be viewed as a short-term solution, however, since excessive iodine consumption can lead to thyroid dysfunction. High in fiber – All sea vegetables are great sources of soluble fiber, and bladderwrack is not an exception. Comprised of between 20 and 40 percent fiber (mostly in the form of alginic acid, mucilage, and fucoidan), bladderwrack is a great choice for people suffering from constipation, as well as a good weight-loss food since its high fiber content (which helps you feel fuller for longer), is coupled with no fat and few calories. Moreover, soluble fiber also coats the digestive tract and protects it from damage by refluxed stomach acid. For this reason, bladderwrack extracts are often found in health supplements for heartburn treatment (heartburn is a symptom of acid reflux or GERD). Zeaxanthin – One of the most interesting names in bladderwrack’s extensive list of trace minerals is zeaxanthin. Zeaxanthin is what gives the macula of our eyes its yellow color, and this natural carotenoid – also found in leafy green vegetables, fruits, and egg yolks – helps to guard the eye against oxidative and light-induced harm. A lack of zeaxanthin (along with its fellow eye-based antioxidant, lutein) can lead to macular degeneration, so it’s important to regularly eat foods that contain it. Fucoidan – Bladderwrack contains impressive levels of fucoidan, a sulfated polysaccharide that exists in the cell walls of most brown algae. According to a May 2003 study by researchers, fucoidan has the ability to inhibit tumor growth. Another study has shown that fucoidan possesses anti-viral properties. These benefits, coupled with the fact that fucoidan regulates the production of AP-I (which, in turn, regulates cell proliferation), makes bladderwrack and other fucoidan-rich foods highly effective at combating cancer. Aside from the nutrients mentioned above, bladderwrack also contains varying levels of calcium and magnesium (needed for superior bone health), protein (needed for cell growth and repair), and numerous trace minerals such as potassium, zinc, selenium, iron, chlorophyll, phosphorous, bromine, and the much-needed antioxidant vitamin C.Mechanism of Action Antibacterial effects: A lectin-like mucopolysaccharide found in vitro to have activity against Candida guilliermondii also inhibits the growth of multiple Neisseria meningitidis and Escherichia coli strains. Anti-estrogenic effects: Based on animal evidence, sodium alginate (soluble algae polysaccharide) may lower lipid levels in the blood. Because cholesterol is needed to produce sex hormones, it has been suggested that oral ingestion of kelp may affect circulating sex hormone levels and menstrual cycling patterns. Researchers tested the effects of bladderwrack to determine if its effects on women with or at high risk for estrogen-dependent diseases. Three pre-menopausal women with abnormal menstrual cycling patterns and/or menstrual-related disease histories received bladderwrack. Bladderwrack significantly increased menstrual cycle length by 5.5-14 days. The authors concluded that dietary bladderwrack may prolong the menstrual cycle and exert anti-estrogenic effects in pre-menopausal women. The authors also suggested that seaweed may help reduce the risk of estrogen-related cancers observed in Japanese populations. However, these preliminary findings need to be confirmed in well-controlled clinical trials. Antifungal effects: A lectin-like mucopolysaccharide isolated from F. vesiculosus has been found to be specific for complex carbohydrates. This mucopolysaccharide causes agglutination of the yeast Candida guilliermondii, and inhibits the growth of C. guilliermondii by 99.2%. In vivo studies are lacking. Thyroid activity: Kelp or bladderwrack products are frequently high in iodine content, and have been used traditionally for thyroid diseases. In humans, there are case reports of transient hyperthyroidism as a result of bladderwrack ingestion. Weight loss effects: Theoretically, the thyroid stimulatory properties of bladderwrack may cause hypermetabolic weight loss. However, its anorectic properties have not been adequately evaluated in humans.

Natural Solutions for Healing Intestines

NATURAL SOLUTIONS FOR HEALING Intestinal Permeability, or Leaky Gut Syndrome. This is when ammonia gas in your intestines is drifting into the blood stream, which then carries the gas throughout your body. Besides the gut symptoms you can also experience fatigue, skin problems, restless sleep, anxiety and more. This is often due to a deficiency of hydrochloric acid int he stomach and the number one reason for this is adrenaline. The Adrenal glands produce 56 different blends in response to different emotions and situations. The emotions associated with negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, hatred, guilt, shame, depression and stress can be severely damaging to areas in. Your body including he stomachs supply of hydrochloric acid. Also causing problems with the stomach supply of hydrochloric acid are prescription drugs such as antibiotics, immunosuppressants, anti fungals, amphetamines and other medications our body have not adapted to. These can disrupt the chemical balance in the stomach. Possibly you have received a diagnosis of one of the following Ulcers embedded deep in the stomach lining Bacterial strains E. coli developing pockets in the intestinal tract lining. Superbug like C. difficile causing mega-colon. Haemorrhaging, abscesses or diverticulitis. Recently had a colonoscopy which went wrong and pictured the colon. Mild Fungus like candida. This disorder can be caused by a mild fungus like Candida, and unproductive bacteria which has burrowed tiny holes in the lining of the intestines and cause micro levels of toxins to leak directly into the blood stream. All of the above can lead to Fatigue Aches and pains Constipation, Digestive discomfort Acid reflux Intestinal permeability Diarrhoea If you overeat any type of protein such as animal meat, nuts, seeds and or legumes, eating foods that combine fat and sugar such as cheese, whole milk, cakes, cookies and ice cream has the same harmful effect on hydrochloric acid as taking prescription medication. For the purpose of healing follow a t 95% plant based diet – which means lots and lots of fruits and vegetables. These foods do not need hard work by your body to digest them, and place little strain on your gut. To rebuild your stomachs supply of hydrochloric acid and strengthen your digestive system:- Drink one glass of fresh CELERY JUICE a day. Do not add anything else to this, just pure celery juiced. Do not place in the fridge to take later as the medicinal value will be lost, juice and drink. Celery contains unique sodium compositions, and these mineral slats are bonded with many bioactive trace minerals and nutrients. If you drink this first think in the morning it will strengthen your digestion of foods you eat the rest of the day. Over time the mineral salts mineralise and these nutrient have the unique ability to completely restore your stomachs hydrochloric acid. Next to clean and remove any haven metals from your intestinal tract – Do this by Eating Coriander – 1/2 a cup a day sprinkled on your salads or added into a smoothie. Eat Parsley – 1/4 cup a day again sprinkled on your salads or added into a smoothie. Use ZEOLITE – preferable to find in liquid form, but if you can only source the powder, it is better thank not having the Zeolite which will help remove heavy metals from the body. This is a natural volcanic compound hat contains mineral nutrients like potassium calcium (also a pH buffer) a little sodium and various other elements. It an absorbent for chemicals and toxins, binding to them and helping to eliminate them out of your body. I have found the Real Thing product very good, if you cannot find the liquid one. Eat 2 cloves of fresh garlic a day. Eat 2 tablespoons of fresh sage a day. Purchase L-Glutamine in powder form and take one teaspoon daily this binds to the heavy metals in the gut and helps to eliminate them. Drink one cup of PLANTAIN tea a day. Drink one cup of Red Clover Blossom Tea twice a day. Visit our page to do our home check to see if you have a overgrowth of fungus in your gut – If overgrowth is present take 1 fungus eliminate with the intestinal support after each meal. Take NATURAL SOLUTIONS ESSIAC HERABL TEA Before each meal – follow directions as to how to make, store in clean sterilised jars in your refrigerator and take 50ml with 50ml of boiling water before each meal. Take NATURAL SOLUTIONS INTESTINAL SUPPORT 1 after each meal – which has the following herbs Mallow – to heal inflammation of the gastro intestinal tract, gastritis, and ulcers in the stomach and the intestines. Stinging Nettle – Helps with blood cleansing, kills any virus and cleans the intestines of ulcers. Plantain – Known as one of the nice sacred herbs for mankind, this is the healing herb for all stomach disorders. Red Clover – Purifies the blood stream and intestines. Shepherds Purse – Soothes all stomach complains and acts as an astringent, helping to heal ulcers in the intestines. Slippery Elm – Soothes inflamed mucous membranes of the bowels, stomach and urinary tract. Good for ulcers and for ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis and gastritis. Barberry Bark – Herbal antibiotic for the stomach, colon and intestines. Holy Thistle – helps balance the digestive juices to allow for better absorption of nutrients. Eat ELEVATED MICRO-ORGANISMS also known as elevated bionics as they harbour energy from God and the sun. Eat as much of the following Sprouted – alfalfa, broccoli, clover, fenugreek, lentil, mustard sunflower, kale, and other seeds like them. Follow NATURAL SOLUTIONS Make foods your medicine eating plan on our website. Any questions please email info@natural-solutions.co.za May abundant good health be yours.

Natural Solutions for Hypertension.

NATURAL SOLUTIONS FOR HYPERTENSION High Blood Pressure is not a disease. When your blood pressure is high, it certainly does not mean that something is wrong with your heart. The same way that suffering from a headache doesn’t mean that you have something wrong with your brain. A very common cause of high blood pressure is infections of the stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder and other abdominal organs. It has been noted that acute causes of high blood pressure include stress, but can also be caused by kidney disorders. If you have been diagnosed with hypertension then your blood pressure increases to unhealthy levels. Your blood pressure measurement takes into account how much blood is passing through your blood vessels and the amount of resistance the blood meets while the heart is pumping. Narrow arteries increase resistance, the narrower your arteries are the higher your blood pressure will be. These infections are usually caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites or sometimes even viruses. In the acupressure training the Dr Jain teaches that the following areas are always checked when dealing with High Blood Pressure Brain (Possibly heavy metal toxicity or chemical sensitivity) Pituitary Gland – often due to the above or an overload of fluoride – if using conventional toothpaste change to a fluoride free one. Thyroid Gland – do the iodine test on my web site – if deficient use lugols iodine 4 drops a day. Parathyroid gland – if this is the issue possibly needing Zinc or Melatonin. Adrenal Gland – If you are exhausted by 3pm often the adrenal gland needs some help. Heart – 1/2 teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper daily and possibly hawthorn drops. Liver – if you feel this could be the case, Natural Solutions Liver Support is fantastic, 2 capsules twice a day for 7 days then reduce to 1 capsule twice a day until your liver is restored. Kidney – if you feel kidney can be the root cause Natural Solutions Kidney and Bladder support taken as the liver support. I have found that worm infestations are also more common than most people think. Analysis of the scans performed in research centers shows that over 70% of people with abdominal symptoms have worms. These microbes and worms produce toxins that cause inflammation of the stomach and intestines, and surrounding organs, including the blood vessels of these organs. Many of the toxins produced by harmful microbes will cause a direct increase in blood pressure, but these toxins mostly affect blood pressure indirectly by overloading the kidneys and affecting they way they regulate blood pressure. The kidneys produce chemicals that regulate blood pressure. Most people may not have a full-blown infection of the stomach and bowels causing noticeable symptoms but they will have low-grade infections that cause little or no outward symptoms but cause an increase in blood pressure. If you have tried a lot of alternative paths, consider this a parasitic diseases which has been known to cause pulmonary vascular lesions could be the cause of your hypertension. Schistosomiasis is the most common parasitic disease associated with pulmonary arterial hypertension, although other trematodes have been implicated. Systematic evaluation of and interest in this problem have been rekindled because of the current availability of pulmonary arterial hypertension treatment. Parasites can cause high acidity – it is important to check this at home using test papers, and if necessary bring your body into an alkaline state. Parasites along with fungus can be the cause of all gut health, using ESSIAC HERBAL TEA will help the body with both. Some tissue salts or cell salts to help would be Ferrum Phos (#4) to bring oxygen into the blood stream, #6 Potassium Phos, No 8 Mag Phos, #9 Sodium Chloride No 15 Potassium Iodide, No 16 Lithium Chloride and No 25 Aurum Chloride Sodium (Talk to your homeopath about these or concentrate on the #’s 4, 6, 8, and 9 which you can purchase from your local health shop. Make sure they are lactose and sugar free or you are defeating the object. Then we can start by cleaning out arteries and veins, and clearing possible parasites- 1. First thing in the morning 2 HEART CARE – this is a product made to clean out plague and veins, including chemical toxins or metals. It is so powerful that it is important to balance by taking WATER LIFE – 5 drops in 300ml of water to be taken with the heart care. This can be ordered from orders@natural-solutions.co.za 2. Then – Essiac Herbal Tea – to detox the entire body, bloods stream and clean out blocked debris and parasites, to be taken before each meal. Available from orders@natural-solutions.co.za or from our on line shop. 3. After breakfast and lunch 2 parasite eliminate for 7 days then increase to 4 parasite eliminate for 7 days then increase to 6 parasite eliminate for 7 days – reducing back to 4 twice a day then 2 twice a day – stay on the 2 after breakfast and lunch for 30 days. Included take 1 colon day with each dose – this will cover the possibility of bacteria in the colon. If constipation manifests, then please order our laxative or purchase a natural laxative to make sure that the bowel empties daily. 4. Natural Solutions Mistletoe tea one cup in the morning. This magical herb has the ability to reduce high blood pressure and raise low blood pressure. Any side effects when taking this could indicate a problem with your adrenal gland and then please stop immediately. This is a cold infusion preparation – where in the evening you soak 1 tsp of herb in 250ml of cold water, the next morning you bring to a warmth, strain then drink. Could be after breakfast. 5. Take 1/2 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper daily in warm water to strengthen the heart, or purchase our cayenne Capsules from our on-line shop. Our supplements have not been evaluated by the medical control council (MCC) and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disorder. We recommend you work with your healthcare professional. We do not advise you take any herbal supplement if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to fall pregnant.

Natural Solutions to heal skin disorders

It is important to understand why your skin is showing a rash or acne. Often this can be due to a virus, or a body that is carrying too many toxins. To clear the skin our AMISH BLACK DRAWING BALM is a natural remedy, used since the oldest of times, by the Amish community. In the Amish community, it is known as “Hilla schemer” or the “healing smear,” being used for the removal of toxins and also of foreign objects, such as wooden or metal splinters, from the skin. Natural Solutions have reformulated this ointment to include powerful drawing herbs and it has become quite popular, being used not only to pull out toxins but also any foreign objects stuck into the skin. The ointment is a mixture of natural remedies, including ACTIVATED CHARCOAL, BEESWAX, CALENDULA INFUSED OLIVE OIL, COCONUT OIL, BENTONITE CLAY, RAW HONEY, RED CLOVERS, CHAPARRAL, PLANTAIN, POKE ROOT, CHICKWEED, FRANKINCENSE AND LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OILS. The activated charcoal is one of the main ingredients of this ointment. Used For:- The treatment of minor skin issues, it has proven out to be quite effective, helping the skin heal faster and return to its healthy status, this includes burns and rashes or wounds that will not heal. It has successfully be used combined with NATURAL SOLUTIONS CARDIO HEART HEALTH, NATURAL SOLUTIONS FOR ARTERIES AND NATURAL SOLUTIONS CAYENNE CAPSULES TO HEAL LEG ULCERS. It is one of the BEST ways to remove skin tags and boils, as it draws the pus to the surface and stimulates healing the skin. It is recommended for the removal of thorns and glass shards, as well as for the treatment of cystic acne and insect/spider bites. If you have had a nasty encounter with poison ivy or oak, you can use this healing salve with confidence. Ingrown toenails have been treated with this natural remedy as well. If you want to get rid of acne, you can use this healing balm as a face mask or anywhere the acne is, leaving on for 15 mins, then use a face cloth with warm water to remove gently. You can use a natural face wash to remove any residue. After this apply a natural face serum as the pores are nice and open. The ingredients used are Castor Oil – anti-inflammatory, skin moisturising, reduces the appearance and reoccurrence of acne, and has the ability to enter below the skin surface to break down problems. Coconut Oil – Anti-inflammatory, skin moisturising, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, stimulates the faster healing of the skin. Activated Charcoal – pulls out toxins and foreign bodies from the level of the skin, reduces stinging sensations in case of poison, purifies. Bentonite Clay – similar to the activated charcoal, helps to ensure a non-greasy consistency of the ointment. Calendula Olive Oil – Anti-inflammatory, skin moisturising, antibacterial, stimulates healing of skin tissue. Raw Honey – helps clean skin problems, and allows faster healing of the skin. Beeswax – helps naturally bind the ingredients together whilst providing essential ingredients that help heal skin issues. Red Clover, Chaparral, Plantain, Poke Root, Chickweed – these herbs are excellent skin conditioning, blood purifying herbs helping to draw out poisons and toxins from below the skin level. Frankincense and Lavender Essential Oils both heal skin problems and allow for faster healing. Testimonials for this balm “I use this once a month as a face mask, and my skin is glowing and clear now. I used to have breakouts and rashes on my face. Highly recommended.” Jenna “I have had a leg ulcer which no one has been able to help me heal. I have been using this ointment along with Natural Solutions Arteries, Natural Solutions Cayenne and Natural Solutions Cardio Heart Health and three months later my leg ulcer has healed. Not only this but my veins are also much less visible on my legs.” Yvonne “I used Natural Solutions Amish Ointment on my husband’s neck, which has had a nasty wound there for a while. No one was able to help him with this. This ointment draws out poisons and after a few days of using it the problem from very deep surfaced, a terrible smell was apparent, but the wound has gone now from the pus and plasma to healing and closing up nicely”. Doctors are using this for areas that have been treated medically, but the wound has not healed over. It works excellent for this. Anything that appears on the skin, such as a strange sore, or a bite apply this ointment immediately, it works. For extreme skin issues we do recommend combining with : Natural Solutions Blood Purify Natural Solutions Skin Clear Natural Solutions Essiac Herbal Tea If your skin problems are due to a virus – or have been an issue for too long we do recommend you visit your doctor or healthcare professional to see if perhaps you are carrying a virus such as Epstein Barr.

Overview of the Pituitary Gland

PITUITARY GLAND In human anatomy, the PITUITARY GLAND is also known as HYPOPHYSIS and is the size of a bean, situated in the center of the brain. Because of its speciality it is called the KING OF GLANDS. The liquid produced by it is essential for physical growth. The liquids produced by it are called growth hormones. MAIN FUNCTION – control all the endocrine glands, development of the body, digestion of proteins and digestion of fat and sugar, etc. Both the hypothalamus and the pituitary glands are tightly connected because the hypothalamus controls the pituitary and between them, they secrete 16 hormones. There are two parts to the pituitary: the anterior and the posterior, and they both function separately from one another. Anterior pituitary The anterior pituitary arises from an invagination of the oral ectoderm and forms Rathke’s pouch. This contrasts with the posterior pituitary, which originates from neuroectoderm. Endocrine cells of the anterior pituitary are controlled by regulatory hormones released by parvocellular neurosecretory cells in the hypothalamic capillaries leading to infundibular blood vessels, which in turn lead to a second capillary bed in the anterior pituitary. This vascular relationship constitutes the hypothalamo-hypophyseal portal system. Diffusing out of the second capillary bed, the hypothalamic releasing hormones then bind to anterior pituitary endocrine cells, up-regulating or down-regulating their release of hormones. Anterior The anterior pituitary synthesizes and secretes hormones. All releasing hormones (-RH) referred to, can also be referred to as releasing factors (-RF). Somatotropes: Human growth hormone (HGH), also referred to as ‘growth hormone’ (GH), and also as somatotropin, is released under the influence of hypothalamic growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH), and is inhibited by hypothalamic somatostatin. Corticotropes: Cleaved from the precursor proopiomelanocortin protein, and include adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), and beta-endorphin, and melanocyte-stimulating hormone are released under the influence of hypothalamic corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH). Thyrotropes: Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), is released under the influence of hypothalamic thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) and is inhibited by somatostatin. Gonadotropes: Luteinizing hormone (LH). Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), both released under influence of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) Lactotropes: Prolactin (PRL), whose release is inconsistently stimulated by hypothalamic TRH, oxytocin, vasopressin, vasoactive intestinal peptide, angiotensin II, neuropeptide Y, galanin, substance P, bombesin-like peptides (gastrin-releasing peptide, neuromedin B and C), and neurotensin, and inhibited by hypothalamic dopamine. These hormones are released from the anterior pituitary under the influence of the hypothalamus. Hypothalamic hormones are secreted to the anterior lobe by way of a special capillary system, called the hypothalamic-hypophysial portal system. There is also a non-endocrine cell population called folliculostellate cells. Posterior pituitary The posterior lobe develops as an extension of the hypothalamus. (Here we see a connection again between these two glands) The Posterior pituitary hormones are synthesized by cell bodies in the hypothalamus. The magnocellular neurosecretory cells of the supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei located in the hypothalamus that project axons down the infundibulum to terminals in the posterior pituitary. This simple arrangement differs sharply from that of the adjacent anterior pituitary, which does not develop from the hypothalamus. The release of pituitary hormones by both the anterior and posterior lobes is under the control of the hypothalamus, albeit in different ways. The posterior pituitary stores and secretes (but does not synthesize) the following important endocrine hormones: Magnocellular neurons: Antidiuretic hormone (ADH, also known as vasopressin and arginine vasopressin AVP), the majority of which is released from the supraoptic nucleus in the hypothalamus. Vasopressin (VP), which is an anti-diuretic hormone (ADH). Vasopressin: Increases water permeability and absorption in the collecting ducts of the kidneys, Enhances muscle tone, Enhances peer bonding, Improves memory, Improves social behavior Oxytocin, most of which is released from the paraventricular nucleus in the hypothalamus. Oxytocin is one of the few hormones to create a positive feedback loop. For example, uterine contractions stimulate the release of oxytocin from the posterior pituitary, which, in turn, increases uterine contractions. This positive feedback loop continues throughout labour. Oxytocin (OXT), which is needed for birthing, bonding, socialization, behaviors and emotions Hormones Hormones secreted from the pituitary gland help control the following body processes: Growth (GH), Blood pressure, Some aspects of pregnancy and childbirth including stimulation of uterine contractions during childbirth (Parturition), Breast milk production, Sex organ functions in both males and females, Thyroid gland function. The conversion of food into energy (metabolism), Water and osmolarity regulation in the body, Water balance via the control of reabsorption of water by the kidneys, Temperature regulation, Pain relief The major anterior pituitary hormones are: Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH), which regulates metabolism Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH), which release oestrogen, testosterone and progesterone Prolactin (PL), which stimulates the production of milk AdrenoCorticoTropic Hormone (ACTH), which stimulates the release of adrenal cortical hormones by the adrenal glands to support stress Melanocyte-Stimulating hormone causes increased skin pigmentation Human Growth Hormone (HGH) important for growth and development What supports the pituitary gland? Sleep, Amino acids (protein assimilation), Maca root, Adaptogens like Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Manganese, Natural full-spectrum sunlight during the day, Vitamins E, A, D and B PITUITARY DISEASE Some of the diseases involving the pituitary gland are: Central diabetes insipidus caused by a deficiency of vasopressin. Gigantism and acromegaly caused by an excess of growth hormone in childhood and adult respectively. Hypothyroidism caused by a deficiency of thyroid-stimulating hormone. Hyperpituitarism, the increased (hyper) secretion of one or more of the hormones normally produced by the pituitary gland. Hypopituitarism, the decreased (hypo) secretion of one or more of the hormones normally produced by the pituitary gland. Panhypopituitarism a decreased secretion of most of the pituitary hormones. Pituitary tumors. Pituitary adenomas, noncancerous tumors that occur in the pituitary gland. All of the functions of the pituitary gland can be adversely affected by an over- or under-production of associated hormones. The pituitary gland is important for mediating the stress response, via the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis (HPA axis) Critically, pituitary gland growth during adolescence can be altered by early life stress such as childhood maltreatment or maternal dysphoric behavior.

Palma de Christos - Castor Oil

Amazing Palma de Christos we know as Castor Oil CASTOR OIL: This is A powerful healing oil. Purchase organic preferably stored in a glass bottle. ”Avoid these mistakes when using castor oil.“ This is a method to use Castor oil as. “COMPRESS OR PACK” when using this method it will pull out toxins from the skin, and in the case of old scars, pulling old material out of the body allows a healing process to start. IT IS IMPORTANT TO USE 100% pure soap and warm water to remove the toxins when you are finished with the compress. Some people get a rash when they don’t wash the skin carefully, due to the toxins being eliminated. They often think they are allergic to the oil, or the material used to make the compress. But what actually happened is when they pulled the toxins out, they deposited them on the surface of the skin and caused skin irritation. If you don’t wash it off, you will probably re-absorb it. Amazing to think this oil using the skin (a big organ of eliminations) can start to eliminate toxins out then if not cleaned back in. Castor oil has certain properties that other oils don’t. It has a very high viscosity and specific gravity that make it more stable than other oils. Most oils tend to go rancid after a while. Castor oil remains stable for long periods. I’ve tried many but found that nothing really has the same exciting physiological effects. Castor oil may be affecting some energy fields of the body. For example, we know the body is an electrical field. What the EKG measures are electricity. It shouldn’t be a big stretch of the imagination to say, “gee there are other force fields. We know there are. We know that every electrical field contains an associated magnetic field, but we don’t have a machine to measure it around the body.” There may be so many other effects that we can’t talk about yet simply because we don’t have the equipment or the machinery or the subtlety to be able to measure them. The way I get feedback is by listening to what my patients are telling me they are experiencing. Some patients have reported that when they use it before bedtime, it seems to facilitate sleep. People will crash right out after using the castor oil packs. I have been using this as a pain killer, and inflammation reducer for years, with amazing results. The “Sleeping Prophet” Edgar Cayce often suggested castor oil packs for various aches and pains, and I remembered having read of this remedy’s effectiveness in cases of sciatica. One client with a painful back soaked a towel in the oil and wrapped it around the lower back, it helped reduce pain and allowed a good night’s sleep. I recommend nightly for a few weeks in most cases. A cloth of wool or cotton flannel is folded in several layers, then saturated with warm castor oil, and placed on the affected area. You can then place a towel on top of this. A heating pad or hot water bottle to add the prescribed warmth to the pack is placed on top. The idea is that heat allows the oil to penetrate the skin and work its way deep into the tissues. A towel is again put onto the heating pad. (To avoid getting oil on sheets you can use cling wrap onto the compress) then add the towel, then the heating pad, then another towel. I have used this for liver ailments, breast pain, cramping stomach, any area of pain, this is the best solution as an external application. This oil has a beautiful ancient name “The Palma Christi” Castor oil is extracted from the seed of the castor oil plant, whose botanical name is ricinus communis. While it was Cayce who brought castor oil packs to fame in the 20th century, the oil has a long and varied history of use as a healing agent in folk medicine around the world. According to a research report in a recent issue of the Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, castor bean seeds, believed to be 4,000 years old, have been found in Egyptian tombs, and historical records reveal the medicinal use of castor oil in Egypt (for eye irritations), India, China (for induction of childbirth and expulsion of the placenta), Persia (for epilepsy), Africa, Greece, Rome, Southern Europe, and the Americas. In ancient Rome, the castor oil plant was known as Palma Christi, which translates into the hand of Christ. This name is still sometimes used today. A book about the Vermont style of folk medicine by D.C. Jarvis published in 1958 lists numerous conditions which respond well to the topical application of castor oil, including irritation of the conjunctiva of the eye; to promote healing of the umbilicus in a newborn; and to increase milk flow in lactating women when applied to the breasts. As a nursing mom, I can attest to the effectiveness of castor oil applied to sore, irritated, or inflamed nipples. It works faster than any commercial salve, and I don’t have to worry about washing it off before the next nursing. Any trace of the oil that my son may get in his mouth is definitely not going to harm him! Castor oil packs can be gently used in a clinical setting for numerous conditions, including liver and gall bladder disturbances, abscesses, headaches, appendicitis, epilepsy, hemorrhoids, constipation, intestinal obstructions, hyperactivity in children, and to avert threatened abortions in pregnant women. Adhesions are basically scars that act as a stitch under the skin. The epidermis, dermis, and connective tissue that overlie the muscle tissue are designed to slide over each other. However, after the surgical knife slices through all those layers, the white blood cells go in and do their “clean-up” job-inadvertently forming adhesions. The adhesions hold the layers together instead of letting them slide freely, one on top of the other. Adhesions are extremely common after any injury to the skin, but especially a deliberate injury with a knife. There is a case of a person who had an operation for an intestinal obstruction. It was life-threatening, and the surgery saved him -but, then he developed adhesions from the surgery. Those adhesions created a stricture in the intestines creating a different circulatory pattern which caused a second obstruction. The surgeon had to go in and do a second surgery. Castor oil applied as a pack to the surgical area would have helped ease those adhesions away preventing further surgery. Castor oil packs help relieve the damage done, both internally and externally? “After surgery, castor oil packs can help prevent internal scarring that would otherwise cut off the blood supply to our vital organs.” It will shorten the recovery time. It can also reduce or eliminate the scars resulting from surgery. And if you get a castor oil pack over the incision soon after surgery, you will prevent adhesions. Castor Oil Pack Instructions (also noted above) Prepare a flannel cloth which is two or three thicknesses when folded and which measures about eight inches in width and ten to twelve inches in length after it is folded. This is the size needed for abdominal application – other areas may need a different size pack, as seems applicable. Pour castor oil into a pan and warm over boiling water, and then soak the cloth in the oil. Wring out the cloth so that it is wet but not drippy with the castor oil (or simply pour castor oil onto the pack so it is soaked). Apply the cloth to the area which needs treatment. Most often, the pack should be placed so it covers the area needed. Protection against soiling bed clothing can be made by putting a sheet or towel underneath the body. Then a plastic covering should be applied over the soaked flannel cloth. On top of the plastic, place a heating pad and turn it up to “medium” to begin, then to “high” if the body tolerates it. It helps to wrap a large towel around the body to hold the pack snugly in place, using large safety pins on the towel. The pack should remain in place between an hour to an hour and a half. The skin can be cleansed afterward, if desired, by using water which is prepared as follows: to a liter of water, add two teaspoons of baking soda (from a health shop). Use this to cleanse the abdomen. Keep the flannel pack wrapped in a sealed container for future use. It need not be discarded after one application, but can usually be used many times. “Almost any pain in the body can be safely and quickly relieved with a castor oil pack.” Castor oil pack’s healing abilities are not limited to the abdominal region it can be applied in just about any case-to any visceral area or extremity. It can be used for someone passing a kidney stone, in case of indigestion, ulceration, and headaches. And of course, the castor oil pack is doing a lot more than just healing the pain. It is also fine to use when a woman is pregnant to help pain anywhere. Send us feedback when you start to use this. Yours in good health Lynn

Parasites and Cancer

PARASITES Certainly, no Doctor would ever be so trivial as to tell you a parasite was the cause of your cancer. But parasites and even pathogens and yeasts do cause cancer – they drain you of nourishment and produce toxic and even carcinogenic chemicals. Yeast infection is the product of drugs or antibiotics, and anything that changes the acidity of the gut, like too much salt, sugar, pickles, binge drinking, smoking or stress. Yeasts are very debilitating. They sit on cell membranes and poison healthy cells; they colonize areas of the body and reduce local oxygen levels. Almost two thousand five hundred years ago, Hippocrates told us “All disease begins in the gut”. Have we learned the lesson yet? So many clients are shocked and inwardly feel – “I can’t have a parasite!” Think again. You’ve eaten imported fruit, you’ve been abroad, had ice in your drinks, you’ve tried sushi, smoked or marinated fish. You’ve eaten undercooked pork. You ate a salad in that cafe by the sea – how did they wash the lettuce? You could have threadworms from the UK soil. The incidence of liver fluke in British livestock has quadrupled since 1997. A parasitic bacterium, Borrelia bergdorferi, was found in every case of brain cancer studied, and in Alzheimer’s too. That 5 day course of antibiotics or the minor operation will have destroyed commensal bacteria and increased your levels of yeasts and pathogens. Maryland Medical School have stated that it can be 20 years or more before a pathogen or parasite comes out to play. The water coming out of our taps is pretty much contaminated. If you filter this you have dead water, if you don’t you acquire bacteria and parasites. I suggest you look at your water supply and talk to the professionals about how to obtain pure water. Few are told that today research has shown that people who have food poisoning (for example, Salmonella or Listeria), even after it is killed off, have slowly increasing levels of E Coli present. This leads to Crohn’s, a higher risk of colorectal cancer and a shorter life. E. coli has been found in breast cancer tissue. It’s not found in healthy breast tissue. It is officially estimated that at least 20 per cent of cancer patients have some sort of parasite, directly causing the cancer. It is extremely important that you follow a parasite eliminate protocol if you have been diagnosed with cancer. Officially, viruses are the main culprits. Yeasts, amoeba, fungi and microbes are all parasites as well. Normally your good intestinal flora – the friendly bacteria – feed off them at night. The true figure could be as high as 70% of all people with cancer have some sort of parasite! What if the good guys are not there keeping the bad guys in check? Prescribed antibiotics, antibiotics in foods, steroids, cortisone, chemotherapy drugs, stress, binge drinking, an acid body and over chlorinated water can kill off the good guys. Even GM food is apparently a threat. Professor Paul O’Toole from the Microbiome Institute in Cork, Ireland was adamant. ’Do I think an imbalanced gut microbiome could cause cancer? Yup, you bet!” Your gut bacteria can prevent or encourage illness. If you have any sort of gut trouble – Yeast or fungal infection of the body may show up as yellow toenails, or thrush in women, but more general symptoms include feeling bloated after meals, wind, irregular bowel movements, sudden fatigue, throat problems, a hangover when you didn’t drink, mouth ulcers, allergies. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Go and have your gut bacteria checked! You need a Parasite, and yeast killer all in one – and to take it for a full 12 weeks – parasites lay eggs!! Yeasts come in on every mouthful of food and drink you consume. It’s an occupational hazzard of eating! Common yeasts are called Candida albicans. Cut your glucose and fructose to a minimum. And lactose in cows’ dairy. They feed yeasts and cancer cells. Avoid fizzy soft drinks, puddings, refined or packaged foods, common bread or pasta, cake, bought fruit juice and smoothies, biscuits and refined honey. Private cancer clinics around the world are quite clear. Almost every cancer patient has candida. Contemporary Oncology (April 1993) said “cancer patients undergoing radio or chemo often finally succumbed, not to cancer, but to Candida albicans infestation”. Infestation – caused by the orthodox cancer treatment, if you didn’t have it already. All parasites deprive you of nutrients; all parasites produce waste products some of which are toxins and carcinogens like Aflatoxin B. How can you tell if you are infected? Go and see a reflexologist, rife therapist, Scio therapy or homeopath for a Vega or BEST test. You can also have a stool test done. Or take a natural herbal supplement that can not harm you such as Natural Solutions for Parasites and Natural Solutions Candida. How do you remove the problem? 5 Steps – starve the parasite, kill the parasite, hold with effective and active probiotics, replenish your lost commensal bacteria, feed the good guys to boost levels of good bacteria. 1. Starve – cut out all cows’ milk products; yeast products (alcohol, bread, marmite, common vinegars, mushrooms); all common sugar and high glycaemic foods (like fizzy soft drinks and refined wheat); all sweet fruits (especially citrus) and cucumbers, marrows, squash; and cooked high sugar root vegetables (carrots, beetroot, parsnips). 2. Kill – many things ’work’ – like sweet wormwood (artemisinin), caprylic acid (coconut), Pau d’ Arco, Neem, garlic, black walnut, cloves, fennel, bee propolis, and hot chilies. Or purchase NATURAL SOLUTIONS PARASITE ELIMINATE and take 2 twice a day for one and a half months then reduce to 1 twice a day for one and a half months. 3. Hold – use a quality probiotic that contains L. Acidophilus, L. rhamnosus and Bifidobacteria. The first two produce lactic acid to hold pathogens in check, the bifido can attack them. L. rhamnosus also heals the gut wall and ’conducts the orchestra’ – increasing the good guys, and reducing the pathogens. Bifidobacterium infantis is excellent against gut problems like IBS. Healing your gut means you can start to heal your body. 4. Replenish – use superfoods, celery juice is one of the most powerful herbs to replenish and restore the gut, liver, and gallbladder, take spirulina, kelp or bladderwrack, and silver. Use immune boosters if you need – Natural Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, chlorella, total Vitamin E, zinc and selenium. Fish oils with added Vitamin D help gastro-intestinal deficiencies. Essiac, Biobran MGN-3, beta-glucans, astragalus, grape seed extract, cat’s claw, and echinacea all boost the immune response. 5. Feed the good guys – people who consume the highest levels of soluble natural fiber have the highest immune systems. That means eating whole oats, and pulses like lentils. Many fungi don’t leave, they just become dormant spores. Don’t let them come back to life. Stick to your diet. We do recommend that you do a spring clean of your body temple once a year, which would include a parasite cleanse. This would be Essiac Herbal Tea three times a day and 2 Parasite eliminate capsules twice a day.

Pregnancy and First Trimester Spotting

Even the smallest amount of blood is alarming – but never more so than during early pregnancy. So when exactly should you worry? Most spotting is simply that – spots of blood that can range in colour from light pink to dark brown, and it won’t affect you or your pregnancy. “You can have spotting throughout your whole pregnancy, and it can be considered normal.” Sherry Ross M.D. an ob/gyn and women’s health professional. She also says that pregnancy creates more blood flow than usual to the uterus, vagina and cervix. The first trimester is a hormonal upheaval. The ovaries, which are used to producing oestrogen and progesterone with every menstrual cycle, must now hibernate and allow your placenta to do its work. Your womb has an occupant (your baby) and that’s why you don’t experience a period or vaginal bleeding. The womb also grows bigger. It normally leans slightly forward over the bladder, but by the end of the twelfth week, it stands upright like a light bulb so that it can grow into the abdomen where there is more space. What Causes Spotting There are a number of causes of spotting. A common one is implantation bleed, which is a very light bleed when the fertilized egg imbeds into the endometrium. This usually happens when a period is due. Bright red blood, however, means trauma of some description. Because there is no blood flow to this area during pregnancy, bleeding can be caused by sex, when there is a slight tearing of the smaller lips covering the vagina (called the labia minora), the vagina or even the cervix. Undiagnosed fibroids in the womb may be disturbed by the changes of pregnancy. A fibroid is a small non-cancerous growth that is usually symptomless before getting pregnant. These may bleed when the womb stretches and changes shape. More extensive fibroids could interfere with pregnancy during the second trimester or even cause premature labour during the third trimester. Continued bleeding would be symptomatic of this condition and needs to to be investigated. Brown, dark or mucous blood is a sign of old blood. This can be caused by an infection or injury higher up in the vagina. As long as there isn’t a bad smell and it does not happen again or get worse, there is no need to worry. When there is blood on the toilet paper after wiping, this can be confused with blood from the rectum. This may be bright red, fresh blood caused by haemorrhoids, a rectal polyp (non-cancerous growth) or a tear to the rectum caused by constipation. Although you do not need to panic tell your doctor or midwife about this at your next visit. A fall (no matter how insignificant) can traumatise the womb and cause vaginal spotting. Just rest for a few hours with your feet up. If the spotting turns into bleeding phone your midwife or doctor. If you have an existing bleeding disorder you should tell your doctor about this before you get pregnant. You will need to be closely monitored by a specialist throughout your pregnancy. How Is Spotting Different to Bleeding? Spotting is a small amount of discharge. For example, there might be blood on the toilet paper when you wipe or you may need to wear a panty liner to avoid staining your underwear. Bleeding, however, is when you need to wear and change a pad. Bleeding can often be confused with period blood. Pregnant women don’t bleed, so if you are bleeding you need to see your Dr or Midwife. When To Worry When spotting turns into bleeding and you experience severe pelvic pain, a fever or feel extremely weak and anxious, this could be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy (baby growing outside the womb) and must be treated as an emergency. Bleeding with period-like pain that becomes worse after having a warm bath can be symptomatic of an early miscarriage. Miscarriages are sometimes unavoidable, but if you have had repeated miscarriages, you should phone your doctor. Steps to prevent another miscarriage (like putting a stitch into the cervix) can be done early in the pregnancy and help prevent this problem. Women who are HIV positive or have a Ph blood incompatibility should take any vaginal bleeding seriously. Bleeding gives the virus an opportunity to be transmitted to the baby and a blood group incompatibility can affect the health of the unborn baby. The cause may be insignificant ut you need to be monitored just the same.

Radiation Clear Protocol

RADIATION EXPOSURE Radiation is dangerous for everyone, and there is also a connection between women’s unprecedented health struggles and repeated exposure to radiation. The human body is more sensitive to radiation than doctors realise. It is actually a major toxin. Years ago their was an invention that shoe stores had to X-ray feet to see the bone structure without having the dose of radiation examined and regulated. This was just a shoe sales person pressing a deadly button. This happened where some people had over 800 radiation treatments in a lifetime. Causing severe radiation poisoning for millions, cancer in bones and feet. Menopause is blamed as a culprit for may women’s issues, even though their mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers had a smooth transition into menopause. Often too much toxicity in the body contributes to symptoms that are attributed to menopause, such as high levels of radiation. How many of us are aware that when a nuclear power plant releases radiation into the air, it lingers for ever, mildly irradiating food, water and the air around us. Few realise that through our skin our body absorbs particles from the air. Good and Bad. We should not really live within a 200 Kilometre radius of a nuclear power plant. Body Hair is a good filtering system, a gift from nature as a natural body process to keep harmful substances out of our system, but we can questions the elimination of hair from our body which has become very fashionable, and today has now become a part of hygiene for many men now, helping them to ride their bicycles faster and other such reasons. ELIMINATING RADIATION FORM OUR BODY Work with your health care professional. The results are faster and your will have much needed support. Eat more fruit and vegetables – most of our meat, dairy, and poultry supplies have high concentrations of radiation. These animals eat feed or grass which contains radiation. This process is called biomagnifiction which results in the toxic matter accumulating and found in larger concentrations in creatures higher up on the food chain. Help your body absorb LESS RADIATION by insisting that your body is covered with a lead apron or protection when having X-rays at the dentist. Including your throat. If you are a women having chest X-rays make sure your reproductive system is covered with a lead apron for protection. A thermogram is less risky for Breast Screening instead of mammograms. Sea vegetables are a good way to protect your organs and glands from radiation. Dulse is excellent for this – preferably collected from the Atlantic Ocean rather than the Pacific, as these have a greater capacity to absorb toxins from your system. SUPPLEMENTS 1. Natural Solutions Essiac herbal tea – This cleans the body helping remove toxins and diseased cells. 2. If Hormones are affected take Natural Solutions Red Clover Tea – 1 – 2 cups a day. 3. Natural Solutions Radiation Clear Supplement – With the following herbs to detox the body, purify the blood stream, strengthen cells, provide needed energy to the body and add easily assimilated iodine. Red Clover; Stinging Nettle; Dandelion Root and Leaf; Astragalus; Ramsom’s; Ashwagandha and Bladderwrack. 1 Capsule twice a day. 4. If you have had a lot of dental work include some Zeolite which is a mineralised clay, in liquid form is very good. This is a microporous, aluminosilicate mineral used as a adsorbent and catalyst. It can help remove radiation and heavy metals from the body. 5. Natural Solutions Heavy Metal Eliminate – 1 capsule a day helps remove heavy metals and radiation from the brain or head. 6. Include and eat as much as possible of fresh organic Blueberries, Coriander, Parsley and Garlic into salads or meals. You can make a strong cup of Stinging Nettle Tea and use this as a head rinse. It will help hair growth thinning due to radiation and or heavy metals. If you are undergoing radiation or have had radiation treatment, use ASTRAGALUS. IT HAS CANCER FIGHTING PROPERTIES, AND BOOSTS IMMUNITY. For those who will or have undergone radiation treatment this herb may prove to be a life saver. A large dose of astragalus daily works as a powerful adaptogen in the body. It contains both antibacterial and anti inflammatory phytonutrients, high levels of antioxidants and an incredible ability to boost a weakened immune system. In moderate doses it can boost heart health, liver functioning and reduce diabetes. Astragalus may also stimulate the body to produce interferons, a group of substances used by the body to defend against viral infections. The range of Natural Solutions Products work with all organs, therefore if you have a sluggish Liver include Natural Solutions Liver, etc. You will find details on these supplements in the shop. Natural Solutions helping you find a natural solutions for your good health.


HEALING SHINGLES Most people feel shingles is an open and shut case. You have been told that if you have someone with a rash, nerve pain on the side or back then it is Shingles. WRONG – The truth is that the shingles virus is responsible for millions of people’s mystery symptoms, from rashes that confound dermatologists to neurological symptoms like twitching, tingling, burning spasms, chronic migraines, headaches, and much more. Varieties of shingles are responsible for Bell’s palsy, frozen shoulder, diabetic nerve pain, colitis, vaginal burning, TMJ, Lyme disease and even misdiagnosed MS. Shingles is an illness that results in fever, headaches, rashes, joint pain, muscle pain, neck pain, sharp nerve pain, burning nerve pain, heart palpitations, and other highly unpleasant symptoms. There are 31 varieties of shingles virus. Symptoms that you could be suffering from shingles include flu-like fever and chills, headaches or migraines, aches and pains, burning pain, itching, tingling. Red rash, and or pustules blisters on the skin contain pus. The red rash always accompany the classic type of the zoster virus. Seven of the strains of shingles do cause rashes somewhere on the body BUT not only in the expected areas. TRANSMISSION AND TRIGGERS From mother while in her womb. Trough a transfusion of infected blood Exchange of bodily fluids Blood from a chef’s cut finger whilst eating out. Can carry this virus around for 1- 50 years as it hides in one of your organs, typically the liver and or spleen. Shingles waits until some traumatic physical or emotional event weakens you such as financial stress or a broken heart. It can stay in dormant stage for your entire life and never cause you any harm. Then if your immune system is a bit shaky, the virus might leave its hiding place and embark on little forays into your body even before a trigger leads to a major outbreak. The virus will typically go into your lower spine, inflaming the sciatic nerve. If you periodically feel lower back pain that seems to come and go for no apparent reason it could be a shingles virus shuttling between your liver and spine. Energetically it has the vibration of “always expecting another bad thing to happen”. DIFFERENT SYMPTOMS SAME CAUSE:- Classic shingles – rash appears anywhere from the chest on down to the feet. May include a rash on the lower back or near the top of the buttocks. UPPER BODY SHINGLES Rash appears from the chest up – upper chest, shoulders or neck but not on the arms. BOTH ARMS SHINGLES – Rash appears exclusively on both arms and on both hands. Rash has an altered pattern, somewhat spotty with large and small pustules sometimes spaced apart. ONE ARM SHINGLES – rash appears on one arm only. Not both arms. Also has an altered pattern, somewhat spotty, with large and small pustules spaced apart. HEAD SHINGLES – Rash appears on the top and sides of the head exclusively. The resulting pustules are tinier than those of the above strains, sometimes have little horns on top. BOTH LEG SHINGLES – Rash appears on both legs, but nowhere else. It has a different appearance than standard shingles, with pustules that look almost like constellations. VAGINAL AREA SHINGLES Rash that appears outside but near the vagina – e.g. between the rectum and vagina. Or lower buttocks or inside the crotch area; and often misdiagnosed as sexually transmitted herpes. SHINGLES NEUROTOXIN The virus lies much deeper positioning itself for the most effective inflammation possible of your nervous system. However the virus releases a neurotoxin and in these seven strains the viral poison travels outward to your peripheral nerves and your skin. It is this neurotoxin that causes the itchy irritable red rashes and pustules for which shingles is famous. SHINGLES WITHOUT RASHES – THERE ARE EIGHT STRAINS THAT DO NOT CAUSE A RASH NEURALGIC Shingles also known as Diabetic Neuropathy. Attacks the lower extremities, creating nerve pain, numbness and or burning in the legs and feet. (often diagnosed as a complication of diabetes. MADDENING ITCH SHINGLES – moving itch that cant be scratched. The virus is irritating nerves too far beneath the skin to be reached with fingers. No burning, but a roaming itch that you cannot do anything to relieve. VAGINAL SHINGLES – goes deep into the inner vaginal walls and inflames the nerves there. Travels inside the bladder and rectum to wreak additional havoc. (can be thought of as hormonal imbalances. COLITIS SHINGLES – Responsible for almost all cases of colitis, inflammation and bleeding in the inner lining of the colon. Intestinal pain, blood in the stool weakness and weight loss. ARM AND LEG BURNING SHINGLES – Burning hot pain in arms and legs. MOUTH SHINGLES Affects the gums and the area by the jaw. Also responsible for Bells’ Palsy and Trigeminal nerve inflammation and pain TMJ FROZEN SHOULDER SHINGLES Aggravates the nerves in the shoulder causing it to freeze up for anywhere for a month to a year. Often labelled infectious bursitis and treated with antibiotics. This makes the virus worse. BODY ON FIRE SHINGLES Whole body feels like it is on fire. PART OF THE HEALING OF SHINGLES INCLUDES A 30 DAY BODY CLEANSING – EATING PLAN. This allows the body to Detox and eliminate toxins. I have found the most helpful is a Plant Based diet for one month, then eating vegan for the following six months. HEALING with foods as medicine. FOODS THAT HELP – Wild blueberries, coconuts, papayas, red skinned apples, pears, artichokes, bananas, sweet potatoes, spinach, asparagus, lettuce (deep green or red) green beans and avocado. Pomegranates, help Detox and cleanse blood. Garlic is antiviral and antibacterial. Apricots – boosts immune system rebuild that strengthen the blood. FOODS TO AVOID All processed foods, dairy, sugar, fried foods, alcohol, pork, best meat if you are a meat eater is venison or organic lamb, avoid tinned foods and cooked tomatoes. PURCHASE THESE SUPPLEMENTS FROM A HEALTH SHIP TAKE – ALA (Alpha lipoic acid – an antioxidant that repairs and fortifies the areas of the nervous system that have been damaged by the shingles virus. Magnesium – reduces inflammation and calms nerves, which helps stop them from swelling or going into spasm. Also supports the muscles near damaged nerves. You can take this transdermally using Magnesium oil spray. MSM – restores nerves that have tightened up from inflammation to a healthy level of pliability and flexibility. VIT B 12 repairs and strengthens the areas of the nervous system that have been damaged by the virus. EPA AND DHA (eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid) – repairs and strengthens the areas of the nervous system that have been damaged by the virus. Be sure to buy a plant based not fish based version. ZINC – Lowers inflammatory reactions to the neurotoxin produced by the shingles virus. L-lysine – impairs the ability of shingles virus cells to move and reproduce. Selenium – restores damaged nerves near the skin. Spirulina (Cleanest is Hawaiian) Rebuilds the central nervous system and eliminates heavy metals. NATURAL SOLUTIONS SUPPLEMENTS Take ESSIAC HERBAL TEA – Four herbs combined to make a powerful formula that helps clean out the blood stream, and detoxes the whole body. You make this up which will be 3.5L of formula, which is stored in the fridge. You then take 50ml of this with 50ml of boiling water 3 – 4 times a day before eating, and the last dose before bedtime. NATURAL SOLUTIONS VIRUS ELIMINATE – Herbs that work in combination with the Shingles Supplement to target and kill the Epstein Barr Virus that is the root cause of Shingles. Take 1 capsule twice a day after eating SHINGLES ASSIST :Contain:- Lobelia – this herb kills the virus on contact; Feverfew- reduces inflammation in the nervous system; Liquorice root – very effective at impairing the ability of virus cells to move and reproduce; Nettle leaf- reduces the pain and inflammation of shingles rashes ; Astragalus, enhances the immune system and acts as an antibiotic. Olive leaf – Helps curb the growth of viral diseases. Lemon Balm anti viral and anti bacterial, kills EBV cells and strengthens the immune system – Anti-candida, anti-bacterial, TB, Anti-viral, nausea, anti-septic properties, antioxidants. Star Anise – anti viral helps destroy EBV in the liver and thyroid, Eye Bright, Helps to heal nerve damage in the eye area, Mullein, Helps to eliminate virus in the blood stream Dandelion Root.Overall Blood Cleanser. – Take 1 capsule three times a day after meals. WARNING This supplement has not been evaluated by the MCC (Medical Control Council) and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any ailment. We recommend you work with your healthcare practitioner. If necessary NATURAL SOLUTIONS ADRENAL FATIGUE Herbs that lifts energy during the day and heals the adrenal gland. This is taken 2 @ 11am not after 2pm as too much energy – the information on this supplement is under ADRENAL FATIGUE in our healing protocols. If the skin is itchy and red rash then purchase NATURAL SOLUTIONS SKIN and NATURAL SOLUTIONS MISTLETOE TEA YOU WOULD take 1 cup at 10am with 2 skin capsules each day. These you will find on our on line shop. For 4 weeks take NATURAL SOLUTIONS TURMERIC SUPPLEMENTS 2 Capsules twice a day – then reduce to one capsule daily for approximately 3 months.

Understanding Electromagnetic Fields (EMGs) and the dangers to your body

In today’s technology-filled world, we are surrounded by electromagnetic fields (EMFs), invisible energy fields that affect us up to 24 hours a day. Our body is bio-electric in Nature – and the electromagnetic fields today affect us deeply within our physical body. With the growth of wireless technologies, there are more questions every day, with the main one being: Are they safe? While the wireless companies and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) claim they are, there are more independent studies coming out confirming these fields carry severe health complications for society, as well as harm the environment. Moreover, further digging uncovers how corrupt the FCC is, which will not surprise many today, as more and more corporations, and institutions that are formed to help mankind are there to make money no matter what the cost. This organisation gave up its power to protect the people against EMFs a long time ago research has shown. Since the wireless industry’s growth has not stopped but sped up, it is time to arm ourselves with the knowledge to protect our families. What we know today is that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has classified EMFs as “group 2 carcinogenic: a possible carcinogen to humans,” based on studies that link cellphone use to brain cancer. Some scientists say this is not enough and urge WHO to change EMFs to a “group 1: carcinogenic to humans.” “The evidence indicating wireless is carcinogenic has increased and can no longer be ignored,” stated Dr. Anthony B. Miller, professor, cancer researcher and long-time advisor to WHO. But it is not just cellphones we need to be concerned about and the issue is associated with many diseases besides cancer. It is time to study the facts. Introduction Since the 1990s, the growing popularity and technological evolution of cellphones have brought an increasing concern for health issues related to the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation they emit. From warnings against carrying phones in our pockets due to risks of infertility to recommendations on limiting daily cellphone use because of brain cancer risks, concerned consumers and activist groups have tried to warn society of the potentially high price we are paying to have and use this technology. For the companies manufacturing smartphones and other smart devices (electronic devices that connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, 3G or other wireless protocols) this is largely about making money while avoiding and often purposely hiding the dangers. Today, there are two opposing forces that are changing our technology-filled world. On one hand, the Tech Giants are pushing more smart devices to the average consumer. What started with smartphones and Smart TVs became an agenda for Smart Homes, creating an environment that will be fully run by and integrated with technology. If having EMF radiation emitted from your cellphone, tablet, laptop, Smart TV, and Wi-Fi router is a huge health concern, can you imagine what happens if all of the home devices will be connected to a wireless network? If Smart Homes succeed, you will be able to access your fridge while out shopping to see if you ran out of eggs. While it may be convenient for some people, the price for this convenience is more than anyone has bargained for. That’s why there is a second opposing force to this — scientists, doctors, consumers, and health activists who are trying to warn people about the damaging effects of this technology. Brain cancers are on the rise, especially in children between the ages of 4 and 10 years, and their link to phone use is becoming impossible to ignore. Just last year Joel Moskowitz, Director and Principal Investigator at the Center for Family and Community Health at Berkeley’s School of Public Health, has revealed that the university was hiding scientific research linking cellphone use to brain tumours and infertility (the two biggest concerns discussed when it comes to cellphones). Moskowitz confirmed the wireless industry goes to great length to keep this kind of information out of the public eye. He also said that it reminds him of other truths that were hidden from the consumers for a long time in the past. “They’ve done a very good job at [hiding it], essentially following the same playbook that the tobacco industry used,” Moskowitz said. Until the truth about cellphones and smart, wireless technologies is fully out in the open, there are many trustworthy sources (experts such as Dr. Devra Davis of Environmental Health Trust and Director of the Center for Family and Community Health at UC Berkeley Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D.) to use to arm yourself with information on the dangers of EMFs and how to protect yourself, your home, and your family. What is EMF radiation? EMFs are electric and magnetic fields. Electric fields are created due to the high and low voltage; magnetic fields are created with various electric currents. Invisible to the naked eye, EMFs are present everywhere in the environment from natural sources such as from thunderstorms. What is a growing problem is a high concentration of these fields from man-made sources: X-rays, cellphones towers, and Wi-Fi enabled technology. EMFs have various wavelengths and frequencies; higher frequency corresponds to shorter wavelength or distance. Every one of them has a different effect on the human body, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), and they affect our pets and wild animals as well. Both electric and magnetic fields are stronger closer to their source, which is why it is dangerous to live close to a cell tower or to place Wi-Fi routers in the bedroom or to keep a cellphone next to the head when sleeping. The farther we are from these EMF sources, the safer we are. Different types of EMF radiation Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) varies from low to high frequency. There are extremely low frequency (ELF) fields with frequencies up to 300 Hz, intermediate frequency (IF) fields – between 300 Hz to 10 MHz, and radio-frequency (RF) fields. The effect of these fields on human health depends on the level, type, and duration of exposure. The magnetic field is often measured in microtesla (µT) units or in Gauss (G). [1 Gauss is equal to 100 Microtesla]. ELF fields are created by electrical power supply and appliances; RF fields are created by cellphones, television, radio, and even microwaves. Bluetooth enabled-devices (used to provide communication between these devices) also create RFs, between 2.4 GHz and 2.4835 GHz, just like a microwave. From the longest to the shortest wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum, the sources are: subways systems power lines computer monitors ultrasound radio television cellphones airport full-body scanners microwave and satellites Bluetooth Wi-Fi GPS (RFID can use low, high, and ultra-high frequencies) Suntan beds Dental Curing devices X-rays PET Scans Everything before suntan beds is considered to be non-ionising radiation, everything after ionising radiation. Ionising radiation ionises the molecules in the body, therefore setting electrons free. This has a potential to damage DNA. What about non-ionising radiation? While many government agencies say there is not enough evidence to show harm, many scientists are proving them wrong. Microwave energy between 30-300 GHz (which is non-ionising) is used as a mainstream cancer “treatment,” which we know has its side effects and negatively affects the cells, and it doesn’t differentiate between healthy cells and cancer cells. According to a study published in the International Journal of Oncology, these non-ionising EMFs have “multiple biological effects.” While all EMFs are harmful in some way, knowing the frequency of radiation is important when analysing the risks. Power lines, for example, were one of the first ELF sources to blip on the radar of public concern. They can measure at 20 µT when standing right underneath them. As early as 1979, researchers have pointed out there is a possible link between living near power lines and leukaemia in children. Another study has found that any long-term exposure higher than 0.4 µT can potentially double the risk of leukaemia. (This was later confirmed by the International Agency for Research of Cancer (IARC), a subsidiary of WHO). Even without power lines, EMFs at home can easily reach 0.2 µT, and the number will keep growing based on how many new smart technologies we are introducing. And let’s not forget the new 5G cellphone towers are coming soon. In big cities, there are even more challenges and EMF hazards. For example, in Vancouver, there is the Cathedral Square Park which stands above an underground substation. Anyone walking in the park is exposed to radiation between 0.2 µT to 10 µT – way above the radiation levels linked to leukaemia. Can you imagine that some parents might take their children to this park on a regular basis without any idea what it is doing to their health? Then walking back home, they are exposed to cellphone towers, and then at home to EMFs from different devices. How is this permitted? Sadly, most official safety guidelines are based on outdated science that does not even come close to predicting the increasingly negative effect all of the new technology brings. Besides the ELFs, IFs, and RFs, many devices at home produce thermal radiation: radiation emitted by all objects with a temperature above absolute zero. Thermal radiation often leads to burns, sometimes bad enough to require hospital treatment. According to a study published by Hindawi regarding Case Reports in Emergency Medicine: Aerodigestive tract burns represent a rare but potentially devastating injury pattern throughout the world. Although the majority of these injuries do not require intervention, these burns have the potential for poor outcomes. Traditionally this disease has been caused by superheated gases found in explosions or fire-related injury. However, as technology advances, it brings novel methods for an injury that require physician awareness of potential hazards. We describe a case of laryngeal and oesophageal thermal burn caused by a microwave heated food bolus. Cancers are the first concern when it comes to EMFs, followed by fertility issues. But there are many more health problems that are not often talked about. Today you can purchase a SafeSleeve: The iPhone Case That Blocks Radiation and RFID Health risks of EMF-emitting technology It has been well-established that short-term exposure to high levels of EMFs above 100 µT is dangerous, but now scientists are coming to a conclusion that there is no safe limit of EMFs when it comes to long-term exposure of at least 10 years. In 2012, the BioInitiative Working Group (BWG) released a 1,557-page report on low-frequency EMFs and their health dangers based on the work of many independent scientists, researchers, and experts in this field. The main reason for all of the health issues, as they explain in detail, is because humans are “bioelectrical systems.” Our bodies are functioning based on internal bioelectric signals and artificial EMFs can disrupt any and all of the body’s normal processes. “There may be no lower limit at which exposures do not affect us. Until we know if there is a lower limit below which bioeffects and adverse health impacts do not occur, it is unwise from a public health perspective to continue “business-as-usual” deploying new technologies that increase ELF and RF exposures, particularly involuntary exposures,” the report concludes. Involuntary exposure includes inserting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities in devices that one may not need connectivity for: like cameras and television sets, not to mention refrigerators. It also includes cellphone towers that can be put up close to someone’s home without their knowledge of the potential health risks. It’s bad enough to chance health risks while doing something you choose to do; it’s another issue when it is done to you without your knowledge or permission…especially when the health risks are this severe. (With proper knowledge of the issue, however, you can protect yourself and your loved ones). “For the first time in our evolutionary history, we have generated an entire secondary, virtual, densely complex environment — an electromagnetic soup — that essentially overlaps the human nervous system,” said Michael Persinger, Ph.D., a neuroscientist at Laurentian University. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity Besides a huge list of known disorders that EMFs may trigger or even cause, EMFs are also the culprit for a new type of diagnosis with symptoms that do not fit any disease, yet are life-altering. This diagnosis is accepted by the medical community and is best described by WHO. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity or EHS is a disorder characterised by various symptoms related to EMF exposure. These can be: Skin issues: redness, burning Fatigue Concentration problems Dizziness Nausea Heart palpitations Digestive issues WHO, however, fails to consider all of the research done and suggest these individuals protect themselves from EMFs. Instead, as always, they are only focused on treating the symptoms. A court case in France, however, has previously recognised EHS as a disability when granting a 39-year-old Marine money for her debilitating symptoms. After winning the case, Ms. Richard said: “We know how to make much less polluting technologies. That said, it’s a political choice,” suggesting that the tech companies can make safer technologies; they just don’t care to. In her case, her symptoms changed her life but were not life-threatening. In other cases, EMF can increase the risk of very severe diseases. EMFs and brain tumours and cancers “While the government has deemed RF radiation to be safe, there is no current significant research to make this claim,” a Swedish study stated. More than a dozen independent studies have linked RF radiation from cellphones and other EMF-emitting devices to increased risk for brain tumours. It has been shown that those who used a cellphone for at least 10 years had higher rates of tumours. The risk was magnified if they usually talked on the same side of the head. When they switched sides, the risk was increased by 20 percent, but when they talked on one side only — the risk increased by 200 percent. Another study linked brain tumours to professions who receive EMF exposure such as electrical workers. Famous brain cancer stories and cellphone radiation The recent case of Sen. John McCain’s brain cancer (glioblastoma) has raised questions on whether his disease was linked to cellphone use. Like most other politicians, he spent a whole lot of time talking on the phone. Scientists have calculated that brain tumours caused by radiation can take 10-15 years to develop; since many people started using smartphones around that time, it is possible that we will see an increase of brain cancers in the future (we already have seen in it in children and one study suggests that cellphone use doubles the risk). A 2017 study found a significant correlation between cellphone use and glioma (glioblastoma, McCain’s cancer is a type of glioma). Another study found that when male rats are exposed to nine hours of daily cellphone radiation for two years, they develop malignant tumours, including gliomas. Finally, a 2010 paper confirmed that using a cellphone on one side of the head leads to cancer. After 10-years of talking on the phone for just 30 minutes a day, study subjects had a 40 percent increase in glioma risk. Most of us talk on the phone more than that, and McCain likely spoke on the phone for longer than 30 minutes a day for business matters. Another famous brain cancer story is of Johnnie Cochran, a prominent attorney most know for the O.J. Simpson trial. Cochran passed from a brain tumour and his doctor suggested that it may have been linked to his cellphone use. Dr. Keith Black, the head of neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, has told CNN that he believes cellphones do indeed cause cancer and that scientific research will show what he is already seeing in his patients. “One of the studies that is very concerning has been a story out of Europe that looked at a long-term exposure to the use of cellphones over a period of 10 years,” he states. “And when patients or people were exposed to over 2,000 hours of cellphone use — which is about an hour a day for 10 years — that study reported about a 3.7-fold increase in the risk of developing brain cancer.” Cochran used his cellphone on one side of his head — the left — side and his tumour was on the left. This is not only confirmed by the 2010 study described above, but also seen in real life in Dr. Black’s patients. “There have been some studies that show a correlation between the side that you use a cellphone on [and] the side that you develop a brain tumour on…We see tumours developing in the location – close to the location that people do use cellphones,” he said. These two famous cases remind us to keep out phone use to a minimum and switch which sides of the head we use when talking. EMFs and childhood leukaemia When it comes to cancers, EMFs affect more than adults — children are also at risk, maybe an even bigger risk because their bodies are more vulnerable. As previously discussed, there has been evidence that living near power lines has been associated with higher risk of childhood leukaemia, a blood cancer, and the most common cancer in children. A 2015 report by the European project ARIMMORA, after looking at the data associating leukaemia with EMFs, recommended that all child canters, kindergartens, and schools be built away from high voltage power lines. Since power lines are low-frequency EMFs, other ELFs were also classified as possible human carcinogens by WHO. Another study has shown that these ELFs increase the risk of leukaemia at much lower levels than the safety standard allows. A WHO report concluded, based on two pooled analyses, that at a 0.3 to 0.4 µT EMF exposure two times more children may get leukaemia than at lower exposures. This level of exposure is not rare. For example, if a child (or an adult) sleeps with an electric blanket, they will be exposed to between 1 µT to 2.5 µT. A television produces a field of 2 µT. Talking on the phone can reach a 3 µT exposure. Today, more than ever, it is important to keep EMF emitting devices away from where the child sleeps and turned off at night. These include cellphones, tablets, computers and laptops, Wi-Fi routers, and video game consoles. “There is little doubt that exposure to ELF causes childhood leukaemia,” the BWG report stated. Childhood leukaemia is on the rise, which is why we need to guard the children against EMF exposure. Even when the exposure is too low to cause cancer as a child, the many years of early exposure for a not-fully-developed organism can lead to other cancers as an adult. EMFs and other cancers Adult leukaemia: While children are at the highest risk of cancer when living near power lines, it was also found that adults who live not farther than 300 meters from a power line were also at a higher risk for leukaemia. The 2007 study in the Internal Medicine Journal points to the conclusion that living near a power line as a child can cause cancer as an adult. Breast cancer: The occurrence of breast cancer was increased in numerous studies not only in women but also in men when they were exposed to EMFs. “The evidence from studies on women in the workplace rather strongly suggests that ELF is a risk factor for breast cancer for women with long-term exposures of 10 mG and higher,” according to the MWG report. Studies have shown that EMFs between 6 and 12 mG can get in a way of melatonin’s protective effect on the body, therefore permitting the growth of breast cancer cells. Long-term exposure to ELFs reduces melatonin in the body, leaving it vulnerable. Prostate cancer: Workers who were exposed to higher frequencies were reported twice as likely to die from prostate cancer as those exposed to lower levels of EMFs. Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma: Chances of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma were also increased for workers exposed to EMFs. Skin cancer: Living next to power lines was reported to increase the chance of malignant melanoma. EMFs also have been linked by some studies to thyroid, stem cell, lymph node, and eye cancers. EMFs and DNA damage One of the reasons for EMF radiation potentially causes or increases the risk of different cancers is because it may damage DNA. DNA damage may lead to cancer cells multiplying rapidly and not dying. DNA damage can be caused by many environmental factors, including exposure to toxic chemicals. Some studies have provided evidence that both ELFs and RFs can negatively affect the genes, therefore disrupting the body’s biological processes. This can not only lead to cancer but many diseases, especially chronic ones. When the European research program called REFLEX did tests on DNA, they found significant changes in biological functions. They documented altered genes and genotoxic effects in the cells. “Genotoxic effects and a modified expression of numerous genes and proteins after EMF exposure could be demonstrated with great certainty,” the researchers found. Most importantly, while some claim that EMFs from cellphones is too low to do harm, this research has shown that cells react negatively to RF exposure of SAR levels 0.3-2 W/kg. Most cellphones fall in between these numbers. iPhone 6, for example, measures at 1.18 W/kg when 5mm away from the body (talking distance). EMF and the immune system Just as ELFs and RFs can damage the cells on the DNA level, they can also mess with the immune system. When our natural defence system encounters an unwanted exposure, be it a chemical, a virus or EMFs, it sends out signals and produces responses to warn the body of the threat and get rid of it. When constantly exposed to these environmental hazards, there is a constant production of stress responses without an actual way to fix the problem. This leaves the body in a vulnerable state that leads to inflammation and a heightened risk of allergic responses. It’s no wonder that Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is sometimes referred to as EMF-allergy. The body releases inflammatory substances to try to fight EMFs, and this can lead to allergy-like reactions: skin issues and allergic hypersensitivity. EMFs and fertility issues After the issue of cellphones and brain cancer, the other big one that most have probably heard of is cellphones hurting reproductive health. There has been a growing concern that men carrying a cellphone in a pants pocket (without an EMF-protective case) have a lower sperm count. This has been confirmed by at least 10 different studies on humans which have shown very similar results, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG). All of these studies conclude that cellphones stored in pockets lead to: Lower sperm count Decreased sperm vitality Sperm damage Oxidative stress DNA damage This is a growing issue as currently about 15 percent of couples of reproductive age cannot conceive, and in half of the cases it’s due to fertility issues in men. A study in the Fertility and Sterility Journal found that one-quarter of the sperm stop swimming after being exposed to Wi-Fi for just four hours. “We speculate that keeping a laptop connected wirelessly to the internet on the lap near the testes may result in decreased male fertility,” researchers said. Other studies suggest that not only carrying a cellphone but also talking on the phone lowers the sperm count. A 2005 study has shown that men who talk on the phone for longer than an hour a day have 17 percent fewer sperm than men who talk for less than 15 minutes. There have not been good studies done to look at the reproductive health of women and cellphones, but many studies have shown how it negatively affects the foetus and its development (continue reading about this topic below under Children’s Health.) EMFs and suicides EMF exposure does not only affect physical and mental health (brain function) – emotional health is also disturbed. A few studies have found a link between EMFs and depression and suicides. A study published in The Western Journal of Medicine looked at 140,000 male electricity workers and found a strong association between their exposure to EMFs and suicides. Another couple of dozen studies point to the same conclusion: “Low-intensity, non-thermal microwave EMFs produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects.” These effects include depression and anxiety. Suicides are more common with severe exposures, such as of those working on power lines; living under one may also increase the risk. EMFs and children health: ADHD, autism Not only are the FFC guidelines not strict enough, they are also based on studies done on 200 adults 20 years ago. Children are likely to be more severely affected by the same devices all around us. The American Academic of Paediatrics wrote a letter to the FCC urging them to look into the issue, saying the “current FCC standards do not account for the unique vulnerability and use patterns specific to pregnant women and children.” Children’s bodies are more susceptible to any type of harm, including EMFs. They are more vulnerable than adults; therefore we need to be even more cautious exposing children to EMFs. We have already discussed children’s leukaemia, but this is not the only life-altering disease to worry about. Some studies have suggested that in some cases ADHD and even autism can be linked to EMF exposure. ADHD has similar symptoms to electromagnetic hypersensitivity, a condition acknowledged by the WHO as a new diagnosis caused by EMFs. Both conditions cause: Problems concentrating Memory problems Anxiety Behavioural problems Sleep issues A 2008 Danish study looked at 13,000 children and their mothers’ phone use, both during the mothers’ pregnancies and after birth. What was found is that cellphone exposure increases the risk of emotional problems in children by 80 percent, same goes for hyperactivity and problems communicating with peers. And when it comes to autism, some studies have also found a correlation. A 2009 study by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt discovered that mothers exposed to EMFs during their pregnancies and children exposed to EMFs when sleeping are both contributing (and maybe even causative) factors to neurological issues in children, including autism. Protecting children from EMFs is of utmost importance. This starts before the child is born by shielding the mother from radiation while pregnant. When the child is born, make sure they get the room with the lowest EMF levels (measure it yourself), turn off Wi-Fi when you are not using it (choose corded internet), keep cellphones, tablets and even baby monitors away from children. A 2014 report summarises well why children are at bigger risk than adults and need to be protected: Children absorb more radiation than adults. Foetuses are even more vulnerable than children, which is why pregnant women need to be careful to not expose themselves to EMFs. Electronic devices should not be used as toys for a toddler to play with. EMFs and other health issues Brain Function and the Nervous System: EMF exposure has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease (nervous system disorders), according to a report on “Extremely Low Frequency Fields” by WHO. Just like with breast cancer, melatonin can protect the brain from these two diseases, and ELFs reduce melatonin, therefore increasing the risk for a disease. Long-term ELF exposure also changes the body’s calcium levels and produces oxidative stress, which then damages the body because of toxicity. Laboratory studies have shown that the nervous system is sensitive to ELFs (and that is true for humans and animals). One of the studies confirming this was led by Dr. Nora D. Volkow, a brain imaging scientist. She and her team found that even the lowest levels of EMFs affect the brain. The changes in the brain could be seen in PET scans after just a 50-minute phone call. This and other studies have confirmed that cellphone use can alter brain activity and brain function; it can also hurt memory and abilities to learn and think fast. This issue can have one of the biggest consequences on society. If the larger population is at risk for decline in cognition, no matter how small, the sheer number of people affected would produce immeasurable harm on the health and economy in the country. Other health effects: Migraines and vertigo: A 2009 Danish study examined 420,095 adults and found that long-term cellphone use contributed to 10-20 percent increased risk of being hospitalised for migraines and vertigo episodes. Asthma: A 2011 study found that children born to mothers who were exposed to stronger EMFs have three times more risk of developing asthma. Enzyme issues: A 2014 study on cows has shown that EMF exposure can decrease or even disable functions of some enzymes. Vision loss: A study on rabbits who were exposed to common electronics has shown that the thermal waves can damage the cornea. Insomnia: When airport surveillance operators were studied in 2013, it was found that their exposure to high-frequency EFs led to insomnia, as well as anxiety and depression. Headache: A 2017 report linked cellphone use to headaches based on 40 different studies. Long-term exposure to EMFs has caused people to have the following symptoms: grogginess dizziness problems concentrating tinnitus fatigue problems with balance pain inflammation ageing too fast hormonal issues liver damage Human body is electric Humans are highly susceptible to EMFs because the human body is a conductor of electricity; it allows electricity to flow through it. It also produces electricity to communicate between cells. Even the heart wouldn’t beat without this electricity! The body relies on electricity for survival, so it comes as no surprise that being affected by electromagnetic fields on a daily basis messes up all of its normal functions. Dr. Robert Becker, called “the father of electromedicine,” spent his lifetime studying the human body and its connection to electricity. At first, he was laughed at, but after he succeeded at using electricity to grown bones his research started to get noticed by some. As early as the 1970s, he started warning people that EMFs are harmful and yet no one listened. Today, his research that was way ahead of his time is extremely timely. “The greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. I consider that to be a far greater threat on a global scale than warming, or the increase of chemical elements in the environment,” he wrote. Read more on the subjects in the book “The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life” by Robert Becker and Gary Selden. Dirt Cheap DIY EMF Protection for Your Cell Phone! An error occurred. Try watching this video on www.youtube.com, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser. Variables that heighten health risk There are many variables that come into play when it comes to calculating your personal risk of EMFs affecting your health. The first one is age. Children and teens are more susceptible to both DNA damage and the radiation disturbing the body’s natural processes and causing inflammation, which leads to many other conditions. Unborn foetuses are at high risk of developmental issues when exposed to EMFs. Children absorb radiation more and accumulate it over time, which can lead to issues immediately or far in the future. Pregnant women should guard themselves against EMFs, not just for the health of their unborn child, but also to prevent a bigger risk of miscarriage. Other populations that are more vulnerable to EMFs include the elderly and people who are already sick or malnourished. Because EMFs affect the body on the cellular level, these groups of people do not have enough strength in their bodies to protect from DNA damage and inflammation. If DNA damage happens, their bodies do not have enough energy to fix the damage. Another group under a bigger risk are workers who are constantly around electromagnetic fields: subway workers, cellphone network operating technicians, power line technicians, and many others. For everyone else, the risk factors include levels of exposure, time and frequency of exposure, and location and distance from the source of radiation. Using the following electrical items also increases the risk: cellphones, computers, cooking appliances, hair dryers, and sewing machines. Worst personal and household items for EMR The USA Environmental Protection Agency recommends to not exceed the EMF exposure of more than .5-2.5mG (Mil-gauss) for safety. However, most home appliances measure much higher than that when standing right next to them. Whenever possible, stand at least three feet away from any electronics and devices. Believe it or not, one of the worst sources are hair dryers. At a 4-inch distance from the body, you can be exposed to between 60 and 20,000 mG. When it comes to choosing a hairdryer or any other item for your home, do your research and choose the ones with the lowest possible levels of EMF. For example, Bar-bar ECO8000 hair dryer measures at 4.1mG. Still higher than the EPA’s recommended safe limit, but much lower than its competitors. Other items with highest mG include: Fluorescent lamp: 400-4,000 mG Vacuum cleaner: 230-1,300 mG Microwave oven: 100-500 mG Blender: 50-220 mG Washing machine: 8-200 mG Television: 5-100 mG Airplane: 50 mG Coffee maker: 6-29 mG Computer: 4-20 mG These EMF measurements are of simple appliances and has not even taken Wi-Fi or Bluetooth into account, and soon, most will have that capability – adding extra layers of radiation to using them. Here are some of the worst items in your home, and how to minimise your risk when using them. EMF source: cCellphones and smartphones Cellphones are becoming one of the biggest hazards of the 21st century. For starters, we use them all the time. Statistics show that a regular person looks at the phone about 46 times every day, spending up to five hours on it. But even when not using it, the phone is likely next to us, in our pocket, and even next to our heads when sleeping (it is so important to keep your phone away or even turned off when sleeping!) Studies have shown that sleeping next to a cellphone leads to poor sleep and impaired memory and learning abilities. When talking on the phone, its radiation easily penetrates the head. This is even more dangerous for children, whose skull is still much thinner than adult skulls. Studies show that talking on a phone for at least 30 minutes a day can increase the risk of brain cancer, but it can also lead to the following side effects and health issues: Cardiovascular stress Changes in brain activity DNA damage Eye problems Fatigue Headaches Melatonin insufficiency Memory problems To protect yourself while using a cellphone, the experts recommend to: Use hand-free options such as speakerphone, regular headphones (not Bluetooth), or video call – anything that will keep the phone away from your head. Never put the phone in your pocket unprotected. Get an EMF-blocking case for it, or put it on a belt clip. Keep it as far away from your body as possible. Avoid using the cellphone when it only has one bar. To compensate for low-signal, the device will emit more radiation. Never put your cellphone next to your head when sleeping. Keep it as far away as possible, or better yet, put it on airplane mode. Switch the side of the head you are using to talk on the phone. Studies have shown that switching it up has 10 times less negative effect than using the phone on the same side of the head all your life. Choose texting over talking. Do not encourage children to start using cellphones young. Their bodies are not fully developed and have fewer barriers that protect them from environmental dangers including EMF radiation. Buy a cellphone with the lowest SAR rating (Specific Absorption Rate). Choosing a phone with the lowest SAR SAR is a measurement of the rate RF is absorbed by the body. The lower the SAR, the safer the cellphone is. SAR value is important to know about talking phone calls or sending text messages. When using 4G or Wi-Fi the RF levels will be higher. Nonetheless, buying a cellphone with low SAR is better. Here are 10 phones recommended by PhoneRated that have a low SAR value, but are also from top rated cellphones (the list has been updated in January 2018). The SAR value is when the phone is next to the ear. The Samsung J7 Max (0.71 SAR) The Kyocera DuraXE (0.53 SAR) The Samsung Galaxy J3 (o.618 SAR) The Samsung Galaxy j7 pro (0.567 SAR) The ZTE Max Duo LTE (0.46 SAR) The Ulefone Power (0.323 SAR) The LG V30 Plus (0.71 SAR) The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 (0.51 SAR) The Ulefone Future (0.226 SAR) The Yezz Andy 5T (0.278 SAR) And then there are some phones have the highest SAR level. EMFAcademy has made a list of cellphones with the heist SAR level. These are: Motorola Droid Maxx (1.54 SAR) Motorola Droid Ultra (1.54 SAR) Motorola Moto E (1.50 SAR) Alcatel One Touch Evolve (1.49 SAR) Huawei Vitria (1.49 SAR) Kyocera Hydro Edge (1.48 SAR) Kyocera Kona (1.45 SAR) Kyocera Hydro XTRM (1.44 SAR) Nokia Asha 503 (1.43 SAR) BlackBerry Z30 (1.41 SAR) Carrier network plays a role in radiation exposure A much less-known piece of information is the growing evidence that the type of the carrier one uses affects the levels of EMFs emitted by the phone as much as the type of phone itself. “Network technology plays a major role in determining the level of radiation to which a mobile device user may be exposed,” revealed the EWG. Yet the FCC is hiding the information from the consumers. No matter what phone and carrier you have, there are ways to minimise your EMF exposure coming from that phone. EMF-protection for the phone No matter how low the SAR level is, each phone still emits various amounts of radiation — way worse if the phone is using a 4G network, is connected to Wi-Fi, or is using a GPS. To minimise your exposure to EMFs while using or even just carrying the phone, you may want to purchase a protective sleeve or case. SafeSleeve makes anti-radiation cases for phones (as well as tablets and laptops) that block up to 99 percent of all radiation as tested by FCC accredited labs. It uses a military-grade material to block radiation so you can talk on the phone safely. It also protects you from radiation when the phone is in your pocket or lying next to you. LessEMF also collects great items for sale to protect the consumers from cellphones EMFs and other sources. You can purchase an air tube headset to use when talking; a shielding phone pouch to protect your head during phone calls and your body when carrying the phone around; or a shielded cellphone holster – useful for men who do not want to keep carrying the phone in their pockets. EMF source: Wi-Fi Using Wi-Fi is now the most popular way to connect to the internet. At home, most of us no longer have corded internet. Coffee shops, airports, and even major supermarkets offer free Wi-Fi to their customers. (France has Wi-Fi in most public parks around Paris). Wi-Fi, like other EMF sources, promotes tumours and cancers, and lead to other diseases. “Wi-Fi could have a variety of negative health effects,” Moskowitz said, such as neurodevelopmental and reproductive issues. While escaping it in public places may be an impossible task, at home, there are ways to protect ourselves from it. If you cannot get or do not choose to get wired internet (while it is still possible!) there are ways to use Wi-Fi more safely. Keep your Wi-Fi router as far away from living spaces as possible. Turn it on only when you are using it. Absolutely turn it off at night. Buy A JRS Eco-WiFi Router. It is a safer alternative that uses lower EMF functionality. Disable Wi-Fi on your phone, tablet, laptop, Smart TV, printer, and other devices when not using them. Buy Signal Tamer, adjustable shielding pouch for Wi-Fi Router that reduces radiation. Smart Meters: Smart Meters are one of the newest additions to our home EMFs, and until a few years ago not many knew of their existence. Smart Meters are a part of s “smart grid,” a wireless utility grid that allows data to be transported from each household to the utility companies. This switch from older meters (which were not wireless) caused a lot of controversies when these meters started catching on fire, and there has been the talk of these meters charging the household more money. These issues are no longer in the news, and it seems that most people forgot that now almost every one of us has a smart meter next to our home, and this meter creates a huge EMF. The Smart Meter is as bad as a cellphone, but you cannot turn it off, and you never asked for one. There is not much you can about this right now. Mainly, locate the smart meter and measure its field, and try to avoid these areas in your house. You can also buy a Smart Meter shield to block the microwave signals it emits. For further information about this subject, watch the documentary “Take Your Power Back.” EMF Source: Computers, Laptops and Tablets Computers, laptops, and tablets emit EMFs in various ways. In a desktop computer, the radiation is coming from the computer tower, which you can cover with a magnetic foil wrap to reduce EMFs. It comes from the desktop, which can be protected with a screen shield. Lastly, any wireless parts, a keyboard or a mouse, cause extra unnecessary radiation. Be sure to purchase wired ones instead (and choose low EMF options). In a laptop, a high electromagnetic field is emitted from underneath it. Never put your laptop on your lap without a protective pad that blocks radiation. Radiation also comes from the keyboard. You may want to choose to shield the keyboard completely and buy a safer USB one to connect to it. Tablets and iPads should be placed in a protective pouch when not in use, and the pouch can be used to place it between you and that tablet when it is on your lap. Just like with laptops, you do not want to place any EMF sources directly on your body. All of the products for shielding can be found on LessEMF.com EMF source: personal care devices What may come as a surprise to many is that some of the most hazardous EMF sources are a few personal care products: hair dryers, electric shavers, and electric toothbrushes. According to WHO, the first two are the top sources of EMF radiation in the home, primarily because they are used so close to the body. The only solution to this is to avoid using these products whoever possible. Let your hair dry naturally, use a regular shaver, and a good old toothbrush. Home appliances: At home, there are many appliances that emit EMFs: like your TV, toaster oven, stereo, and many others. The main thing to do is keep as much distance as possible from these items when they are in use. The level of radiation is lower the farther you are from the source. It is important to stay away from a microwave when using it or better yet, throw it out completely. Microwaves use radio waves between 300 MHz and 3 GHz. With age, they can leak radiation through the door when it gets old or damaged, according to WHO. If you use a microwave, replace it when needed, or get a convection oven instead. Just make sure to stand at least 10 feet away from it when it is on. It is also wise to stay away from all smart electronic, such as a smart refrigerator, voice-controlled virtual assistants, smart security cameras, a smart thermostat, smart pet cameras and any devices you can access with your phone. They have a wireless connection that emits unnecessary radiation. Measuring and minimising EMFs in your home Every home is different based on the surrounding area, your neighbours, and devices you have at home. Do you live close to a cell tower? Do you live in an apartment complex with only thin walls between you and your neighbours and their electronics? Do you use Wi-Fi or a Smart TV at home? Do you have a Smart Meter? All of these factor into how much radiation you are exposed to at home. Given all the variables, the best way to know is to purchase devices to measure EMF levels yourself. There are two devices most commonly used for this task. The first is the Trifield Flat Frequency Meter, which measures magnetic, electric, and analog radiation from house wiring, microwaves, light switches, cars, TVs, computers, and other electronics. To get a sense of how your household devices affect your body compare the radiation measurement at different distances: stand with the measuring device really close to the object such as microwave then step back to see how far you need to be to minimise the exposure while it is in use. The second popular measurement device is Acoustimeter. This one measures RFs from Wi-Fi routers, laptops, cellphones, tablets, smart meters, and other smart technology. As an experiment, measure the radiation coming from your cellphone when it is on, but every connectivity it has is off (WiFi, wireless network, Bluetooth, and GPS). Then play around with turning on just one a time to see which one is the worst. Phones are the safest in airplane mode, but that only works if you are keeping a phone around to make calls (have to exit the plane mode), not to receive them. We recommend keeping the phone on, but turning off all of its other functions: most importantly, Wi-Fi and 4G. This is the safest compromise we have found. The phone then loses its smart functions, but the radiation is minimised. Whenever you need to use the smart functions, such as apps or the internet, only then should you turn 4G or Wi-Fi on, but try to limit that also to do only what is absolutely necessary, then turn everything off again. EMF exposure outside your home It is possible to protect your home from EMFs or at least to minimise their impact. But when you go outside, you are confronted with forces you cannot control. The biggest issue in the outside world today is cellphone towers. Cellphone towers in your neighbourhood With the increase of cellphone use and new phone carriers popping up, there is also an increase of cell towers that are being built to keep the signal strong. These towers are used for Wi-Fi, wireless 4G networks, and Bluetooth devices. While it may be good for making phone calls, it is definitely bad for your health. Each tower has different heights, and the tallest ones can reach as far as 45 miles over level terrain. The closer you are to a tower, the worse it is for your health. While harder to avoid when driving around (especially in big cities), it is important to live and work as far away from one as possible. You can locate cell towers in your neighbourhood by going to AntennaSearch.com. This site also shows cell towers that are planned to be built for the future, so that if you are moving, you can do your research and know what to expect. Cell Tower Politics: FCC corruption and wireless lobbying Reports have shown for years that cell towers may not be as “safe” as the industry claims they are. A 2010 review published by Harvard University found that “some research does exist to warrant caution in infrastructure siting.” One of the studies reviewed found that the closer people live to a cell tower, the worse is their symptoms of nausea, eye problems, depression, problems concentrating, dizziness, lower libido, and even difficulties moving. A study in Egypt had the same findings. Indian scientists Sivani Saravanamuttu and D. Sudarsanam reported changes on the cellular level that lead to these health issues. These studies are dismissed and ignored by the wireless industry and the FCC. The FCC, due to high levels of lobbying, are closing their eyes to any potential problems, and letting the wireless companies do what they want. Starting with The Telecommunication Act of 1996, “the most lobbied bill in history,” the FCC has started to give their power away. Corruption is at the heart of the cell tower take-over. Cellphone manufacturers and wireless service providers have their own lobbying group called PCIA: The Wireless Infrastructure Association and many of its members, including the CEO are former FCC employees. It’s one of the biggest revolving doors. The CTIA (an organisation representing the whole wireless industry) credits the Clinton Administration in giving them the green light for this exponential growth – the grows that soon brings 5G towers, closer to your home and stronger than ever. High-radiation 5G cellphone towers When the 3G towers first came to Europe in the early 2000s, many people started feeling ill. Then came the 4G LTE network that gave the users more capabilities for a faster internet and a way to stream videos. The new technology came with a price; 4G cell towers had higher power and therefore higher radiation level. Now in 2018, we see the newest trend of new 5G towers. They will have even more powerful signal, thus even more radiation. And the most concerning is that there will be more of them, and they will be able to be legally installed close to people’s homes. The new 5G grid is set to be completed by 2020. California already has seen its share of towers in the plans — 50,000 of them, and people have been protesting. “Neighbourhoods would be seeing something the size of refrigerators going up on street poles and could say nothing to stop it,” said San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo to CBS News San Francisco. Multiple bills have been popping up in the Senate: some to allow 5G towers to be built without the residents’ permission, while other bills attempt to protect the public. The best thing you can do now is aware of the bills that are being passed and voice your opinion about them. Full-body scanners at the airport The last EMF source outside your home to be aware of is the full-body scanners at the airport. These machines have been installed at every airport after 9/11 to see through the person’s clothes in case they are hiding a questionable object. The machines that to date have not caught a single terrorist are not only “unreliable,” according to TSA itself, but they also subject everyone who flies to a high-dose of radiation. The TSA claims they are safe, and yet they refuse to make these scanners available for independent testing. Scientists and cancer experts are questioning the machines’ health safety. “There’s no real data on these machines, and in fact, the best guess of the dose is much, much higher than certainly what the public thinks,” said John Sedat, a biochemistry and biophysics professor at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). When flying, ask to “opt-out” of the scanner and request a manual pat-down instead. Signs of EMF pollution in the environment The signs of EMF-caused destruction in our world are visible not only to human health, and the health of pets, but is also evident in our environment. Have you seen birds that “forgot” to migrate during the winter? Birds use the Earth’s natural magnetic field to help their annual migration, to know where to go and when to go. German researchers found that today the birds are simply confused by the electromagnetic “noise” in their environment. Their natural navigation functions start making mistakes. This has led to birds either not migrating at all or migrating in the wrong, random direction. “It’s significant because we found a very clear, repeatable effect of electromagnetic noise made by electrical equipment that prevents a bird, in this case, a European robin, from using its magnetic compass,” said Henrik Mouritsen, one of the study’s co-authors. This is not the only negative effect the birds are experiencing. A 2005 study looked at storks that suddenly exhibited aggressive behaviour as well as reproductive issues, and problems with coordination. The study linked it to EMF exposure from phone masts. Same researchers found other studies with the same conclusion but for different bird species. While birds fly long distances and are exposed to different levels of EMFs depending on their location, what about animals who stay in the same spot all of their lives? When exposed to cellphone radiation during pregnancy, 32 percent of calves developed cataracts caused by oxidative stress, according to a Swiss study. Chicks, when hatched after exposure to microwave radiation, developed deformities. The list of animals affected by RFs continues. Tadpoles lost coordination and experienced a high mortality rate of 90 percent after being exposed to EMFs from three sources 140 meters away. Antarctic krill, just like birds, were found completely disoriented. Ants lost their memory. It has also been suggested that the fast disappearance of bees may be partly due to the EM pollution. Also affected are: butterflies, cockroaches, and flies. Finally, even plants show the damaging effect of EMFs. Duckweed was observed to produce a stress response when exposed to 400 and 900 MHz radiation (microwaves). Same happened to tomato plants. Rose bushes stunted their growth. A 2016 study concluded that EMF exposure affects the plants’ ability to grow and fight off diseases, pests, and fungus because the radiation changes their metabolism, thus disturbing normal functions. It’s evident that EMF pollution is hurting humanity and our environment. So why is the government not doing anything? Cell Phone Radiation Safety Tips With Dr Sanjay Gupta on Anderson Cooper 360 An error occurred. Try watching this video on www.youtube.com, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser. Concerned scientists and activists speak out In 2015, almost 200 scientists from all over the world signed an open letter to the United Nations urging them to make stricter regulations regarding cellphones, Wi-Fi, and other devices emitting EMFs. “We are scientists engaged in the study of biological and health effects of non-ionising electromagnetic fields (EMF). Based on peer-reviewed, published research, we have serious concerns regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices. These include — but are not limited to — radio-frequency radiation (RFR) emitting devices, such as cellular and cordless phones and their base stations, Wi-Fi, broadcast antennas, smart meters, and baby monitors as well as electric devices and infrastructures used in the delivery of electricity that generates extremely-low-frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF),” their letter states. Health agencies of six nations (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, Finland, and Israel) have also spoken for the reduction of EMF exposure, especially when it comes to children. The Vienna Medical Association (Austria) has cautioned children under 16 years of age against using cellphones at all. All of this led to the European Parliament to pass a resolution urging countries to change their safety standards – lower allowed exposure limit. A few places around the world have proposed safer, stricter laws regarding cellphone radiation. However, this is still not enough. The tech companies are creating more and smarter technologies, all of which emit EMFs. The U.S. agencies have also mainly ignored any concerns (most likely because of money). Actually, the FCC has previously removed some warnings about EMFs from their sites completely. Investigative journalist Norm Alster published a report called “Captured Agency” in 2015 to show that the FCC is completely in the hands of the wireless industry, which is why the regulations set in place are not to protect the consumer. Therefore, we, as consumers, need to learn how to protect ourselves. SafeSleeve EMF Test With and Without An error occurred. Try watching this video on www.youtube.com, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser. How to minimise EMF risks Eliminate as many radiation sources as possible Fix wiring issues in your home. Unplug cords and cables when not using them. Move furniture on which you sit away from walls – there is almost always some level of EMF coming from inside the walls. Get rid of light dimmers, they produce unnecessary EMFs. If you ever use a microwave (it’s better to use a conventional oven to heat up meals), stand at least 10 feet away from it. Disable Bluetooth devices when not using them. Use headphones to talk on the phone. Try to avoid using artificial light. Instead, wake up early with the sun, and go to bed when it’s late. When you do use artificial light, avoid EMF-emitting (and mercury-emitting) CFL light bulbs. Instead, purchase Incandescent bulbs. During evening hours, the blue light from screens can negatively affect you melatonin level, which disrupts your sleep cycle. Wear blue-light blocking glasses after dark when you watch TV or work on your laptop or phone. Alternatively, you can install a program called f.lux on your computer that will make the screen emit less blue light during dark hours. Stay away from modern gadgets that require electricity, when there are manual alternatives. (Use a mop instead of a vacuum, go for a real bike ride instead of one at the gym). Avoid using electric blankets, heaters, fans, and other electric products. Buy protective shielding for your bedroom (sheets, canopy, floor mats, and other products with built-in EMF-shielding materials. (View many options on Less EMF.com). Get a xZubi for your phone and every home device. This hologram made from rare paramagnetic materials absorbs and neutralises EMFs. Lifestyle changes to protect yourself Make sure to get enough nutrients and sleep to keep your body in best shape to protect itself from EMFs and other environmental hazards. Keep your body clean by elimination all of the toxins from your diet and home; and detox to get rid of accumulated toxins. Take probiotics for intestinal health. The Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland found that healthy gut bacteria can help mitigate the effect of EMFs. Eat foods that are full of antioxidants to fight off free radicals. These foods include blueberries, broccoli, cilantro, walnuts, and asparagus. Avoid mould; it grows faster in EMF-filled environments. Wear a crystal Q-link, which restores your natural energy. Use Epsom salt baths to ground yourself. Protect yourself when you sleep The main thing is that you have to keep your bedroom as EMF-free as possible. That means turning off Wi-Fi when you sleep (even if it is on the other side of the house); turning off all your electronics in the room, and unplugging them, and turning off your cellphone, or putting it on airplane mode and placing it far away from your head. You need to make sure that your bed is in a safe location. Do not sleep with your head close to an electrical outlet. Never sleep on the other side of the wall of a powerful EMF source, such as a computer, a fridge, or a smart meter. If you live in an apartment and your bedroom wall separates you and your neighbours, use an EMF measuring device to see the RF reading around your bed. You want to make sure your neighbours do not have a Smart TV or another EMF source on the other side of your bed, without you realising. If the EMF measurements are high where you sleep, it is time to move your bed, and if needed, the whole bedroom. Buy a Wi-Fi timer that turns off your modem automatically after a set amount of time. Dirty electricity in the home EMF pollution in the home creates dirty electricity: all of the power lines and wiring inside the home create fields that radiate your home space. Like other EMF related hazards, this can lead to headaches, sleep issues, fatigue, heart issues, a weakened immune system, mood swings, and an increased risk for chronic illness. The main causes of dirty electricity are smart meters, LED light bulbs, light dimmers, wiring, and of course, electrical and wireless devices in the house. The best way to reduce dirty electricity is to buy filters you plug into the wall outlets, such as the ones made by Stetzer and Green-wave. To find out more on this subject, read “Dirty Electricity: Electrification and The Diseases of Civilisation” by Samuel Milham, MD, MPH. How to detox from EMFs Because it is becoming impossible to avoid all EMF radiation at home and outside, it is important to detox your body from it.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

UTI is an infection that begins in the urinary system. The urinary system includes Bladder, Kidneys, Ureters (The tube that carries urine from the kidney to the bladder) and the Urethra (The tube that carries Urine out of the body). An infection can be limited to the Bladder, however, if the infection is not treated promptly it can spread to the kidneys (called pyelonephritis), and can cause serious consequences. UTI is the second most common infection after respiratory infection. SYMPTOMS Frequent urge to urinate / Passing small quantities of Urine / Burning, painful feeling when urinating / Urine may look cloudy, milky or red. If any of the following symptoms are present, it may be a sign that the urinary tract infection has spread to the kidneys : Constant pain-or pressure in the abdomen, side or lower back / Fever / Nausea / Vomiting / Chills Immediate treatment is necessary to prevent kidney damage and other consequences – we recommend that you see your healthcare professional to help you clear this infection. NATURAL REMEDIES FOR UTI Drink Cranberry Juice – this juice prevents bacteria from adhering to the walls of the urinary tract, allowing urine to wash away the bacteria. Drink a lot of water during the day as well. Your Cranberry Juice should be unsweetened. NATURAL SOLUTIONS ESSIAC HERBAL TEA – Helps to detox toxins from the bladder and kidney – combined with NATURAL SOLUTIONS BLADDER AND KIDNEY SUPPORT 2 after breakfast and 2 after lunch. We recommend that you visit one of our Acupressure Therapists who can help unblock these organs using acupressure and foot magnets on the exact point for the organ blocked. A metaphysical look at Burning Bladder disorders – Are you burning inside because you can’t get what you think you want? Are you holding onto inflamed feelings.

Vitamin D Deficiency and Depression

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms have been linked to numerous health problems, including Heart Diseases, Cancer, Depression. Here are 10 signs you’re not getting enough vitamin D: Depression and or anxiety Bone softening, fractures or low bone density. Fatigue and generalised a feeling of weakness Muscle cramps and weakness Joint pain (most noticeable in the back and knees) Blood Sugar issues Low immunity Low calcium levels in the blood Mood Changes and irritability Weight gain Other symptoms of vitamin D deficiency include exhaustion and decreased endurance; impaired wound healing; spasms in the muscles of the feet or hands. Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms and Testing Do you have vitamin D deficiency symptoms? First, determine whether you have one or more of the ailments listed above. They’re commonly overlooked and often dismissed as normal, everyday aches and pains. If some of these symptoms affect you, order a vitamin D deficiency test. A 25-hydroxy vitamin D text (or 25(OH)D text) is usually measured in nanogram per millilitre, or ng/mL. But even after a test, things can get murky. Why? Because there’s debate among experts as to what blood level results are “deficient” and what levels are “insufficient.” Most would agree that a vitamin D level lower than 10 ng/mL signals a deficiency. Some—like the Institute of Medicine—put the threshold at 12.5 ng/mL. Others—like the Endocrine Society—have recommended that vitamin D levels be at least 30 ng/mL, and that optimally, levels should sit in the range of 40 to 60 ng/mL. Integrative doctors, as we discuss later in this post, may recommend higher levels—between 50 ng/mL and 70 ng/mL. So what’s the right vitamin D level? Your health, age, and lifestyle may affect what your ideal level should be; your physician will point you in the right direction. But ultimately, the most commonly accepted range for “adequate” vitamin D levels is 30 to 39 ng/mL, while the most commonly recommended “optimal” range is 40 to 49 ng/ML. (See chart below.) Depression, Anxiety, and Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms It’s No. 1 on the list above that we’ll examine more closely here. After all, the link between depression and vitamin D deficiency symptoms has long been established in both children and adults. Vitamin D is available in two different forms—D3 and D2. Research has shown that the connection between vitamin D and depression relief is linked to the D3 form—the same form of vitamin D that’s obtained through sunlight. Scientists have found that people with low vit D symptoms are 11 times more prone to be depressed than those who had normal levels. Vitamin D deficiency is actually more the norm than the exception, and has previously been implicated in both psychiatric and neurological disorders. Why? There are vitamin D receptors in the brain, and the vitamin may affect proteins in the brain known to play a role in mood, learning and memory, motor control, and possibly even maternal and social behaviour. There may be more to your depression, of course, than low vitamin D levels. Other causes of depression include poor adrenal function (adrenal fatigue), neurotransmitter imbalance, serotonin and dopamine, for example, sex hormone imbalance (estrogen, testosterone), environmental factors, or other nutrient deficiencies magnesium and omega 3’s. But it makes sense to explore whether or not vitamin D is contributing to depression. Why Does It Matter If I Have Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms? Vitamin D is the superstar nutrient you don’t want to be without. Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in women and men, if left untreated, can lead to serious health problems, including: Osteopenia or osteoporosis, Rickets in Children, Weakened immune system, Asthma, Tuberculosis, Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, congestive heart failure, blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, and cancer. A study conducted by Boston University researchers revealed that vitamin D deficiency actually affects your DNA: “Any improvement in vitamin D status will significantly affect expression of genes that have a wide variety of biologic functions of more than 160 pathways linked to cancer, autoimmune disorders and cardiovascular disease.” What Causes Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms? These are the most common causes of vitamin D deficiency symptoms: Inadequate exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D is unlike any other vitamin because it is a “pro-hormone” produced in the skin with sunlight exposure. In particular, the sun is the main source of Vitamin D3, a type of vitamin D that increases levels of “feel-good” chemicals in the brain called dopamine and serotonin. (Deficient levels of either of these neurochemicals can be an underlying cause of depression.) Therefore a lack of exposure to the sun or extended periods of time spent indoors can lead to vitamin D deficiency symptoms. Getting a lack vitamin D from your food. Although the sun’s rays are the primary source of vitamin D, the nutrient can also be found in foods such as fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel and cod), oysters, shrimp, beef liver and eggs. Age. As you age, your kidneys are less able to convert vitamin D to its active form, calcitriol, which can lead to a deficiency. Digestive Issues. Problems in the digestive tract can cause inadequate absorption of vitamin D. Obesity (Body Mass Index greater than 30). Vitamin D is extracted from the blood by fat cells. The more fat in the body, the less vitamin D is released into the circulation. Kidney or liver disease. Kidney and liver diseases can impair vitamin D conversion to its active form. Testing for Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms If you suspect you have a Vitamin D deficiency symptoms—or you just want to know for sure—you should ask your doctor for a blood test called the 25-hydroxy vitamin D test (also called Calcidiol 25-hydroxycholecalciferol test). This test is the most accurate way to measure how much vitamin D is in your body. To prepare for the test, do not eat for four hours before your appointment. The ”normal” range for vitamin D per most lab reports is 30.0 to 74.0 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL), but virtually all integrative physicians will recommend a minimum level of at least 50 ng/mL. Any levels below 20 ng/mL are considered serious deficiency states. To get an idea of just how widespread vit D deficiency symptoms are, consider that the late-winter average of 25-hydroxy vitamin D in the United States is only about 15–18 ng/mL. If you have depression, you are most likely vitamin D-deficient yourself. How to Reverse Signs of Low Vitamin D Signs of low vitamin D can be reversed using inexpensive natural remedies: Go out into the sun. Recommended sunlight exposure should be from 10 to 30 minutes per day. This is a great way of obtaining vitamin D3 and reversing vitamin D3 deficiency symptoms and, of course, it’s very cost effective! If getting out in the sun is not an option for you, consider sitting in front of a light box that supplies 10,000 lux of full-spectrum light for 30 minutes every morning. This is an especially good option for winter months, for night shift workers, and for those who live in the upper latitudes where the angle of the sun’s rays do not permit complete production of vitamin D. Take supplements. For the vast majority of people who want to get their vitamin D levels consistently up above 50 ng/mL, supplementation is the easiest, safest, and most effective way to do so. Adults can take vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) in regular capsule form at levels between 1,000 IU and 5,000 IU daily. Note: Children should NOT take extra vitamin D supplements without consulting a family doctor or paediatrician. Take the 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood test again. After a couple of months of supplementation, run the 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood test (by either your doctor or yourself directly) again, and adjust your D3 intake accordingly.


Also known as leukoderma, this is a skin condition characterized by chalky white patches of skin surrounded by a dark border. The spots can be few or many. Big or small. They usually appear on both sides of the body in approximately the same place for example on both hands. These occur because, for some reason, the cells that normally produce the skin pigmentation MELANIN are absent. If the affected area is on the salp, the hair that grows from it is likely to be white as well. Vitiligo itself is not a threat to health, however, it has been linked with other diseases in some cases, including ADDISON’S DISEASE. PERNICIOUS ANEMIA, AND ALOPECIA AREATA (patches of hair loss). The exact cause of vitiligo is not known but it can run in families and may be related to an autoimmune problem. A thyroid gland malfunction may be involved as well. See our home Iodine test to see if this vital mineral is needed. Vitiligo can also occur after physical trauma to the skin. Chemical agents such as catechol (used for tanning and dyeing) and Phenol (often found in disinfectants) may be involved in the development of this condition. Physical and emotional stress may aggravate this condition. Stress management is needed. Talk to your health care practitioner for different methods. Here are some supplements that may help you, we do recommend you work with a Dr or Professional Health care worker. Vitamin B Complex with extra B5 which is an antistress vitamin important for skin pigmentation. Primrose Oil helps to stimulate hormone function and contains essential fatty acids. A pure MAGNESIUM & CALCIUM supplement. Tissue Salt # 12 Silicea Ester C (a good source of Vit C) Vitamine E Zinc with added copper this is for tissue strength and repair. the copper is needed for collagen production and healthy skin. It also helps to balance the zinc. Natural Solutions for Vitiligo contains Pure GINKGO BILOBA which has been shown to arrest the progression of the condition. Ginkgo is a potent antioxidant and immune booster. This herb should not be taken if you have a bleeding disorder, or are scheduled for surgery or dental procedure. Pure Ashwagandha – Helps to heal this condition as it is adaptogenic, balancing issues in the body. It is also Anti Carcinogenic helping heal cells on a deeper level. It is a powerful stress buster decreasing depression, anxiety, and insomnia. It is a rejuvenating herb for the skin. Neem has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties and blood purifying properties. Barberry with berberis used for all skin diseases. Turmeric used for all skin diseases and inhibs viral and fungal disease. Butchers Broom is added to help blood circulation.

Why to test Acid / Ph levels

First – Acid Bodies Attracts Cancer Cancer involves an interaction between rogue cells and surrounding tissue. This is the clear message of Dr. Mina Bissell who states :- “The health or sickness of surrounding cells and the surrounding extracellular matrix interact to shape cancer cell behaviors such as polarity, migration, and proliferation”. Few are aware that cancer cells routinely form in most people’s bodies in areas of low voltage, low oxygen, and acidic pH. Bottom line: the more that acid conditions prevail the more aggressive cancer. Hypoxia and extracellular acidity are deeply associated with the cellular microenvironment and the spread of cancer. The direct effect of oxygen on pH on water is trivial, less than temperature variations, however, the indirect effects are big. Without sufficient levels of oxygen, the cells cannot detoxify themselves, so acids build up. Without sufficient oxygen, the cells turn to fermentation as an alternate source of energy for survival and this builds up acidity through the creation of lactic acid. Without enough oxygen, cells turn cancerous or they die. One of the Secrets to Life – The term “pH” is used within chemical formulas to indicate the presence of hydrogen. The “H” means hydrogen in this formula, just as the “H” in “H2O” indicates the presence of hydrogen in water — two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. A solution that is heavily acid can have one hundred trillion — 100,000,000,000,000 — times as many hydrogen ions as an alkaline solution. To be able to deal with these huge numbers, scientists use a logarithmic scale known as the pH scale. Each number on the scale indicates a change of 10 times the concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution. Hydrogen in its molecular form and in the form of H- ions is healthy but all those H+ ions are a bitch In general, an increase in hydroxyl ion concentration increases oxygen consumption. Higher pH means a higher concentration of oxygen, while lower pH means lower concentrations of oxygen Increasing pH from 4.0 pH to 5.0 pH increases oxygen molecules in a liquid by ten-fold. Each whole number increase by tenfold again, so 4.0 pH to a 6.0 pH increases oxygen by 100 times and raising pH from 4.0 pH to 7.0 pH increases oxygen levels by 1,000 times. I am sure you are now realising the importance of having a balanced PH. pH is the measurement of the oxygen to hydrogen ratio in a liquid, ranging from 14 (a lot of oxygen – or Alkaline) to 1 (a lot of hydrogen – or Acidic). Bill Farr writes, “If you think of your cells as mini-vans, carrying 10 passengers, as long as seven of them are oxygen, and only three are hydrogen, all will be healthy and happy. That is until the day you decide you want a coke, some fried or processed foods instead of vegetables and continue eating this way. Soon, all of the hydrogen ion passengers push the oxygen molecules out of the van and your pH level starts to drop. Now, your body becomes desperate to pick up oxygen but there is the only hydrogen offered, sliding the pH scale down to acidic. Then these hydrogen passengers begin to invite their friends to the party. Those friends are cancer, insomnia, bacterial infections, food allergies, and the list goes on. An acidic pH can occur from an acid-forming diet that does not provide all the necessary minerals, emotional stress, toxic overload, immune over-reactions or any process that deprives the cells of oxygen and other nutrients. Normal body cells form lactic acid in general when their oxygen is cut off or their respiration is reduced. Many scientists have found that during forced bodily work the lactic acid of the blood increased. In this case, the diffusion of oxygen into the muscle cells is not sufficient to cover the oxygen requirement of the muscle. Eating High-Frequency foods or living foods can be extremely effective in increasing your PH and keeping it balanced. Crucial Ph A slight acidity depresses oxidation, and increasing alkalinity, even to a marked degree, greatly increases the rate of oxidation. The work of Warburg, McClendon, and Mitchell showed that in general, an increase in hydroxyl ion concentration increased the oxygen consumption. Consumption of oxygen in the tissues increases with increasing pH.[1] The pH of our blood is very tightly buffered thanks to the bicarbonate it contains and to hemoglobin. That’s why the pH of our blood stays within a narrow range. Since our cells release carbon dioxide as they break down sugars, however, the carbon dioxide and carbonic acid concentration is higher in blood flowing through your tissues than blood in your lungs, where it is relatively carbon dioxide–poor. Consequently, the pH of blood in the lungs stays fairly constant at around 7.6, while the pH of blood in the tissues is closer to 7.2. This slight difference in pH has important ramifications. Signs of Low Oxygen Acidic Conditions The most important factor in creating proper pH is increasing oxygen. If your body’s pH is not correct, because of low oxygen conditions, you cannot effectively assimilate vitamins, minerals, supplements, and food, and that is why even with a good diet it is often hard to pull out of diseased conditions. Our body’s pH affects everything including oxygen transport and delivery to the cells. Ed McCabe, famously known as Mr. Oxygen, wrote, “Alkalinity and Oxygen go hand in hand. Being healthy, alive, and burning food for energy includes the constant process of billions of tiny cells making chemical reactions that continually generate waste acids in our bodies. The constant process of cleaning the waste acids out as fast as we make them is paramount to good health. Our bodies must maintain the proper balance between being alkaline or acid pH for us to be alive.” Beware Some people try to debunk the entire acid alkaline story of human health and disease saying “Because the cancer cell is producing lactic acid, does not mean that the whole body becomes acidic. In fact, the body has a very tight set of checks and balances which keeps your blood’s (i.e., body’s) pH between 7.35 – 7.45, or near neutral. It is also impossible to significantly alter one’s blood pH with the food you eat. Therefore, checking your saliva for acidity or alkalinity is not an accurate measure of your body’s actual pH balance (in the blood),” but it does give one an ideal of the state of balance of the rest of the body. More Alkaline, More Oxygen Less Cancer Researchers found that an increase of 1.2 metabolic units (oxygen consumption) was related to a decreased risk of cancer death, especially in lung and gastrointestinal cancers. People who are more active and exercise harder are less likely to develop cancer and die, suggests research published ahead of print in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. A higher use of oxygen consumption during physical activity is linked to a reduction in the level of illness in a person and their likelihood of dying from cancer. Signs of Low Oxygen Acidic Conditions Cardiovascular damage. Weight gain, obesity, and diabetes. Bladder conditions. Kidney stones. Immune deficiency. Acceleration of free radical damage. Hormonal problems. Premature aging. Osteoporosis and joint pain. Aching muscles and lactic acid build up. Low energy and chronic fatigue. Lower body temperature. The tendency to get infections. Loss of drive, joy, and enthusiasm. Depressive tendencies. Easily stressed. Pale complexion. Headaches Inflammation of the corneas and eyelids. Loose and painful teeth. Inflamed sensitive gums. Mouth and stomach ulcers. Cracks at the corners of the lips. Excess stomach acid. Gastritis. Nails are thin and split easily. Hair looks dull, has split ends and falls out. Skin easily irritated. Legs cramp and spasms. Conclusion No wastes or toxins can leave the body without first being combined with oxygen so if you are not getting enough O2 we become more toxic. The more toxins the less oxygen, the less oxygen the more acidity and the more toxicity builds up. It is widely accepted scientifically that a body with too many accumulated waste toxins and acids is unhealthy and often painful. As readily seen – and felt – an example of this is when we become sore after exercise. This soreness is entirely due to the over-accumulation of lactic acid in our muscles. It’s just waiting to be removed. In a few minutes, hours or days the body marshals its resources and buffers the lactic acid – and the soreness goes away. Cancer causes an over-accumulation of lactic acid around the cancer site that causes other nearby cells to become aberrated. Some remove this cascade of advancing acid-fueled cancers by increasing alkalinity and this is easily done with sodium bicarbonate. Warburg’s work clearly demonstrated that cancer is, fundamentally, a relatively simple disease where cell oxygen levels fall to a level sufficiently low enough for the cell to change in nature. Without a dependable supply of oxygen, the cells in our bodies cannot function properly. Nutrients in our diets must have oxygen present to convert their potential energy into usable energy. For new cells to be formed, hundreds of amino acids must link together using oxygen as the source of their energy. If you include high doses of Mineral Ferrum Phos or known as Tissue Salt number 4 aids bringing oxygen into each cell. If you see any blue colouring on the face or eyes this mineral is needed. Start with 10 tablets a day until the colouring is normal then continue with 2 tables twice a day for a few months.

Yarrow - Archillea Millefolium

Yarrow is an ancient and revered plant. Once known as “Herb Militaris” as its leaves were used to staunch battle ground wounds. “Achilles” reputedly used yarrow leaves to heal the warriors during the battle of Troy. Hence its Latin name Archillea. Flowers are pink or white. It is a tonic to all other plants growing around it. All vegetables thrive growing near it, a fantastic companion plant. It is beneficial to everything especially cucumbers, mealies and tomatoes. The leaves break down compost, and handful of fresh leaves dug into the compost heap will quickly activate it and ferment even the toughest material in a matter of weeks. A strong tea made of yarrow leaves is a superb fertiliser. Yarrow is a medicinal herb, known as a herb for all women. Abbe Kneipp says in his writings “Women could be spared many troubles, if they just took Yarrow Tea from time to time. Irregular menstruation, during menopause or already past it. Beneficial for the reproductive organs and abdominal disorders, inflammation of the ovaries and prolapse of the uterus. Yarrow tea is good for congestion in the head, accompanied by giddiness, nausea, running and weeping eyes. Migraine, caused by weather changes is relieved after a cup of Yarrow Tea. Through its blood cleansing actions many an illness is expelled from the body. TEA – 1/4 Litre of boiling water is poured over 1 heaped teaspoon of herbs, infused for 15- 20 mins then strained and drunk. Grow your own Yarrow and make a superb tincture using flowers picked in the sun and placed loosely into a bottle – poor a good quality Vodka over them, and then leave the bottle in the sun or a warm place for 14 days. Strain and bottle there you have a good tincture. 8 drops in water daily when needed.

Zinc with a DIY test

IMPORTANCE OF ZINC Why the body needs this mineral, and how to do a simple home test to see if you need it. With a severe zinc deficiency, you can become gravely ill. Zinc is critical for liver health, autoimmune conditions, acne, adrenal problems, arthritis, cancer, eczema, psoriasis, brain fog, child and baby liver, diabetes, fatigue, mood struggles, gout, heart palpitations, hepatitis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hot flashes, inflammation, migraines, SIBO, sinus infections, weight issues, vertigo, tinnitus, multiple sclerosis, lupus, Lyme disease, thyroid problems, Epstein-Barr virus, shingles, UTIs, candida, and every other symptom and condition that exists. If you have a symptom of any kind or you wish to help prevent symptoms in the future, it’s time to start taking Zinc. I have found that when the Pituitary Gland is picked up in an Acupressure Session, this can either be a deficiency of Zinc, or a need for Melatonin. I have listed below a simple test to see if Zinc is needed, often a lack of melatonin brings about sleepless nights. ZINC AND HEALTH. – AS A VIRUS KILLERViruses are the most common cause of all kinds of chronic illnesses and conditions. Unfortunately, medical science and research haven’t discovered this yet, nor have they discovered the existence of dozens of mutated strains of viruses that are causing health problems. Tragically, that means that unless people are discovering the truth in the Medical Medium information, or they’re hearing the truth from a friend, family member, doctor, or health practitioner who learned it from my information, then they will not get the answers they need to heal. Zinc is one of the most important resources to fight viruses such as Epstein-Barr (EBV), shingles, herpes simplex, citomegalo-virus, and more. The body uses up supplies and even deep reserves of zinc at a rapid rate. It’s very common to become zinc-deficient when you have a virus, which most people do if you weren’t already deficient. Zinc kills viral cells and lowers inflammatory reactions to neurotoxins produced by viruses in the herpes family, including EBV, shingles, and more. Zinc is responsible for all of the over 2,000 chemical functions of the liver, including the creation of your liver in the womb and the development of your liver as you grew and reached adulthood. The liver stores an abundance of zinc because it knows people are zinc deficient, in part due to the lack of it in the food we eat. Without zinc, your liver can’t perform its functions that protect your whole body, so despite its zinc storage, your liver always needs more, because the zinc output needed to respond to the mental and physical demands upon us is high. The onslaught of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens, in particular, drains our zinc reserves. One specific purpose of zinc reserves is to eliminate toxic forms of copper that are always high inside the liver and that can cause the organ harm. If someone is so zinc-deficient that even the liver’s zinc reserves have dropped to a dangerous level, that person can develop a host of viral related autoimmune diseases and illnesses, which you can read about throughout the Medical Medium book series. Zinc helps the liver’s immune system fend off every unfriendly microorganism that enters the liver.” THYROID HEALTH Do you or does someone you know have a thyroid condition such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Graves’ disease, hypothyroidism, thyroid cancer, nodules, cysts, or tumors? Zinc is critical for all thyroid conditions because it kills the virus that medical science and research don’t yet know is responsible for thyroid problems: Epstein-Barr virus. Zinc, as liquid zinc sulfate, helps protect the thyroid from becoming inflamed from the virus, along with reducing the growth of nodules, tumors, and cysts (both cancerous and benign). In addition, IODINE, which is critical for anyone with thyroid problems because it’s an antiseptic to viruses and other pathogens, is brought to life by zinc so it can work as well as possible. COLD & FLU SUPPORT – TAKING ZINC AS SHOCK THERAPY. If you feel like you might have a cold or flu developing, you can use a healing practice I call “zinc shock therapy.” It’s important to begin it as soon as you get your first sign of the flu developing, so having a bottle of high-quality liquid zinc sulfate on hand at all times is important. Squirt two dropper-fulls of the zinc into your throat, let it sit there for a minute, and then swallow the zinc. Three hours later, squirt another two dropper-fulls into your throat and let it sit there again for a minute before swallowing. Repeat every three waking hours for two days. ZINC DEFICIENCY IS A TRIGGER FOR ILLNESS If you allow yourself to become zinc deficient or you’re born into this world with a zinc deficiency, which is very possible because we inherit deficiencies from our family line, it gives viruses a perfect opportunity to take advantage of a weakened immune system and prosper. Symptoms and conditions can show up or worsen over time, including fatigue, rashes, dizziness, eye floaters, heart palpitations, migraines, dry skin, brittle hair, tinnitus, sleep issues, painful menstruation, thyroid problems, Zinc deficiency is also directly responsible for nail problems like weak and brittle nails, ridges, and missing moons on the nails. MULTITUDE OF HEALING BENEFITS Some other reasons zinc is so important to include: * Liquid zinc sulfate gives a major boost to the immune system by strengthening white blood cells such as lymphocytes, basophils, neutrophils, eosinophils, macrophages, and monocytes. * Supports the pancreas and adrenal glands and helps stabilize glucose levels in the blood. *Fortifies the endocrine system—including the adrenal glands, thyroid, and thalamus—which in turn supports neurotransmitters. *Critical for fertility, including for the health of a man’s sperm. FOODS RICH IN ZINC There are some foods that are especially high in zinc and are very helpful to have in your diet regularly, including sprouts, microgreens, collard greens, pumpkin seeds, radishes, artichokes, nettle leaf, parsley, onions, and raw honey. However, it is also important to consider supplementing with the right kind of zinc. The foods available to us on this earth don’t contain enough zinc anymore to provide all the zinc we need. Even the best organic farms tend to be missing this mineral from their soil, in part due to the elevated levels of toxic heavy metals that fall from the sky, altering the pH balance of the soil, depleting soil-borne microorganisms, and reacting negatively with the soil’s trace minerals such as zinc. This means that while pumpkin seeds, for example, which are celebrated for their zinc content, can be supportive, along with other foods known to be high in zinc, if you’re dealing with a symptom or condition, then supplementing with high-quality, liquid zinc sulfate will offer you an important immune boost. MORE ON ZINC SULFATE Zinc comes in different forms and which form you supplement with matters. They’re not all going to offer you the same benefits. Zinc sulfate is special in how it supports health. Also, as with all supplements, many products include added ingredients that are not health-supporting, so it’s important to choose one that is as clean as possible. Avoid the many liquid zinc supplements that are loaded with citric acid, natural flavors, alcohol, and other toxic ingredients. Eating plenty of zinc-rich foods and supplementing with zinc sulfate (at normal levels, not in megadoses) can offer so much relief for the person who suffers from chronic illness. ZINC AND COPPER There is a fear out there that taking supplemental zinc will deplete all the copper in your body. Don’t let this misconception hold you back. When you take the right type of zinc supplement, which is liquid zinc sulfate, you don’t need to worry about copper loss. This zinc doesn’t remove the essential trace mineral copper that’s helping your health; it only removes any toxic copper—and there’s a huge difference between those two. In fact, even with a lesser zinc supplement, you wouldn’t have to worry about copper loss, because trace mineral copper is one of the most assimilable and available from everyday food sources, so we’re all high in it, able to recoup it quickly, and not at risk for becoming deficient. It’s also very common to be high in toxic copper, so if the lesser zinc supplement is cleansing you of it, it’s doing you a favor. Of course, it’s still best to go with high-quality, preservative-free, liquid zinc sulphate. Because we know that taste and smell are dependants on there being enough zinc in the body we are able to get an idea of the zinc status by giving the patient a standard test solution of zinc sulphate for tasting and comparing the response to defined standards. This is a very quick, 10-second test that can be done at home or in the doctor’s rooms. Obviously assessment of altered taste perception by zinc ‘taste tests’ is very subjective and cannot be considered scientifically accurate. A test solution of zinc sulfate in purified water, at a concentration of 1ml/liter, is prepared. The solution can be kept for up to 6 months in a refrigerator, after which it should be discarded. The solution should be removed from the fridge and left at room temperature for about two hours prior to the test. You must not eat, drink, or smoke for at least one hour before the test. How the test is done. About 1-2 teaspoons of the solution are sipped and held in the mouth for exactly ten seconds after which you can spit it out. The defined standards are: 1. No specific taste sensation: tastes like plain water. This indicates a major deficiency of zinc 2. No immediate taste is noticed but, within the ten seconds of the test, a ‘dry’ or ‘metallic’ taste is experienced. Some people describe it as ‘like baking soda’. This indicates a moderate deficiency. 3. An immediate slight but not necessarily unpleasant taste is noted, which builds up over the ten-second period. This indicates a deficiency of a minor degree. 4. An immediate, strong, and unpleasant taste is experienced. The patient generally wants to rinse his mouth out. This indicates that no zinc deficiency exists. If the latter response (4) occurs prior to any form of supplementation then it is obvious that one is getting sufficient zinc from one’s diet. If the patient had a prior test response that showed a deficiency and has taken supplemental zinc and is now showing no deficiency then one must conclude that their previous diet was lacking in zinc. If there is no hope of a change to a more zinc intense diet then it will be necessary to take a regular maintenance dose of zinc daily. Note – It is possible that if the patient has a number of amalgam fillings in the mouth (which contain a fair amount of mercury) the zinc test may be less precise. The zinc liquid plus mercury could cause a nasty, metallic taste in the mouth in spite of the zinc deficiency in the body.

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