Offering those that want to take their health into their own hands an opportunity to kick start their journey to health. We recommend having a session with one of our trained practitioners found on the practitioners page, (this is being set up still) so please email us for a trained practitioner near you.  But, if you are unable to do that, this questionnaire will allow us to get a better understand of where you stand at the moment in regard to health and wellness. It will allow us to best diagnose what could be the problem and to recommend a way forward be it through diet, supplement or therapy. This will be treated as a session, and once you have purchased the distance healing form, a time of your ‘session’ will be sent to you.

Bio-chemistry, metaphysics, and herbal supplements will be used to help you regain your health.


We know all too well how busy life can be, and that sometimes you cannot take time off from work to have an hour diagnosis session. Lynn has made this questionnaire to fully understand what you need and what is going on in your body. It is long and please take your time when fill-ing it in as this information is very important. Please remember that there are no WRONG an-swers.

Start your healing process from the comfort of your home, we will need the following from you:

  1. Purchase the form below, once we receive the payment on our side, we will email you the questionnaire to complete. This form is very long, with a lot of questions. It is vital to spend time filling this in, and adding in any information that you feel we should know.
  2. With this, we will need a picture from each side, left and right of your face, showing ears with the hair tied up. A front portrait view, a picture of your tongue, your teeth, you feet showing ankles and your hands. Send these through with your completed questionnaire and we can start the healing process.


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